Because of the registered permanent residence, he came in the second half of the third year of senior high school to apply for the exam. He didn't talk much on weekdays, and he couldn't call all his classmates' names until he graduated. Nineteen years old, he will not have a gentle smile, on the contrary, he will look deeper than his peers. Only to know that he is skimpy. Pry the lock of the school electric box and pull off the main switch, because I don't want to study at night. He played chess with the old man in the square, and after losing, he stole the chess pieces away. He deliberately covered his mouth and nose with his hands in front of him until his face was red, and asked nervously what was wrong? Only then did he laugh and hold it in his arms: "The fear of mental retardation is transmitted through the air.". He could not curse, and he could not hurt him, so he had to pretend to be angry and frighten him. However, he often used tricks such as cutting his fingers to apologize, leading guilt and swallowing the earth to turn against the general, so he had to coax him and promise that he would never be angry again. He would rub his face lovingly after the trick came into effect and repeatedly shouted, "Silly circle, silly circle!" He always pursed his lips and read the two words of seven yuan together, calling in an evil way: Cheng Quan'er, Silly Circle, Thunderbolt Lightning Imbecile Circle. He bullied the small man and imagined that he could fold up like a saber and take it wherever he went. He can play tricks on himself, but he can't let others find fault with him. Math teacher's bicycle spokes were removed as a whole, just because in public: What simple problem can not be done? I thought Peking University could still receive a few Zhu Ziqing. This was one of the most famous incidents in the 10th Middle School of Jiuma Mountain,warehouse storage racks, and the school never thought that he had done it. He is a famous top student, whose math score is higher than that of science students in the model test, and his math teacher treats him better than his father. But he doesn't allow others to use that tone, and his pride can only be suppressed by him. Very common puppy love script, contact and not long, two people have been beyond redemption to invest. He is cold, but willing to boil in front of him. Only feel that the individual where where all pleasing to the eye, although the surface did not move any sound and color, but all the stubborn heart for him to become weak. That kind of prosperous lingering,metal racking systems, almost thought it was a long time, but in the end in that hot afternoon, turned into a nightmare for the rest of his life. Wake up at night and continue the question in the dream: Why don't you come back for it? The only answer was the sound of even breathing. Lu Ling strolled to the bedside and sat down, touched a cigarette, pinched half of it in his hand, then remembered the fire, hurriedly went to get the lighter, knocked over the cup, half of the cup of water spilled out, and dripped from the table to the carpet. The cup rolled slowly on the edge of the table, and he just watched until it fell to the ground with a muffled sound. Lu Ling laughed and said, "No, no, my uncle is not from Jiuma Mountain. How can I be a classmate?"? Mistaken for someone else, seven sister-in-law. The last word hastily cancels the coda. Cheng yuanyuan has never lost his temper in front of outsiders, radio shuttle racking ,medium duty racking, not to mention the younger generation, but the tears can not stop. His face became more and more blurred on the screen, but the past was clearly expanding in his mind. From the time they met to the end, it was only a few months, and he listened to them all the time. How blind the love was when he was a student. He was the only one in his eyes. He didn't know how to ask him about his family. He seldom mentioned it until he wanted to leave. His father wanted to send him to study abroad, but he had to go anyway. Never hated him, even if because of him, to do with the whole next, down and out to a small county in the north, from food and clothing into three meals, also did not regret what happened with him. How also did not think of, the family son surnamed Lu, how to call all let to meet? Owe Wu Yuesheng too much, if not capricious, the child will not bear hardships, and now to bear the fault. Wu Yuesheng's right, is selfish, only thinks is and his child, should want to give birth to. But too many things are ignored. Lu surname is not common, in the marriage certificate to see the name of Lu Ling, the heart actually had uneasiness, then laughed at himself too sensitive. Forget a lot of things in the world, it is a coincidence. Cheng yuanyuan hesitated to open his mouth: "Don't tell Wu Yuesheng..." "Don't let three or five know." Lu Ling opened his mouth at the same time, but his tone was more urgent. He bent down to pick up the cup and wiped the water marks on the table with a paper towel. Without looking at Cheng yuanyuan, he silently tidied up his house and whispered, "That time I went to Libei to look for him. I wanted to live with him. Do you remember what I asked for at that time?"? No matter what happens, you can't leave as long as you still want it. ” Cheng yuanyuan anxiously said, "But how can it be possible now?" I also know that this is unfair to Lu Ling, but it can only be insidious. I can't imagine how Wu Yuesheng despised his mother when he knew the truth. Lu Ling just said, "Yes." There was a dead silence in the room. He agreed, very reluctantly, to an excessive request. He sat in front of him and made a hard, hard decision for a while and then said, "All right." At that time, I knew that no matter how noisy the two children were, they would not separate easily. It is the feeling of hand rubbing that makes two people stick together, and now they are asked to separate. Lu Ling, don't you want to blame? To teach them that it's incest? Lu Ling: "Now I want to go back on my word." Cheng yuanyuan looked up in surprise and saw the young but lifeless face. Don't follow me. His voice was low, but firm. "Find a way to solve it." I want to go back on my word. Wu Yuesheng curled his mouth, moved his cell phone away from his ear, and looked at the display of the call timing on the screen. No wonder the batteries are so hot that your palms are sweating. But I don't dare to hang up now. The speakerphone is on, and there will be a beep when I hang up. Just heard Lu Ling to go back on his decision, all endure not to shout back on the spot, and then let them find out that it is not worth it, which is worthy of the two people who have to work hard to hide as an idiot! Think about it. Take off your scarf, wrap your phone carefully, and stuff it back in your backpack. Get out of the bathroom and drive straight home. The first thing to do when you get home is to fix the phone. Then the rest of the problem is more troublesome. Does that man want to be called father, or does he want to be called eldest brother by his husband? No wonder the law does not allow consanguineous marriage, because it is very troublesome. Chapter 54 [VIP] In the noisy bar, the crowd mingled in twos and threes,pallet rack shelving, and the few people on the corner of the bar were much quieter than the group holding bottles around the back to watch the game. But everyone gets excited sometimes. Ya Suo is usually known for his gentleness, but after hearing Tong Hua's words, he could hardly keep his countenance: "Then go with him to do his hair." 。