You are all very capable, the tone of the emperor eased a little, but the chill in the hearts of the princes only more Sheng, last night played very exciting ah! Even the army has been mobilized, very good, very good! Last night, I watched a wonderful street battle in the Imperial Palace. I have to say that your command art and adaptability are very good. They are totally worthy of the best soldiers in the Empire! The tone of the emperor looked around at the quiet princes, gentle tunnel: "such a brilliant fierce street fighting actually happened in the imperial capital, who can tell me, what does this mean?"? There was silence in the study. The emperor looked around and suddenly let out a thunderous roar: "This means rebellion!"! I'm not dead yet. Can't you wait? Who dares to answer such a question? Dead silence. The emperor looked a little too excited, coughed for a long time, his face with an unhealthy blush, then said: "Well, about last night, I want to hear your explanation now.". Straw, the chancellor of the empire, was the most powerful, and it was customary for him to speak first. Then he stepped forward and said in a deep voice, Your Majesty,stainless steel squatting pan, last night should have been a peaceful night. But in the middle of the night, I suddenly got a message that someone had the audacity to assassinate General Riddle, the commander of the city defense army! My first thought was that someone was going to rebel. Straw was so eloquent that he began to talk about the battle last night. The old fox did not shy away from his own minor mistakes, and even dared to admit them, but he blamed Pompey and Alexander for a series of major crimes, such as provoking chaos and using the army without authorization. For some reason, he made no mention of Rogge breaking into his house. When attacking Pompey and others, there was no mention of Rogge. As soon as Straw opened his mouth,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, he never stopped. He was well aware of the emperor's lack of energy and the fact that no one else could interrupt him, so every minute he spoke gave Pompey a minute less time to defend himself, and it seemed that if he had not interrupted him, Straw would have been ready to sue all day. All right, all right! The emperor finally could not bear to interrupt Straw's endless tirade: "Pompey, Alexander, you also say!"! Pompey and Alexander were full of military manners, and their words were many times more concise than Straw's. But their words were no less sharp than Straw's. Not only did they describe the killing of Riddle as a plot by Straw, but they also accused him of privately mobilizing troops and keeping a large number of warriors in the prime minister's office. It was clear that they wanted to rebel. Next, it is time for the powerful ministers to express their opinions on last night's dispute. The leaders of the two factions have already opened the door to attack each other, and their followers naturally cannot be idle, adding fuel and vinegar one after another, testifying and criticizing each other. The neutral ministers, push button toilet flush valve ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, on the other hand, racked their brains to tell what they knew as objectively and truthfully as possible, so as not to be misunderstood as mediocre by the emperor, and on the other hand, not to offend any party. Most of those who remain neutral when the factional struggle is nearly white-hot want to make a choice when the situation is clear, so as not to choose the wrong direction and bring death to themselves. Although Rogge was able to stand in the study, he had become one of the most powerful ministers in the empire, but compared with others, he was inferior in history, connections and power. Instead, he was happy to hide in a corner, and the quiet audience of ministers, smiling all over their faces, quietly made a ruthless move, trying to kill their opponents at one stroke. At this point, Rogge finally had a new understanding of the political situation of the empire. Although the warriors of the north are straightforward and rough, the political undercurrent around the emperor is no less dangerous than those of the southern powers. No matter where the attack originates, the final focus will be on the recent major mistakes of the other faction. Straw's faction made a big fuss about the broken seal of the abyss gate and the heavy losses of the Poseidon Legion, while Pompey and Alexander's faction accused Straw and the Druids of being ambitious and not knowing anything about military affairs, but encouraged the Emperor to go to the Dark Forest. As a result, the Druids, who had the title of King of the Jungle, did not play any role in the Dark Forest at all, which eventually led to the defeat of the army. Judging from the course of the war, even if the druids and Straw did not have another conspiracy, they would at least bear the charge of fatuity and incompetence. This is the first time Rogge has stood here. It seems that today's quarrel is not the first time, and it has been indispensable before. Pow! Pow! Feuerbach the Great slapped the table several times in succession, which silenced the quarrel. His eyes passed slowly over Alexander, Pompey, and Straw. The three powerful ministers were all a Rin, standing respectfully. Enough! I've heard enough of this argument! The Emperor's voice was not loud this time, but everyone could hear the anger in his body: What happened last night has exceeded the limit of my patience, and now it is time to put an end to the dispute between you. Straw! The prime minister of the empire was startled, but he still took a step forward. The emperor looked coldly at the old minister who had followed him for more than twenty years and said, Didn't you always say that Pompey was not able to guard the gate of the abyss? All right, from now on, your Hutu warriors will take over the gate of the abyss from the legion of Poseidon, and you will be handed over within half a month. In half a year, I want to see the seal of the abyss gate completely strengthened to ensure that the same problem does not occur again! Straw was frightened, but his face remained calm, and he took the emperor's order. Alexander and Pompey looked at each other, but they did not expect that the problem in their hands would be handed over to Straw. At this moment, the seal of the abyss gate is extremely fragile and may collapse at any time. And I don't know how many powerful and terrible abyss creatures are accumulating behind the abyss gate. The last time even the silk spider appeared, if the seal is destroyed again,stainless steel shower tray, maybe even the legendary Nargak will appear. Just in case, Alexander returned to the imperial capital with a total of thirty thousand troops and fifty thousand dwarf slaves. He left twenty thousand troops and forty thousand slaves at the gate of the abyss to help garrison the battered legions of Poseidon. If the seal is broken again, the remaining legions of Poseidon may not be able to withstand the impact of abyssal creatures.