"Hanging?" Chi Huo frowned, where is the hanging? Do humans have this organ? But this time she didn't ask any more questions. All right, your sling will be back to its original shape. Chi Huo said once that he was afraid it wouldn't work and repeated it twice. ……” Bi Sheng listened to a woman who kept repeating his hanging, only to feel the veins on his head jumping. Give the money! Chi Huo finished muttering and asked for money directly. Bi Sheng threw all the cash he was going to see the doctor on the table, stood up without saying a word, and turned away. 34 Grandma Chen bought the cloth and came back just in time to see Bi Sheng come out of the shop angrily. Who just went out? Why does it look so familiar? As soon as Grandma Chen wanted to put the cloth on the table, she found two stacks of money on the table. Her eyes would not turn at once. She only stared at the money firmly. "What happened to the money?"? Who gave it? "The man just now, he came to cure the disease." Chi Huo said and directly picked up a pile of money and put it into his pocket. Grandma Chen watched helplessly as Chi Huo picked up the wad of money in her pocket and immediately felt a pain in her flesh. Why did you promise her 50/50? It should be 37! "Cure?"? Why don't you wait for me to come back? You will suddenly.. Treat it? Grandma Chen came to her senses and quickly put the remaining wad of money into her pocket and asked. I will. I'm the same as you. How can I not? Grandma Chen: Just like me? What, like me? What is this girl talking about? Just as Grandma Chen wanted to ask Chi Huo, three people suddenly appeared at the door, a man carrying a young woman who was obviously unconscious, followed by a middle-aged woman. Is Chen Daxian in? We were introduced by Sorceress Zhang! The middle-aged woman kept her eyes on the unconscious woman and shouted without raising her head. I am. What's going on? With a flash of light in Grandma Chen's eyes and a swing of her sleeve,best green coffee bean extract, the whole person's temperament immediately changed, and the atmosphere of pretending to force spread in an instant. The middle-aged woman looked up and saw Grandma Chen. She was stunned for a moment before she reacted. She hurried forward and pulled Grandma Chen to the unconscious woman. Chen Daxian, my daughter is bewitched! "Unreliable, too close!" "Granny Chen looked at the unconscious woman and saw that her face suddenly changed when she was in the dark. She immediately stopped and refused to take another step closer to the unconscious woman." Wait a minute and I'll get ready. Grandma Chen turned and glanced at Chi Huo. "You come with me." Granny Chen took Chi Huo to the back and made sure that no one was following. Then she asked in a low voice, "Did you see anything?" "She has a ghost on her." Chi Kuo thought for a moment and then added,lutein eye complex, "It's an evil ghost." "Sure enough!"! Yin Tang is black like that. It's obvious that his life is not long! Granny Chen shook her head with a regretful look on her face. "How come there was an incurable one on the first day?" "No cure?"? Why can't it be cured? Chi Huo asked in puzzlement. You do not understand, this evil ghost by devouring the soul to strengthen themselves, extremely difficult to deal with, and can devour the soul of the evil ghost, but also the king of the evil ghost, unless the black and white impermanence come in person, otherwise no one can get it! "So good?" Chi Kuo was a little confused. The evil ghost seemed to shake when he saw her just now. Could it be that she was wrong? "It's not just powerful, it's already invincible in this world!" Grandma Chen looked at the middle-aged woman who looked here frequently and sighed, "I'll tell her the truth!" When the middle-aged woman saw Grandma Chen coming back, tannic acid astringent ,turmeric extract powder, her eyes lit up. "Chen Daxian, my daughter just talked to me. This is the first time she has spoken since she was in a coma." "You take her." Before Grandma Chen could say anything, she saw Chi Huo suddenly come forward and hold the unconscious woman's hand. "Let go!" Granny Chen just didn't tell Chi Huo that the ghost king loved to devour the souls of those gifted people. Fortunately, gifted people have their own natural barriers, as long as they do not take the initiative to contact ghosts, ghosts generally can not get close to them. Grandma Chen wanted to tell Chi Huo when she sent him away, but she didn't expect that this would harm Chi Huo. Grandma Chen quickly went to the tribute table to fetch the red chopsticks, even though she knew that the red chopsticks did not work for the ghost king, she also wanted to try, after all, Chi Huo was brought into this line by her. Just as she was about to clip Chi Huo's finger, out of the corner of her eye she suddenly found that the color of the unconscious woman's Yin Tang was getting lighter?! Is it too late? The ghost king gave up the woman directly and began to devour Chi Huo's soul? Grandma Chen quickly looked up at Chi Huo, but found that the color of Chi Huo Yin Tang was normal. Granny Chen took the chopsticks in her hand and began to observe Chi Huo's expression carefully. Well, her face was expressionless. She couldn't see anything. Chen Daxian, is this your disciple? The middle-aged woman hesitated, wondering what Chi Huo was doing holding her daughter's hand like this. Shh! Don't talk. Granny Chen looked back and forth at the unconscious woman and Chi Huo's Yin Tang. Her eyes were getting brighter and brighter. She had picked up a treasure. How could this girl deal with the ghost king?! In Chi Huo's eyes, as soon as she approached the woman, the evil ghost began to tremble, looking at Chi Huo's disgusting eyes full of panic. Evil spirits are very afraid of people with merits and virtues, and Chi Huo is like a little sun with golden light in his eyes. It wants to run, but it is devouring the soul of women, and can not be separated from women immediately. The evil spirit roared at Chi Huo, trying to scare her away, but Chi Huo was not afraid at all. She ignored the roar of the evil spirit and took the unconscious woman's hand directly. A golden light invisible to the naked eye instantly enveloped the woman and the evil ghost, and the evil ghost suddenly seemed to be under the frying pan, and its body "sizzled" and began to emit black smoke. It struggled desperately to get rid of the golden light, but in vain. After a while, the evil spirit let out its last roar and turned into black smoke. When Chi Huo saw that the evil ghost had disappeared, he let go of the woman's hand and looked at Grandma Chen. Granny Chen took the hint and thought that the ghost king had been driven away by Chi Huo. How could your daughter be haunted by the ghost king? Grandma Chen turned to look at the middle-aged woman and asked. Ghost King? Chen Daxian, you must save my daughter! She's still young,lycopene for skin, she still has. Middle-aged women listen to the ghost king, even if they do not know how powerful it is, but just listen to the name can understand that this ghost king is much more powerful than ordinary ghosts. prius-biotech.com