Hang Yu took out the long bow of the green boar man and began to move at a high speed. At this time, a large group of green monkeys were alarmed and immediately chased him with a strange cry. The green hat brother is not only numerous, but also agile, with the ability to throw, is a very difficult guy. With his amazing speed of movement, Hang Yu shuttled through the rugged dense forest like walking on the ground, easily dodging the thrown stones, and at once threw the monkey monster behind his buttocks to eat ashes. Swish! Swish! Arrows came one by one. There is no empty string in every shot. The level 2 green monkey monster was killed in seconds with one arrow. The green monkey monster of level 3 will die even if it hits the vital point. There is no way for the level 3 elite green monkey monster. Even if it had a chance to get close, it would be forced to stop by a strong arrow. Hang Yu with a strong and sustained speed of movement, bows and arrows far enough range, almost pressing a group of monkeys to fight, it can be seen that the use of wind steps with bows and arrows will make kite tactics very powerful! However. One man, one bow. Hang Yu can't be too big. Besides, these guys are rare to explode, killing them is a waste of time. Hang Yu after the addiction, the launch of stealth, speed surge again, several groups of monkeys did not have time to surround,tube lip gloss, he calmly through the middle, swaggering away. He killed Xiaoguai all the way to the mountain of the boar monster. When passing through the jackal forest, the husky was released and fourteen jackals were controlled. Although they were very weak, they were better than none. The spirit world opens for about three hours. Hang Yu arrived at the top of the mountain sentry station, at a glance, all of them were people. You've come just in time. Everyone is here. Zhao Ming took the initiative to introduce Hang Yu: "The number of people in the three camps is about 200, adding up to more than 620 people in total!" Six hundred and twenty people! Definitely an army in the spirit world! This action is the largest collective action we have ever experienced and even heard since we came to the spirit world. It can be called an epic war! Everyone seemed very excited and excited. Hang Yu is very calm: "What is the level?" "They are all the most elite people in each battalion. Although the proportion of Level 2 is slightly larger,metal cosmetic tubes, these Level 2 people generally have strong attack ability and treatment assistance ability.". The number of level 3 has reached more than 200, and the number of level 4 has also increased, reaching 18. At present, only you and Xu Tianhua are level 5. Has Xu Tianhua got the fifth grade? This guy is good, and he deserves to be a big man in the military. When he returned to the real world, he probably ate a lot of tonic food. Zhao Ming went on to say: "According to the preliminary statistics, there are about 200 people in the war, about 200 in the law, and about 100 in the spiritual and holy." "How are you preparing now for your preparations?" "The three camps add up to about four thousand pieces of energy mucus." Hang Yu had a bottom in his heart when he heard this. Although rank, strength and quantity, human beings are obviously at a disadvantage. But boar people don't have any brains, so it should be enough to have such line-ups. Hang Yu called Zhao Ming, Chen Yu, eye cream packaging tube ,pump tube, Xu Tianhua three people in front of him, first briefly explained the strategy, and then ordered them to immediately reorganize the team, six hundred people were divided into several groups, let them cross each other to sign the Reiki contract, to ensure that everyone can have a Reiki harvest, not in vain. In addition, Hang Yu himself is the core. A core combat team was formed. There are 25 people in total, which is exactly the upper limit of the Reiki contract. The squad consists of two level 5 characters, a dozen level 4 characters, and several elite level 3 characters. After Hang Yu finished the team, he made an impassioned and morale-boosting speech as usual. Everyone at the scene knows it. It seems that large camps have not been conquered. The Wild Boar Stronghold is close at hand, and capturing it is tantamount to making history. It will definitely be a very glorious thing that can be blown for half a lifetime! "Take down the Wild Boar Stronghold!" "Take down the Wild Boar Stronghold!" "Take down the Wild Boar Stronghold!" All the people, men and women, old and young, raised their weapons and shouted. Most of the people at the scene had never seen this mysterious guy wearing a cloak and covering his face, but even Zhao Ming, Chen Yu, and Xu Tianhua, the three men of the camp, all obeyed his leadership. It is enough to show that this person is not a simple person. He is absolutely Niubi master, wild boar people can attack the cottage, the key lies in him! "Let's go!" Hang Yu led the crowd into the secret passage of the wild boar man. From the Boar Man Secret Passage, you can directly reach the vicinity of the Stronghold. Hang Datong tie more than six hundred people came out in a mighty way, and they found that the wild boar people's mountain village was very close. A relatively long and narrow mountain path canyon leads directly to the valley, in which the wild boar mountain village is located, the style is rough, primitive and barbaric, but the scale is larger than expected, just looking at it gives people a strong sense of oppression.. This crucial battle is about to begin! Chapter 153 the strength of the commander of Hangzhou University. The mountain entrance of the Wild Boar Stronghold is very narrow, only enough for two or three people to run side by side. After about forty or fifty meters, a relatively open space appears in front of us. But when you get to this position, you have to be very careful. The mountain village is three or four hundred meters away, and there are no trees to shelter it. There are so many people that they are easy to find. Hang Yu ordered everyone to stop. "What do you think now?" "I think it will be very difficult to play!" Xu Tianhua gave the conclusion and explained: "You see, the mountain village is very high, our position is low, the nearby cliff is smooth, there is no terrain to use, only through the steep slope ahead, directly launched a strong attack on the mountain village." Zhao Ming, Chen Yu and others frowned. Xu Tianhua is an officer of high rank in a special combat brigade. He came to the conclusion that he could only storm,plastic packaging tube, which was enough to show that Shanzhai was easy to defend and difficult to attack. Hang Yu shook his head and said, "It's impossible to storm. There must be a trap near the Stronghold. We rush up without thinking. We don't wait for hundreds of fat guys to abuse us. These traps alone are enough to drink a pot!" Speaking of traps. Three people have psychological shadow. The traps near the Boar Man's hilltop outpost are very dangerous. Not surprisingly, there will be more traps near the Wild Boar Stronghold. emptycosmetictubes.com