In fact, the two children have long seen their mother change things away, but no matter how many times they look at it, they feel very magical, and the two little guys are looking at it like this. Li Xianglu did not pay attention, continued to put away some of the toys placed in disorder, and put all the clothes to be brought in the box. So after a morning of tossing and turning, when Qin Xi entered the door, Li Xianglu also tidied up 7788. When Qin Xi saw that some of the ornaments at home were empty, he went up and took off his shoes and sat on the ground to feed his two sons with water and said, "Are you all packed up?" Li Xianglu nodded and said, "I've packed up. All I need is Grandpa's things." When Qin Xi saw his two sons standing up and turning around, he said with a smile, "The second son's temperament is too similar to Qin Zhen's." As soon as Li Xianglu heard Qin Xi say so, she stared angrily at 82 who was trying to move towards her side: "Bad boy!" A row of 82 millet teeth grew very neatly, and when he heard his mother teasing him, he laughed, as if he had just been praising him. Qin Xi helplessly picked up the second child who had already walked half, stood up, and picked up Bayi again. The two children added up to more than forty pounds. Qin Xi picked them up, and the two children clapped their hands and cheered. Li Xianglu took out a pot of pears from the storage ring and carried them in the back. The old man was also busy in the garden. The watermelons were almost ripe, and several cantaloupes could be eaten. He picked four and planned to give them to his great-grandchildren. He saw Li Xianglu carrying a pot of pears. He took a look at one and nodded: "There are such beautiful pears in this season." Li Xianglu smiled and lied without changing color: "Qin Xi bought it. Grandpa said his throat was very dry. Eat more to moisten his lungs." The old man did not doubt him,cosmetic plastic tube, felt that this was the children's filial piety to him, Qin Xi shook his head helplessly in front of him, and had long been used to taking the blame. To be continued. Dead in the Second Watch of 332 Hospital The next day, not only Qin Zhen and his wife, but also Qin Xi's family of four. Li Jianqing and his wife were invited to have dinner with Qin's father. The old man was too lazy to move, so he was persuaded by Li Xianglu to go out together. After breakfast, I changed the new clothes for the two little ones, and then the five of them set off in the car under the excitement of 82. Qin Shouren is now the dean,empty lotion tubes, and Yang Huan became the attending physician of obstetrics and gynecology after he came back from further study. The couple are very busy now, and the family has invited an aunt to take care of Xiong Youxin. Xiong's child is in the second year of junior high school this year. Although his temper is much better, he and Qin Zhen still don't deal with it. Almost as soon as they enter the door, they begin to choke. Qin Shouren said helplessly, "Qin Zhen, you are the elder brother. Can't you give in to your younger sister?" Qin Zhen really wanted to say not his sister, but this is a bit too hurtful, after all, Dad and Aunt Yang now live together, according to the law, Xiong Youxin is really their sister, so he just sat there eating melon seeds with a black face. Although Xiong Youxin and Qin Zhen do not deal with, but the relationship with Minmin has been very good, she likes three children, take out their small toys for Minmin to play. One side of Lu Anna made a wink to let Qin Zhen see, plastic laminated tube ,cosmetic tube, Qin Zhen saw Minmin happy to call Xiong Youxin aunt, that intimate and family-like, black down the face is a little shy. Qin Xi also arrived here, so the four children gathered together again. Fortunately, the house Qin Shouren now lives in is very big, a large suite of 200 square meters, which is assigned by the hospital. It is not crowded at all when everyone comes to eat. Before Li Xianglu came, she brought a sesame oil chicken, four sauce elbows and vegetables, and fifty catties of milled rice. Although she was 83 years old and had enough food, the public officials still ate the food supply. Yang Huan saw Li Xianglu they brought so many things a little embarrassed, since they came back Qin Xi have sent several times to eat, good rice and good noodles, it is reasonable to say that they should also be the couple to take care of the younger generation, but they did not have the ability to get good food, but eat the younger generation sent. When Li Xianglu saw Yang Huan hesitating, she smiled and asked her not to think too much. They were all family members. Yang Huan's craft is good, know the children love to eat meat, early on changed a lot of meat tickets fried stewed fried to do seven or eight dishes, plus Li Xianglu with two hard dishes, a whole table. Li Jianqing two people come a little late, Li Xianglu sees the packing bag that he is carrying in the hand to understand to come over, this is to go to the overseas Chinese store to buy things to just come. Li Jianqing and his wife visited Qin Shouren for the first time and bought two bottles of wine and two pieces of cloth, as well as some croissants. Lu Anna was a little embarrassed to poke Qin Zhen, who was feeding chicken to the three children. Qin Zhen was playing happily with the three little guys. As a result, he saw his wife's embarrassed face and asked what was wrong. Lu Anna whispered that they came empty-handed, really embarrassed, although before Lu Anna had seen Qin Fu, but this is the first time the couple came together, empty-handed is too embarrassed. Qin Zhen frowned and said, "Why do you bring something? You're a new daughter-in-law, but my father has to give you a gift." Lu Anna suddenly froze there. Li Xianglu was talking to the old man on the side. As a result, she listened to both of them. She couldn't help learning from the old man. After listening, the old man nodded and said, "Qin Zhen is a child with true temperament. He doesn't stick to trifles." Li Xianglu shook her head helplessly, and Grandpa praised her. At eleven o'clock, a big table was set up for the meal, and all the big guys were seated, while the three small ones were held in their arms by adults, looking curiously at the dishes on the table. Qin Shouren is very happy about the children's presence, simply said a few words and the old man drank first. Li Xianglu saw that everyone poured out more than one or two and left it alone, and it was nothing to drink properly. Qin Zhen went to Lu's house, and his mother-in-law also cooked delicious food for him, but his mother-in-law was from Shandong, and the dishes she cooked were not quite the same as those in the northwest. She always felt that she was not satisfied with her cravings, and the taste seemed to be insufficient there. She didn't eat at home. Today, when she came to Dad's house, she had a big appetite and couldn't stop. The rice was the milled rice brought by Li Xianglu,plastic laminted tube, which was bought from Wuchang before she ran away in her previous life. They are crystal clear, and when they are steamed, the room is full of the smell of rice.