A little medicine is enough to kill people, but the amount in the dish is so much that even the unique smell of grass in Heartbroken County comes to our nostrils. The person who poisoned him was probably mad. "I can't stay here any longer." After finishing the basket of food, Xiao Ziling clapped his hands and returned to the table. Just now, Xiao Ziling threw the basket of food into the main house. Tang Yiqing is eating steamed buns. "I can't help it. How can a man fight against the sky?" Tang Yiqing put down the steamed bread in his hand thoughtfully. Looked at Tang Yiqing, knowing that there was no result if he asked again, so Xiao Ziling changed the topic. "Now that you don't care about the jade pendant, where are you going to go?" Xiao Ziling also picked up a steamed bun, pinched and frowned, but still put it into his mouth. "Go back to Tangmen." Tang Yiqing murmured. "In fact, this mission has already been accomplished." "What mission.." Xiao Ziling took a glass of water and drank it. 「…… I'm sorry Tang Yiqing said in a low voice. Looking at Tang Yiqing, Xiao Ziling did not ask again. "Younger Martial Brother, how can you contradict Master Shibo?" At this time, the second brother was talking to Hua Qingyu in the room. "I'm just telling the truth." Hua Qingyu smiled softly. "I'm lucky to have met him. I just want to grow old with him." It's just.. Is he sincere to you? The Second Elder Martial Brother asked suspiciously. Half a year ago, he secretly went to Jingzhou City for his younger brother who was locked up in the back hill. However, in the stone house he said, it was already empty. Now, he appeared, not only concealing his identity, but also refusing to admit that he was Shi Qing when he saw Qingyu. "He is sincere,large artificial blossom trees, absolutely sincere." Hua Qingyu played with the porcelain cup in his hand and smiled more gently. "But he doesn't recognize you." "Of course there is a reason for this." Hua Qingyu sighed softly. "He must have blamed me for keeping him waiting too long." Then you.. What are you going to do. Just now I heard Master Shibo say that in a couple of days, when the weather clears up, he will lock you up in the back of the mountain. 「…… The teacher's kindness is vast, so let's think of it as repaying his old man's kindness. Hua Qingyu said in a low voice. "Maybe if you lock me up for a few years, Master will calm down and let us be together." 「…… What about Sister Liu? I'm sorry for her. However, I have tried to persuade her many times. "Sister Liu won't be willing to swallow this." "I know, too." Hua Qingyu said helplessly. But I can't help it. Perhaps she can only wait for herself to give up. Second Elder Martial Brother sighed. To tell you the truth, I don't know why you would be right. So dead set on that Shi Qing. I've been looking at him for a few days, and there's nothing attractive about him. "If you see it, I'll be rude to you." Hua Qingyu jokingly hit the second brother on the shoulder. Staring at the Younger Martial Brother, silk ficus tree ,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, the Second Elder Martial Brother said coolly. "I don't have your guts." Hua Qingyu smiled and did not deny it. "By the way, Elder Martial Brother, I want to discuss something with you." Let you out? No way. I don't want to be locked up in the back of the mountain. Second Elder Martial Brother shook his hand hurriedly. Since there was nothing to do, Tang Yiqing braved the rain to pick dozens of long leaves and said he would teach Xiao Ziling to fold grasshoppers. With a cheer, Xiao Ziling hurriedly came up, and the two of them laboriously folded the long leaves on their hands with a weak oil lamp. "Make it up!" Xiao Ziling held the second finished product in front of Tang Yiqing. "The blue outshines the blue." Tang Yiqing sighed with exaggeration. "Heh heh heh." Xiao Ziling looked at the grasshopper in his hand and was also elated. Glancing at the few long leaves left on the table, Tang Yiqing shrugged his shoulders. "That's all for today. There are no more leaves." "But I don't want to sleep at all." Xiao Ziling continued to work hard with excess energy. Me too.. Then I'll go and pick a few more leaves. Tang Yiqing picked up the wet paper umbrella on the ground. "You pick the leaves, and I'll steal some oil." Xiao Ziling picked up the wooden cup on the table. In the dark night, coupled with the heavy rain that seems to have been refusing to stop, the sight is even worse. The dim light in the room was of no help. Tang Yiqing holds the umbrella, while groping for the thickness and length of the leaves, while picking. "Ah." With a low cry, his fingers were cut by sharp blades of grass, and blood burst out. Tang Yiqing hurriedly put it in his mouth and sucked it. At this time, in the faint night, there was a low sound of the flute. Such as resentment.. Ru Mu.. Such as weeping.. Such as suing.. I can't help but stand in the rain and listen. It's clear rain. It's the flute of the clear rain. Tang Yiqing covered his mouth and listened to the familiar tune. When Xiao Ziling came back with a full cup of oil, he saw Tang Yiqing lying on the table crying in a low voice. 「…… What's the matter? Is that little evil woman making trouble again? Xiao Ziling put down the cup and asked hurriedly. I'm ashamed to see him.. But I miss him so much. What should I do? What should I do with Hsiao Tzu-ling? Him? Who is he Xiao Ziling asked doubtfully. However, next, Tang Yiqing had to cry all the time. In the low cry, Xiao Ziling noticed the sound of the flute that had been ringing since before. Following the sound of the flute all the way past, despite holding a paper umbrella, Xiao Zi's light figure did not have any obstacles. All the things were caused by Hua Qingyu alone. If he was really playing the ghost flute, then all the things would be solved. Seeing a teenager not looking at the road, bouncing toward Xiao Ziling, Xiao Ziling put away the umbrella, a half turn, the umbrella body hit him hard on the back of the head. The boy fainted and Xiao Ziling continued to move forward. Until a door, confirmed that the sound of the flute came from here, Xiao Ziling opened the door heavily, and the two young men inside stood up. One is Hua Qingyu, who was lying in bed sick a few days ago, and the other is the second brother who led the way for them. Seeing the flute in Hua Qingyu's hand, Xiao Ziling had a score in his heart. "You,fake ficus tree, come with me." The tip of the umbrella in Xiao Ziling's hand pointed at Hua Qingyu. "Wait a minute, little brother Chin, without Master's permission.." 。 hacartificialtree.com