Not moving. Apparently she heard something. Cape and a few men passed by, and there was an unclosed cabinet door. Irene pushed Cape forward with an iron bar in his hand. Cape hesitated and subconsciously clenched the iron bar in his hand. Finally, Cape quickly opened the cabinet door, and a small but shrill scream came out. Everyone was frightened. It turned out to be a group of frightened and screaming mice! Cape closed the cupboard door as quickly as he could and asked someone to help him find Dong. Hold the west. Everyone can't help but laugh, because for people who are several times bigger than mice, this is really nothing. It's scary. This scene seemed to ease everyone's nervousness, but only half a second later, everyone's nerves again. They were nervous again, because they heard a sound coming out again. I didn't make that sound. Cape, holding an iron bar, told everyone. Everyone followed the sound. …… Fear has come back to grip everyone. "All right, all right!" Cried Kip, suddenly emboldened! If there are people, don't beat around the Bush. Come out, will you?.. I'm serious, you come out right now! Obviously annoyed by this uneasiness, Cape angrily ordered the unknown thing in the dark. However, there was no response. Turning around,stainless steel welded pipe, several people were attracted at the same time, not far from them in the dark, seems to be a small figure hiding in. There, in the mottled shadows, only a child's big eyes could be seen. The child suddenly began to ask, "What did you do to her?" Cape did not understand the child's words for a moment. The child continued to ask calmly, "What did you do to the girl in the car outside?" "We didn't do anything to her,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet," Cape replied. "She did it herself." The child slowly climbed to the light, and Irene couldn't help exclaiming, "Oh, my God.." What a little boy's face, thin, ugly, with a mouthful of buckteeth, but a pair of eyes. Incomparably clear. The boy asked everyone, "You promise you won't hurt me?" They looked at the place where the boy was staying, where there were models of human bones and pictures of ghosts in hell. It's chilling. Morgan walked around carefully and asked the boy, "Did you do all this?" However There is no answer. Again, Cape asked the boy, "Is this really the old Crawford Mill?" The boy was obviously not used to communicating with people, mirror stainless steel sheet ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and he repeated his neurotic movements at a loss. Irene took the initiative to approach him and told the boy her name in a friendly way. The boy looked at the sky and murmured. He said his name, and it turned out that the child's name was Jie Dai. Andy continued to ask the child, "Is the sheriff here?" The child nodded. But where is he now? This is the most urgent thing that everyone wants to know. The boy answered briefly: “ Home, drunk. Morgan suddenly seemed to get amnesty, he immediately stood up: "Great, let's go …" If the sheriff No, why are we still here? Only Irene did not give up. She wanted things to be settled properly. She asked the boy, "Where does the sheriff live?" Is it nearby? The boy nodded. Cape seemed to agree with Irene in his heart. He asked the boy, "Can we drive there?"? “ The boy licked and bit his deformed teeth and shook his head: "The road is impassable, but it's not far to walk.." "If we want to go, let's go quickly." Morgan no longer seems to object. But how to get there? Kep hesitated. Five In the dark woods, only the sun pours down from the dense branches and leaves, the inclined trunks and the interlaced branches. It makes the woods look spooky. Cape and Irene went into the woods, and eventually the two of them were sent to the sheriff's house. The forest was silent, and Cape and Irene were speechless. Not far from where they did not notice, a pedestrian's box was scattered there, and things were turned over. They were piled up in a mess, and there was a pair of shoes hanging from the branches, which had obviously been forcibly taken off. Of. But there was no one around. Six At the gate of the mill, three men were waiting for the reply in boredom. However, they found that the ugly and strange little boy had climbed into the car at some point. And he was using a stick to open the dead girl's hand, as if looking for something. Morgan and Andy hurried forward to stop him and told the boy that it was police evidence. The boy ran away with a wooden face. In the forest not far away, strange birds are singing. Seven Kip and Irene had passed through the ghastly forest, and a large white house appeared to them. Now they went around to the front door and knocked on the door. "Is anyone home?" Asked Irene in a loud voice. Cape continued to knock hard at the door. Finally, there is a response. "What are you going to do?" A man asked in a foul voice. Irene quickly answered, "Are you the sheriff?" The man inside replied, "Do I look like a sheriff?" Irene answered truthfully, "I'm sorry, I don't know. I can't see you." "Stand back," the man inside told them. Cap and Irene did as they were told. The door burst open and a man, rocking his wheelchair, almost "rushed" in front of them. The man had been amputated below the knees, and he was holding a barking dog in his arms, and his face was like that. This unbearable ugliness, he is like a person who has been abandoned by the world for a long time, complaining with his remaining life. "The sheriff doesn't live here," he told Erin Capp. You can call him if you want. Irene thanked him sincerely, while Cape kept observing his surroundings: the tall and strange The big house, and the same weird man in front of us. Irene pushed the door in to make a phone call. The legless freak warned Irene, "Clean your feet. I like it." Clean Irene went in after repeatedly wiping the soles of her shoes on the mat. Kip then tried to get in, but was killed by the legless monster. The man put his cane against his chest and warned Cape,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, "I told her to go in and make a phone call. You wait here." "I didn't mean to offend you, and I didn't mean to offend you," Kep told the legless freak with a smile as he held his hands up.