He reasoned with others here, but they were ready to fight. After all, he surrendered the guns of the armed police soldiers. Although he eventually returned them to the armed police soldiers, the nature of the problem had become very serious. At least they had to find out what was going on. So while he was impassioned, the guard squad leader gave a command, and more than a dozen soldiers swarmed up, trying to capture the old man who had followed the party. Follow the party for a long time, what kind of dangerous scenes have not been experienced? He knew in his heart that it was impossible for someone to lose such a big face and let him walk away easily. Besides, what he wanted to do had not been done yet. If he was caught like this, it would delay things. So he took advantage of the chaotic moment when more than a dozen soldiers swarmed up and tripped the soldier who rushed to the front. He stumbled and jumped out of the leak. To tell the truth, these armed police soldiers would not be serious about an old man like him at all. Otherwise, one man would be enough to deal with an old man like him. There would be no need for so many soldiers at all. They still wanted to disarm him by catching fish in a big net without hurting the fish. Following the party, he rushed out of the encirclement and ran toward the provincial party committee office building. The armed police soldiers chased after him. The young man had quick legs and soon surrounded him again. Just then, the director of the general office of the provincial party committee appeared in front of everyone, stopped the armed police soldiers, and said to the party: "With the old man, what kind of trouble are you making?" Naturally, the armed police soldiers all knew the director of the general office of the provincial party committee. When they saw that he knew how to follow the party, they stopped to arrest him, but they were not willing to let him go easily. He casually seized other people's guns, which made the armed police soldiers take it to heart. The armed police soldiers still maintained their encirclement of him. He followed the Party and said, "I came to the provincial Party committee leaders to reflect important issues, but they wouldn't let me in." The director of the General Office said, "If you want to reflect the problem,5 person hot tub, I will come down and pick you up."? Have a hard time with other people's little soldiers. How dare you! You are an old Red Army soldier, and these soldiers are your descendants. The older generation bullies the younger generation, and they are not afraid of being laughed at. Go with the party unconvinced: "You say easily, I call you, you come down to pick me up, I know your phone number?" Office director says: "You tell the person of gatekeeper duty room, saying is to look for me, he dialed the phone not to come over?"? I know it's you. Don't you dare come down to meet me? Look up, the fourth floor, the fifth window on the left. You're making a lot of noise here, which has alarmed Secretary Song. He asked me to come down and invite your father. Follow the party to look up, and sure enough, Secretary Song waved to him with a smile at the window. He felt embarrassed to follow the Party and felt that he had just played like a monkey, endless swimming pool ,endless pool swim spa, which made the leaders of the provincial Party committee laugh. When the director of the office saw that the armed police were still around, he said, "Why are you still around?"? This is the old Red Army following the Party. Have you heard of it? They joined the Red Army when they were ten years old. It's a glory, not a disgrace, for you to be defeated by them today. Why don't you apologize to the old Red Army? As soon as the armed police soldiers heard that this old man was actually an old Red Army man, according to seniority, how could he be counted as his own grandfather? It was really no shame to let such a man disarm himself. The squad leader hurriedly shouted a command: Salute! The soldiers saluted to follow the party in unison. On the contrary, they were greatly embarrassed to follow the party. Think about it, I was really embarrassed to be so noisy with these great-grandchildren just now. I waved my hand hurriedly: "No saluting, no saluting.." As he spoke, he ran away and followed the director of the General Office to visit Secretary Song of the Provincial Party Committee. At this moment, he walked into Wu Xiuzhi's office with the party and sat down on the sofa and asked, "The secretary of the municipal party committee is looking for me all over the world. Today I sent him to my door. What advice does the secretary have?" Wu Xiuzhi served tea to him and kept complaining: "Old leader, if something can't be solved in the city, I have to go to the province, which makes me very passive. I asked Secretary Song to call me personally to criticize me." Follow the party and say, "No?"? It's old thief Zhao who should be criticized. Why did he criticize you instead? Wu Xiuzhi was afraid of him. The old man was getting older, but his temper was getting hotter and hotter. In a word, he was afraid that he would go to the province to find a leader again. This time, if you look for it again, you will certainly be more experienced, and you will not fight with the armed police soldiers again. Thinking of Secretary Song's mention of following the party and fighting with the armed police soldiers, Wu Xiuzhi asked him curiously: "Old leader, I heard that you fought with the armed police soldiers in the provincial party committee compound?"? What's wrong He followed the party with a coy smile and said, "It's nothing. I didn't bring my ID when I went there. They wouldn't let me in. I just said a few words, but I didn't do anything." Wu Xiuzhi worked with him as a secretary for a long time. He knew too much about his disposition. As soon as he looked at his expression, he knew that he had done something wrong. He deliberately asked, "What's going on?"? Why did you go to Secretary Song of the Provincial Party Committee? He followed the party and said, "There was nothing to do. The armed police wouldn't let me in, so I took away his gun. Later, the matter became so big that it alarmed Secretary Song of the provincial party committee." Wu Xiuzhi sighed in an exaggerated way: "The old leader is really awesome. He actually surrendered all the guns of the armed police. Awesome, awesome." The old man who followed the party blushed slightly and said, "There's nothing to boast about taking a soldier's gun. Don't talk about it. I have something serious to tell you." Wu Xiuzhi said, "Isn't it about Zhao Yinyin?"? Do you really think that his son-in-law can be the director of Yinzhou Public Security Bureau with his words? Follow the party and say, "It's not that I don't believe you. If I don't know at all, that's all. Now that I know this kind of bad people and bad things, I can't help talking. Isn't he a provincial cadre?"? You can't control him. I'll find someone who can control him. I want to cure this kind of bad habit. I tuck my head in my belt to conquer the country. Now they can get promoted and make a fortune by asking for a favor. No, absolutely not. By the way, Secretary Song of the Provincial Party Committee said that this is a problem of the system, which is caused by the long-term cadre system. If we want to solve the problem fundamentally,endless pool factory, we should start from the system. After all, he is the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee. He is smarter than you, the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. I understand what he said. 。 monalisa.com