"Why didn't you cry?" Wen Linxun's eyes were red, and all the violence and anger that could not be vented seemed to find its source at this moment. Why didn't you cry? He kicked the kids on the ground like crazy. But he was still very calm, did not cry, did not beg for mercy, only clenched his teeth tightly and hummed. The six-year-old child saw his mother die in front of him and was the first to find her body. The child did not cry or even feel sad. This will be defined as abnormal by adults in any era. Wen Linxun is certainly more so. Because Wen Keyao was so calm, Wen Linxun felt even more that the child who could not cry or laugh was a pervert, a madman like his mother. So he sent him straight to therapy. What kind of person should a six-year-old child contact with? And what kind of people does Wen Keyao contact with every day? They are always formulaic smiles, testing his joys and sorrows on time and on time every day. Everyone told him that you were not normal, that you were different from others, and that you needed treatment. They taught him that you should be sad when you face this, and you should be happy when you face that. What a joke! Who in this world can tell you how to react and what emotions you should have? Six to twelve years old, six years. During the six years when a normal child should be in school, he receives all kinds of psychological treatment every day. Anyway, he finally learned. Learned the emotions of a normal person. Give you a candy, you should be happy, should smile, slap you, you should be sad, should cry. Finally, he looks like a normal person. But the relationship with Wen Linxun has never been good. He feels like he's the father and he's trying to play the son. But he's not a father, and he's just playing a son. He acts in front of everyone,cold drawn tubes, acting like a normal person, and only has a very, very little time to tear apart his disgusting appearance and see his true self. He hates himself, he is not a normal person, no one loves him, no one loves the real him. Everything will collapse when it reaches its limit. At the age of 16, Wen Linxun was beaten up again for no reason, and Wen Keyao fought back. This time,stainless steel 304 pipes, Wen Linxun was admitted to the hospital, with two broken ribs, concussion and one leg that may not be able to walk for a long time. After that, Wen Keyao left home and went to the United States alone. There he spent the three most absurd years of his life, gambling, drinking, fighting, with a group of desperate people, absurd and carefree, he thought that his life would pass like this. In the first year after returning to China, he met Shen Shanshan. She tilted her head and smiled at him, clumsily pretending to be mature, unable to hide her joy in her eyes, but asked, "Do you want to go out for a drink?" It was the first time he had seen such bright eyes. Fu Yin said, aluminium coated tubes ,impact beam tubes, Shan Shan, you are very special to him. He has been hiding from you because he is afraid that you will be afraid of him. You know, he's never loved, and he's never been loved. You were the first person he ever loved. Why? Shen Shanshan's voice was gentle. "Don't you like children?" Wen Keyao looked at her with a calm look and said lightly, "It's all right." "Then why?" Shen Shanshan sat up and looked at him in a gentle tone. "With a baby, there will be one more relative and one more tie in the world." "Well," Wen Keyao reached out and grabbed her hand and looked at her calmly, "but I just want you." Shen Shanshan frowned, "but I." Wen Keyao took her hand and stared at her, interrupting her, "I don't want to share you with others." Shen Shanshan was stunned and looked into his eyes, his nose a little sour. As soon as her heart softened, she rushed up and hugged him heavily and said firmly, "No, you will always be the most important, and I will always love you most." Wen Keyao was slightly stupefied. His Adam's apple rolled for a moment, and he slowly reached out his hand to repay her. "Well." Shen Shanshan blinked, held back his tears, and buried his head in his chest. Wen Keyao hugged her. At this moment, everything was quiet, and only his strong heartbeat was left in his ears. Wen Keyao flew to the crew to shoot the next day. Shen Shanshan did not stop, Fu Yin said, because of childhood things, he has always been unable to accept himself, playing other people has become a subconscious habit, every time the psychological burden can not be decomposed, he will hide himself into the role, trying to forget his own emotions. Of course, the reason for the sudden decision to shoot this time is the same. Shen Shanshan took the address given by Fu Yin and found the hospital. When he knocked on the door, Wen Yu was feeding Wen Linxun. Wen Linxun did not know why he lost his temper again and threw the bowl directly at the door. You go to him? Who told you to go to him?! I won't see him even if I die here! Wen Yu lowered his head, "I'm sorry, uncle, I thought." Do you think? What do you think?! You, too! Get the *** out of here! Cough, cough, cough. Wen Linxun coughed angrily. Hello, may I come in? When the door was not closed, Shen Shanshan buckled the door frame. Wen Yu looked up and recognized at a glance, "It's you." Shen Shanshan nodded with a forced smile. How did you.. Wen Yu's eyes lit up, glanced out of the door, and his eyes darkened again. "Come in and sit down." Shen Shanshan enters the door. Who are you Wen Linxun looked at her in disgust. "Get out. Don't let anyone run to me. I'm thinking about my inheritance. I won't give you a penny if I burn it!" "Uncle, she is." Wen Yu is ready to explain. My name is Shen Shanshan, and Wen Keyao is my husband. Shen Shanshan sat down on the sofa and looked at Wen Linxun with a cold face. Wen Linxun looked stiff, paused, and slowly turned to look at her, "you." He hesitated to speak, his face loosened for a moment,aluminium coated steel tube, and soon cooled down again. "What are you doing here?"? Tell that brute he'd better not see me for the rest of his life! I, Wen Linxun, pretend that I never gave birth to such a beast as him! Shen Shanshan looked at him with cold eyes and smiled when he finished. "Good." Wen Linxun was stunned. cbiesautomotive.com