He Yixun told the whole story of Jane Lime being framed this time, "Uncle and aunt, in fact, Lime has grown up a lot after this incident.". She was brave and strong, and she was sad not because of the man's false accusation, but because her family did not support her, but advised her to give up. Jane's mother took a sip of juice and could not speak, while Jane's father looked heavy. He Yixun put the two comics he had just brought in front of them, "This is drawn by Jane Ning.". Uncle and aunt can have a look when they are free. Jane has never regarded comics as a fun thing. It's her career, and she has paid a lot for it. What I know is that she often stays up late in order to catch up with the draft. She often draws for four or five hours. She already has some problems with her cervical vertebra. Because of her good grades, she was often attacked by others on the Internet. At that time, when the third book was popular, some people said that she had a backstage supporter and made up very ugly rumors. The more he spoke, the more distressed he felt, but he persuaded him politely: "If she follows the work you have arranged in her life, her road will be much smoother.". But the reason why she stays alone is because she likes it. Uncle and aunt, she hopes to get your support very much, and she will feel much better. And I can give her a carefree life all her life, and you don't have to worry about her living conditions. Jane's mother withdrew her eyes from the cartoon, but her eyes were a little red. She said helplessly, "My daughter's temper is stubborn, and what she believes will not change." Father Jane took her hand. "It's time to let go.". So she'll grow up. After a while, Jane's mother finally nodded. At the end of the meal, the three members of the Jane family were more and more satisfied,phycocyanin spirulina, but they did not show too much on the noodles. Jane's mother's last words were: "Xiao He, we also have a certain understanding of you, but the feelings of this kind of thing still need to be done slowly." They were still reluctant to part with their daughter, and they wanted to see how he Yixun treated her and whether he could stand the test. Recognize too quickly, when the time does not cherish what to do. He Yixun nodded, knowing: "I understand the concerns of my uncle and aunt, and I will let you rest assured with my own practical actions." After the meal, the four of them went out of the box. Chien's mother and He Yixun walked and chatted in front of them. Chien's father walked behind and said to Chien Yu, "Look, look, after a meal, they subdued your mother." Chien Yu nodded: "Xiao He is very good." Jane's father snorted coldly, fenugreek saponins ,saw palmetto extract, and sure enough, all three women in the family were subdued! —— Afternoon. WTG President's Office. The assistant came in with a document, "He Zong, sorry to give you today, this is the information you asked me to check about taro heart." Because of the limited technology, she can only come up with the results today. He Yixun did not raise his head. "Just talk about valuable discoveries." The assistant nodded: "I sent someone to check the IP address of the post that said" early lemon reference ", and then went to check the IP address of Yuxin's usual micro-blog. After comparison, it was found that the first three digits of their IP address were the same, indicating that they were in the same regional network.". Generally speaking, it can be proved that they are at least together with a WIFI or broadband. But this is not necessarily accurate, IP addresses are often inaccurate. He Yixun laughed, "So the post said that it was just a netizen who was not used to it. Maybe it was the author himself." "It's possible.". Also, the film and television company that is negotiating with Yuxin recently is Huadian Film Industry. "Hua Dian?" He twisted his eyebrows slightly. Yes, it was our successful investment last year. Now the company is on the right track and has a good momentum of development. He Yixun turned the pen in his hand and ordered, "We have a meeting with Hua Dian next Monday, right?" "Yes." He Yixun nodded, and the smile in his eyes flashed by. "Well, you can go out. I'll just put the file down and see for myself." —— After work in the evening, he Yixun still went to Jane Ning's house. As soon as he entered the door, he smelled the smell of corn sparerib soup. Jane heard the sound of the door and ran out. She wore a little pink apron, her hair was tied into small balls, and her light brown eyes were bright. He Yixun walked over and hugged her waist. "I cooked the soup and it was ready right away," she said with a smile. I'll cook the dishes later, and that's all right. "Good boy.". "He hasn't seen her all day today, and now he doesn't want to let go of his hand holding her waist." You are very busy with your work. If I come back and ask you to cook again.. It's a little hard to bear 。” She hugged him and rested her head on him. Yeah, I'm tired. You have to comfort me. "How can I comfort you?" She looked up at him. What do you think Jane's heart was soft. She put her feet on his lips. He leaned over and picked her up and put her on the sofa. A French kiss sweetens the air. Finally the two went to the kitchen. He wanted to fry the rest of the dishes, so Jane Ning drank the soup leisurely and said, "Brother He, I have finished the anti-palette today.". Throw out the palette this time, and all those people will shut up, huh? He Yixun nodded, "I'm going to hit those people in the face." "Hey, hey." She took a satisfied sip of soup. —— In the evening, Jane was sorting out the last materials in the study, and he Yixun called her out in the living room. What's wrong When she came out, she saw him waving to her with some papers in his hand. She sat obediently on the sofa and was encircled in his arms. "Look at this thing." He handed over the paper. Jane Ning looked at it again and said in surprise, "This..". What it means is Is it possible that the post was sent by Yuxin herself?! "The possibility is very high." Jane Ning is very angry, "this taro heart, what enmity do I have with her?"? Are you sick? "She's just jealous of you and wants to bring you down." He touched her head. Is she the only one who can do that? Jane Ning pouted, "but Brother He,jujube seed powder, where did you come from?" "I asked a friend to help me." Jane held his arm. "Thank you.". This evidence is too important. As soon as she finished, her cell phone vibrated. It was a message from Yu Xiaodiu: [Jane Ning, Zhi Zhi wants to add you.] 。 prius-biotech.com