Like cocklebur, I want to follow you to the end of the world, but you lost me in the night of sixteen years, so I can't find my home any more. Abducted Girl's Rough Fate: Xanthium sibiricum [Introduction] Ruan Ruan, a girl who was abducted and sold by people, experienced all the ups and downs of her fate. At the age of six, she was adopted by Mrs. Meng of Peach Blossom Village. From then on, she grew up with Mrs. Meng's grandson, Meng Gu, who was a childhood sweetheart. At the same time, she was also taken care of by Meng Gu's older "silly" uncle, Meng Jincheng. At the age of sixteen, Mrs. Meng insisted that she consummate her marriage with her "silly" son Meng Jincheng. On the wedding night, Xu Nuan and Meng Gu made an appointment to run away. However, that night, Meng Gu finally did not come as promised; and Meng Jincheng also mysteriously disappeared, leaving only Xu Nuan, who was pregnant unexpectedly, waiting for the verdict of fate. Seven years later,x70 line pipe, she has changed her name to Xu Nuan, and has been "imprisoned" by the ruthless and cruel Zhuang Yi, and has become a pawn for him to deal with the family enemy Meng's uncle and nephew. When Meng Jincheng and Meng Gu discover that Xu Nuan is their beloved Ruan Ruan, will they set off another storm of love for her? Zhuang Yi watched his carefully planned scenes play out in an orderly manner, but found that somewhere in his heart collapsed because of Xu Nuan. Seven years ago, what happened to Ruan Ruan like an abandoned cocklebur, can no longer find a home? Seven years later,a333 grade 6 pipe, which man can finally give her a lifetime of warmth? Text Self-sequence When I wrote these words, I had been staring at the cactus on the computer desk for a long time. Mom gave this to me a week ago. She said that putting one on the computer desk can reduce radiation. At that time, I was writing the ending of Xanthium sibiricum. When she gave me this cactus full of thorns, my first reaction was, "Oh, mom, where did you get this Xanthium sibiricum? It's so big.". My mother's little eyes rolled so that it was so fascinating that I could open a "litchi" wholesale shop right away. Cactus and cocklebur have thorns. The difference is that the thorn of cocklebur is born for the destined person to take it away, while the thorn of cactus is born to stick to the position of love and not let others separate it from the beloved land under their feet. The expression of love is always different. Some are unrepentant to follow, such as cocklebur. Some are faithful and unshakable, such as cactus. I said to Zhuangzhuang (editor Zhuangzhuang's nickname), ah! My next novel is going to be called Cactus. Zhuangzhuang was drinking water at the other end of QQ, and my words turned her directly into a water sprayer, spraying at the computer screen. She said, 321 stainless steel sheet ,347 stainless steel, "Snail Rice, you are obviously a carnivore, but you can't open your legs when you see chicken wings. Do you want to disguise yourself as a vegetarian animal when you write so many plants?"? Do you want to tell the world's "rice" that the chicken wings you eat are all pure natural fiber food made of cocklebur and cactus? Zhuangzhuang is my new editor. I think the reason why the big BOSS gave me the editor of the "Zhuangzhuang" model is a naked blow to me, saying that I am overweight! In order to counter the provocation of the big BOSS, I decided to tempt Zhuangzhuang with the delicacy of chicken wings and the beauty of the cat in the days to come, so that after she changed her position, she completely defected to me and changed her name to Qianqian. You see, if the reader listens, wow, Xiaomi's editor is called Qianqian. They're going to think -- Heaven, earth, did the fat snail rice lose weight successfully recently? (This is the idea of readers who have known me before.) Wow, the editor of Le Xiaomi is called Qianqian, so Le Xiaomi's body shape must be "thin". (This is the idea of readers who do not know me.) As a result, I succeeded in changing from "rice fat man" to "rice beauty" in the hearts of readers. This idea is so beautiful that it can write a tear-jerking and heart-breaking novel. Ok, in fact, all of these should be put in the "postscript" to talk to you. Just because I want to talk to you so much. Let's get back to the story of Xanthium sibiricum. When you open it, you will find that its opening chapter is quite different from the one originally serialized in Flower Fire. It doesn't matter. I just adjusted the order of my appearance. Because of the initial order, I was not very satisfied and felt a little depressed. I'm afraid you're all bored, so who will invite me to eat chicken wings? In the story, the heroine's name "Ruan Ruan" was changed to "Xu Nuan". Of course, the man who gave her the name was Zhuang Yi. The story began when she was nineteen years old. That year, she met Zhuang Yi for the first time. This story, I really wrote very hard, from Qingdao to Changsha, from Changsha to Phoenix, from Phoenix to Wuyuan, from Wuyuan to Hangzhou, from Hangzhou to Shanghai, from Shanghai to Linyi, and finally from Linyi to Qingdao. Of all the long stories I have written, this one involves the most regions. I don't know if it fits the name of the story-cocklebur. Cocklebur will stick to someone's clothes, and from then on, it will follow this person forever and refuse to leave. The reason why the preface is written so easily is that the story of Xanthium sibiricum is somewhat tragic. Love comes and goes miserably. With this preface, this article is dedicated to Little A. May this persistent and stubborn child waiting for love and looking for love, like cocklebur, be well in heaven. Le Xiaomi Night of May 30, 2009 in Qingdao Introduction to the text Love sometimes does not compare who loves more deeply, who loves longer, who loves more bitterly. Before Liang Xiaoshuang decided to commit suicide by jumping into the river, she lay on the bridge and called Li Le. With a handful of snot and tears, she shouted at the microphone in disorder in the wind,x70 line pipe, "Li Le, if I really die this time, I won't let go of that bitch Xu Ruan Ruan!".