Before the banquet began, the maids held golden cups and shuttled back and forth between the tables. Perhaps because Dionysus did not become the main God, today's banquet is less crazy than in previous lives. Diana sat third from Zeus' right hand, opposite Athena. Today, Athena seems to be a little absent-minded, with scenes of the world flashing through her pupils, as if she were looking at the world through the eyes of an owl. Diana. Aphrodite, holding the golden cup, greeted her with a smile, and suddenly, "Oh, white dress?" Why, are you here today as a moon God? "What do you think?" Diana asked in reply. I thought you were going to change into the dress of the queen of the underworld. After all, Zeus never gave Hades a seat. Aphrodite shrugged. "Come to think of it, Poseidon isn't coming. What about the queen of the underworld?" Athena on the opposite side suddenly sneered and did not know what she had seen in the world. Hestia sat down on Athena's left and raised her glass to Diana. "I just came back from the world, and I didn't see you." "I just got back today, too." Diana smiled. Hera came out of the apse, looking a little tired. "Zeus said he wouldn't come.". If there's anything, we'll decide. Aphrodite looked left and right and asked in surprise, "We?" Hera nodded. What about Apollo? The sun hasn't set yet. Shall we wait for him? "Wait." As he spoke, the Goddess of Wind and Rain, the Goddess of Grain, the goddess of Night Wind, and the goddess of Dawn came one after another. For some reason, most of today's absent deities are male. As night fell,cantilever racking system, Apollo finally arrived late. The muses had already brought him a golden harp and sang long poems high and low. This was supposed to be an aftertaste of every divine feast, but now it seems a little bleak. Apollo absently plucked at the strings and drank the wine in the glass, but his eyes were wandering. Diana put down her glass. "I think I should go." "Wait." Hera and Apollo called to her. Apollo stood up and grabbed her wrist. "Not now, Diana." Her hands were already a little cold, and now she could feel that Apollo's hands were unusually hot. Diana, I need to explain something to you. Hera walked up to Diana with a gleam of pride in her eyes. "Since you have broken the oath of the Styx, you should no longer be the Lord of God, nor are you qualified to protect the girls of the world." Unconsciously, Apollo stood in front of Diana, blocking Hera's view. Diana smiled, broke away from Apollo's hand, and met Hera's eyes. "So who do you think should take this place?" Dionysus, the God of wine. "Then may I think that a God who is drunk all day and does nothing but make wine is also not qualified to occupy the position of the main God?" "You.." Hera seemed to be angry and sneered, push back racking system ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, "Good, good, good.". So Persephone, Persephone is all right? And Herb. How many goddesses can protect the young girls in the world, and you are really the only one? Diana summoned a silver bow and played with a silver arrow. "Maybe it's really me.". Your Highness, according to you, if I defeat Ares, will I be entitled to the position of God of War? If I were more agile than Hermes, would I be able to snatch the seat of his'God Envoy '? Even If I win the support of all the women in the world, does it mean that I can also become the Queen of Heaven? "You.." Hera was obviously angry, and her face turned red and white. "Do you think you are qualified to be the Lord God if you don't rely on Apollo?" Apollo stepped forward and was about to speak when Diana tugged at the hem of his coat. "Brother, don't give people a handle." "But.." "Trust me, brother." Diana smiled, and the light in her eyes flowed. Apollo gritted his teeth and stepped back, but his eyes never left Hera, and his left hand was empty. It seems that as long as there is a slight mistake, they will immediately fall out. "In that case." In an instant, Hera put on her battle robe, held a spear in her hand, and snorted coldly, "Then let me see how capable you are!"! If you die at my hands, don't blame me for not warning you. "The same for you, Your Highness the Queen of Heaven." With a wave of her hand, Diana put on the same neat silver armor. Apollo's veins burst and his eyes almost burst with fire. The muses tried to persuade him to leave, but they could not. Let's go out and fight. "Hestia, who do you think will win?" Aphrodite squinted at the two black dots in the air and played idly with the golden cup. Diana is hanging. Hestia looked worried. "After all, Hera had participated in the Battle of the Titans, and her strength should not be underestimated.". If Apollo joins in, maybe he can win. "She won't let Apollo in." Athena withdrew her gaze from the world and stood up. "I bet on Diana." "It's impossible!" "Remember, Zeus has just made Apollo a new God." "The God of Medicine?"? Come on, that's Apollo, not Diana. "But they live together as brother and sister." 13 This is not the title. When the wind blows, the stars are like waterfalls. There were hundreds of big and small wounds on Diana's body in an instant, and she was bleeding profusely. She saw Hera smiling disdainfully, just as Hera had smiled when she slapped her off the clouds in the Trojan War. She laughed, too, and murmured a healing spell. If the water and the moon cover the whole body, the wound will heal instantly. The silver arrow flew out and almost grazed Hera's flank, cutting a deep and shallow wound. You are too weak. Hera sneered and made a deep hole in Diana's body again. However, Diana had been shrouded in pure brilliance, and the wound recovered in an instant. It is true that she is not as powerful as Hera, but she has endless vitality. The corners of Diana's eyes were slightly raised,mobile racking systems, her fingers were open, and thousands of silver blades were twisted at Hera, so fast that people could not see clearly at all.