Xiang Shaolong suddenly wanted to visit Meng Ao, who was seriously ill, but because he had to go to Changping Jun's banquet, he had to put it off until tomorrow. www.xiaOShuOtxT.Com Chapter 8 Linglong Beauty Novel txt heaven When Xiang Shaolong and the Eighteen Iron Guards arrived at the Drunken Wind Tower, Wu Fu personally greeted him and invited him into the side hall. After sending the people down, he knelt down and kowtowed. Xiang Shaolong had long been accustomed to his mean style. He stood proudly and did not have a good airway: "The landlord is free of courtesy. What tricks do you have this time?" Wu Fu stood up in a panic and said respectfully, "How dare you cheat in front of the general? I have important news this time. I want to tell you." Xiang Shaolong sat down and said, "Sit down!" Wu Fu sat down and looked left and right, as if he were afraid that someone would still be in the side hall. "Lu Buwei has a plot to kill Wang and you," he said in a low voice. Xiang Shaolong laughed and said, "Of course he thinks so, but whether he can do it or not is another matter." Wu Fu is very euphemistic tunnel: "The villain is really in the long-term eavesdropping, only to link up bit by bit, know their plot!" Remembering the copper pipe he had overheard, Xiang Shaolong said doubtfully, "After Shan Meimei became the king of Wei, why did Lu Buwei still come here?" "I don't know, sir," said Wu Fu. "Half a year ago in the State of Chu, I paid a lot of money to buy Bai Yaya, a beautiful girl from the State of Yue. Lu Buwei was quite infatuated with her,brushed stainless steel sheet, so he came to Zuifeng Tower from time to time. Now Yaya has replaced Meimei and become the first of the four flowers. Alas! Meimei left, so tired that I almost died, of course! The little man would never dare to blame Master Xiang. The little man should be punished. "Don't beat around the Bush," said Xiang Shaolong impatiently. "Just say it." Wu Fu lowered his voice and leaned a little closer before saying, "First of all, they are going to deal with General Wang. Because General Wang is fighting in the territory of Zhao, he has to rely on Du Bi and Cheng for support in all aspects. And Lu Buwei is going to borrow Du Bi's hand to beat General Wang's hind legs when Li Mu is fighting with Wang. The consequences can be imagined." Because Xiang Shaolong did not know the situation there, he had never thought of such a possibility. He turned pale and said,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, "Didn't Li Mu go to fight with the Qi people?" "That's just a deadly trick to lure the king's general into Zhao's territory," said Wu Fu. Xiang Shaolong said in horror, "Why didn't you tell me such an important thing earlier? Even if I'm not in Xianyang, you can talk to Mr. Changping." Wu Fu said apologetically, "As soon as I heard it, I couldn't be sure.". It was not until the day before yesterday that Yang Yu told the little man that Xu Shang boasted in front of him that your life would not be long, and my thoughts became clear. Xu Shang said at that time that your victory in this battle was sowing the seeds of your future defeat. Yang Yu did not understand to ask him, he only said that Ren uncle how fierce, the total fight but Li Mu, then did not say any more. So the little man thought of only killing the king. Grandpa, you're going to fight it out with Li Mu in a short time, so. Xiang Shaolong suddenly stood up and said, "Go and tell Mr. Changping that I won't come until later." Then he left in a hurry, and Pegasus went into the palace to see Xiaopan. Xiao Pan was playing chess with his beloved concubine Wang Meixiu for fun. Seeing that he was in such a hurry, he knew that there was something urgent and immediately received him in the inner court. When Xiang Shaolong told Wu Fu's guess, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, Xiao Pan turned pale and said, "This plan is indeed extremely vicious. It can be seen that as long as we don't get rid of it, I will still be in a difficult position." Xiaopan then called the guards, ordered to immediately send a fast horse, hold the festival to Shangchuan, warning the king to be careful. When everything was in order, the future Emperor Qin Shihuang said with a dignified expression, "If something unfortunate happens to the king's general, we will deal with Cheng and Du Bi immediately, so that we can get rid of this trouble. Then I will see how Lv Buwei ends up." Then she smiled and whispered, "The Crown Princess is happy!" Only then did Xiang Shaolong realize that he had indeed grown up and sincerely congratulated him. "Now that Lv Buwei and the Empress Dowager are not in Xianyang, you'd better give the child a good name. Then it's not their turn to change it. What do you suggest, Shifu?" Xiang Shaolong blurted out, "It must be called Fusu." Xiaopan looked at him in astonishment for a long time. When Xiang Shaolong cried out in his heart, the future Qin Shihuang nodded and said, "That's a special name.". But a daughter's name is needed, and then both boys and girls will have names. Xiang Shaolong breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I only think of the boy's name. It seems that this baby must be a boy, so I don't have to think of another girl's name." Xiao Pan silently read Fu Su several times and said cheerfully, "If you really have a son, call him Fu Su." Xiang Shaolong also knew that he used the history he knew to influence the future history. It was strange in his heart. He took the opportunity to leave the palace. When he arrived at Zuifeng Tower, it was more than half an hour later than the original appointed time. Unexpectedly, in addition to Changping Jun brothers, Li Si, Huan, Jing Jun, Wang Ling, Wu Guo, Zhou Liang and others, there are Wang Wan, Cai Ze, Ying Ao and Ying Lou in the list, which shows that these people have moved closer to the political faction headed by Xiaopan. Only Teng Yi came for a moment and left because he wanted to accompany his wife and children. Yang Yu, Gui Yan, Bai Lei and the beautiful prostitutes in Zuifenglou all went out and adopted a man-to-man strategy. Each woman waited on one person, and the atmosphere was warm. Xiang Shaolong was in the first place, and Bai Yaya, a beautiful woman from the State of Yue, was already waiting for him to arrive. She was dressed in Chu clothes and was about eighteen years old. She was beautiful and beautiful, not inferior to Shan Meimei. She not only had excellent temperament, but also was gentle and lovely. Her beautiful eyes always contained infinite affection, and her voice was sweet and gentle. It was indeed a rare beauty. No wonder Wu Fu could use her to deal with Lv Buwei, who had lost Shan Meimei. But when she remembered that her ultimate fate might be to become Lv Buwei's concubine, she felt pity in her heart. Before he sat down, Xiang Shaolong was punished with three cups. He was so shocked that he raised his hand to surrender and said, "If you drink any more, I'm afraid Xiang will be carried away immediately. Please be extra merciful and spare me this trip!" Wang Wan said with a smile, "Last night Lord Xiang drank more than twenty cups before he fell down. Now we have to drink seven more cups so that we can forgive you for being late." Just as they were arguing,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Bai Yaya smiled and said, "Let Yaya drink these glasses of wine on behalf of the general." The crowd roared with applause. Cai Ze said with a smile, "But this wine must first enter the mouth of the general before it can be drunk by our Yaya." The crowd heckled again. sxthsteel.com