I said how to do this, are relatives, help but also charge, this is not hit me in the face, so I agreed, and then I met his son, a man named Lu Zuo, and hit it off and became friends. I never thought in my life that I would become friends with Lu Zuo and his buddy Xiao Keming, and sit down and chat about their past stories. All my chats with Lu Zuo and Xiao Keming were compiled into a book, and then I added some personal compilations. Later, with their consent, I first stayed at Tianya, and then moved to Motie Chinese Network. There were millions of words, which were read by countless people, and I also published a book, which really realized my literary dream. Through these days of chatting and communicating, I became really good friends with them, which I really didn't think of at that time. Since the post, many people have been asking me, "Hey, chicken brother, is what you wrote true or false?"? I smiled without a word, because I did not know whether the usually smiling young man was bragging or really telling me these things, and a lot of things,inflatable water slide, for the sake of the so-called literariness in my heart, I compiled some plots that Lu Zuo had not mentioned at all according to some things I knew, so bits and pieces, I did not dare to clap my chest. Have the cheek to say: "Hey, really, such as false, neither the old nor the young are deceived..." I don't have the face, so I can only say, "Well,Inflatable mechanical bull, those who believe have it, and those who don't believe have it. What you get is what you get. If you can feel the goodwill inside, then everything is alive, right?" I am a person with a story in my stomach, and I want to share it with you, just like when I was in Tianshan Mountain. Er, forget it, the hero did not mention the courage of that year, Lao Tzu wrote a story, do not go to the top of the line, if you are angry, feel uncomfortable, depressed. Did you bite me? Can't bite it? Yes, it's all the Internet world. You can't bite me, and I can't bite you, so let's just stay here. You live your life, and I live my life. Although I'm busy writing experiences for Lu Zuo, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Jumping castle with slide, my work in the chicken farm still can't be left behind, so I'm very tired. I inspected every chicken house in the chicken farm, and then came to the constant temperature room where the eggs were hatched. I saw a young man with a gentle expression standing outside the glass window. He was dressed in ordinary clothes, but he had a straight body and a pair of eyes that could see through the world. It was this pair of glittering and translucent eyes like a baby that made me feel that he, who was not outstanding in appearance, was really isolated from the world and had a kind of momentum that stood out from the crowd. Next to him was a little girl with a cute watermelon hair, baby fat cheeks and big eyes. When I first saw her, I couldn't stop feeling-how could there be such a cute little girl in the world? This is clearly the fairy tale inside the spirit ah? Later, after chatting with Lu Zuo, I found that she was really an elf, born to be loved by everyone. I went up to say hello to him: "Hey, left, come to see the tiger cat again?" Lu Zuo turned around, smiled at me and said, "Uncle, yes, I'm sorry to bother you again.". I waved my hand and said you were polite. You are too strange. What else is there to be polite to uncle? Duoduo, my little princess, don't you go to school today? I picked up Duoduo. She grinned and touched my beard, but I wouldn't let her. After a frolic, she pursed her lips and said, "Uncle Chicken, it's Sunday today, you fool.". ” Duoduo children, outspoken, Lu Zuo in the side deliberately with a straight face, said how to speak, called the second uncle, not the chicken uncle? Duoduo turned around and made a grimace. She stuck out her pink tongue and said with a smile, "Uncle Lu Ke has the same name as you. It's not easy to pronounce at all. He's dead. He's just Uncle Chicken. Uncle Chicken sounds very nice!" Duoduo's naughtiness made us all laugh. Lu Zuo was speechless, while I pinched Duoduo's face and said to Lu Zuo with a smile that it was all right to call him Uncle Chicken. Many people on the Internet called me Brother Chicken, which was pleasant to listen to, as long as they didn't call me Uncle Chicken. Duoduo pushed open the door of the incubator and went inside to look at the big colorful egg, while Lu Zuo and I stood outside the window and looked at the egg in the incubator. Then I asked him, "Are you sure there is a tiger cat in this egg?"? Lu Zuo touched his nose and said, "Alas, before, Lao Xiao let his master see it. Who knew that the eggshell was more difficult than the original jade stone. Even with the ability of Tao Di Xian, he could not see through what was inside. Later, several of us gathered together to speculate that the tiger cat was transformed into a phoenix at that time, and then after burning all the power, he was reborn from the ashes." There must be a little phoenix in this egg-no matter how it is, it will need to be hatched before it can be known. As for whether it is a tiger cat or not, I really don't know. If not, we will go there to look for it when the time comes. Idle is idle, and it is also a kind of concern. I laughed and said that if it was true, then the adult tiger cat would still be a fat bird, which would be really depressing-what about the young man? Lu Zuo also smiled. He stretched himself and told me, "Lao Xiao called me and said that he would come to see the tiger cat today. He said that he had found a record about the phoenix in the Maoshan Collection. It is said that the phoenix is different from the real dragon. One is entering the world and the other is being born. Many phoenixes will turn into human form and hide in the world. It is also a kind of demon." When the time comes, it's not impossible for a young man-the only worry is that if a phoenix hatches out of the egg, the egg will hurt. Hahaha, hahaha.. A middle-aged man, a young man who was out of tune, laughed outside the constant temperature room,Inflatable indoor park, which made Duoduo inside angry and waved, so that we could go away quickly, so as not to disturb her to see the tiger cat. joyshineinflatables.com