Lu Chi called Bo Jinnan several times, but Bo Jinnan didn't receive them because he chose to mute with Tangtang. Miss Luo, General Manager Bo is with you. "Mmm." Lu Chi is not surprised by this. General Manager Bo's mind is on Miss Luo and Miss Tangtang. This is the case, the police side got strong irrefutable evidence to prove that all this was premeditated by Li Hui. Luo Huan looked stunned, did not expect so soon has been irrefutable evidence. Luo Huan's judgment still felt that Li Hui did not have such great ability. When Lu Chi said this, Luo Huan was naturally even more confused. Well, what evidence is there? Luo Huan took a look at Bo Jinnan, motioned Bo Jinnan to accompany Tangtang, turned to the balcony and continued to answer Lu Chi's phone. Li Hui once remitted one million yuan to Wang Pei's account. "In addition, the person who stunned the security guard yesterday has turned himself in, and they testified that Li Hui did so." "Also, also found the record of Li Hui's purchase of blades and so on." So this time it's really irrefutable evidence. Lu Chi on the other end of the phone said that he was in such a good mood that he was finally going to see Li Hui brought to justice, and he felt as happy as he could. Luo Huan: … … On this end of the phone, Luo Huan did not smile at all. Li Hui. It's really the mastermind behind it. Luo Huan doesn't feel like it. Li Hui doesn't seem to be such a thoughtful person. Otherwise, how could Luo Anyang and Luo Annuan go to prison one after another. Also Li Hui. If you are really thoughtful, you will not be in this situation today. Luo Huan still feels very strange. What's the matter, Miss Luo? What do you think is the problem? Lu Chi on the other end of the phone asked curiously. Lu Chi's words made Luo Huan slightly come to his senses, and Luo Huan smiled faintly. It's all right. Thanks for your hard work. Thank you for helping me. If you have any further information, please inform me of Lu Tezhu. "Okay, no problem." -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Finally more finished, right. Chapter 247 Tangtang also needs a home (1 more). Luo Huan hung up the phone and his eyes fell on Bo Jinnan and Tangtang, who were playing with building blocks together in the ward, raising their lips lightly. Father and daughter have a good time. Bo Jinnan and Tangtang are their own father and daughter, and Luo Huan is still digesting them. I thought it was quite incredible. When Luo Huan was ready to withdraw his line of sight, he saw Bo Jinnan's deep line of sight. Luo Huan was stunned, only to see the man's eyes deep. Luo Huan can't help laughing. Bo Jinnan seemed to be watching Tangtang, but in fact he was watching himself out of the corner of his eye. Luo Huan's little face blushed slightly, and he saw Bo Jinnan whisper two sentences close to Tangtang, then put down the wooden block in his hand and walked straight towards him. Walking to the balcony, smart whiteboard price , Bo Jinnan closed the sliding door of the balcony. What did Lu Chi just say? Bo Jinnan didn't want Tangtang to hear about Li Hui. Lu Chi said that all the evidence pointed to Li Hui doing it. In short Human evidence and material evidence are all there. Luo Huan raised his lips lightly and shook his head. To be honest, I still can't believe that in my mind, Li Hui doesn't look like a person who would do such a thing. The voice fell, Luo Huan looked at the man's very deep ink eyes, whispered: "Maybe I have never known Li Hui, so I can't believe this is the truth.." Luo Huan shrugged his shoulders and whispered, "Well, things are settled now. The rest is left to the police. We just need to wait for news." Looking at the fatigue between Luo Huan and Dai's eyebrows, Bo Jinnan frowned even deeper. You have a good rest at night. Listening to Bo Jinnan's concerned opening, Luo Huan joked. Don't always blame me. Who didn't sleep last night? The dark circles under the eyes are coming out. Although the black eye does not affect Bo Jinnan's heroism and handsome. With a faint radian at the corners of his mouth, Bo Jinnan raised his hand and clasped Luo Huan's slender waist in his arms. Staring at Tangtang, who was playing in the distance, he said slowly, "To tell you the truth, when I look at her, I always feel that I can't see enough.." I want to make up for what I haven't seen in the past three years. ” "So not to mention one night, if you have time, you really don't want to deal with the company's affairs, you just want to be with her." To be exact, with Luo Huan and the children. Bo Jinnan has no idea to deal with the company now. Bo Jinnan's voice was hoarse and sexy. Luo Huan chuckled and took the initiative to snuggle in Bo Jinnan's arms and hook his lips. There are many pictures at home, and I have recorded many videos.. "Good." Bo Jinnan's eyes were full of emotion, and he just hugged Luo Huan slowly. There is such a woman. Bo Jinnan felt that he owed her and might not be able to pay it back in his life. So I'm doomed to chase this woman this life, next life, next life. …… Luo Huan and Bo Jinnan did not stay on the balcony for too long, so they took the initiative to return to the ward. Although sugar is still hanging on the drip, the left arm is struggling to move, but sugar is still extremely patient to play with building blocks, piled up into a variety of their favorite buildings. I also liked to play with building blocks when I was young. Bo Jinnan opened his mouth carelessly, but his voice was somewhat ostentatious. The implication is that Tangtang seems to be very happy. Luo Huan: … … Luo Huan chuckled, looking at the deep eyes of Bo Jinnan, the bottom of my heart is full of disgust. Bo Jinnan took the initiative to hold Tangtang carefully on his lap. Holding the little girl in his arms now, in fact, Bo Jinnan still felt incredible in his heart. Such a little person is actually his own daughter. Soft toot toot like an angel. Tangtang put down the building blocks in his hand and looked at Bo Jinnan. "Daddy, if I knew you were so handsome, I wouldn't be a fan of the male God. You are the most handsome male God in my mind." 。