Now everyone in the hall began to applaud. At the end of the first dance, the dancing couple had separated, and after a noble ceremony, they both went to the side. The rest of the time is more free, tonight is a celebration dinner, naturally not too many rules, but Roddy has been crowded with all kinds of people. Have to say. People who can get to a high position have a little brain, although the heart is still not sure what this boy has to do with His Majesty the Emperor-but just now His Majesty the Emperor's intimate attitude towards him is obvious! What's more, he was pulled to the back alone just now, although I don't know what the emperor said to him alone, but after they came out, they even changed their clothes. Doesn't that explain the problem? The palace is not your own dressing room! So, even though the boy is now just a viscount, just an officer-but what is that? As long as you get the favor of the emperor, there is no doubt about your future status and wealth! Although Roddy wondered why these people were suddenly so interested in themselves-normally, the main character tonight should be Miro! If the Duke of Tulip does not appear,facial recognization camera, then Miro, who has a big family background, is also a great hero of the war. Should be the most dazzling talent tonight, right! Looking around at the people chatting with him, Roddy was a little upset-in fact, what he wanted to do most at the moment was to be around Nicole. The dancing of the two people just now filled Roddy's heart with tenderness-the heart of a teenager, who has no romantic color in his heart? What's more,digital signage screen, they usually spend less time together and more time apart. It's the first time that they can dance so intimately in front of people. What makes Roddy even more upset is that just after the end of the dance music, Nicole is surrounded by a few annoying flies. Many of those people are known to Roddy, and they are all young heirs of a certain family. Look at the way they look at Nicole. Had it not been for the officers who were surrounded by Thor's whip, I'm afraid they would have swallowed Nicole! Now the tulip family is in the limelight. As long as you have a relationship with the tulip family, that is the guarantee of status and future! To be honest, Roddy really misses the identity of the Duke of Tulips at the moment-at that time, there were several soldiers of the Wolf Tooth Army around him everywhere. You can protect yourself, but you can keep these annoying flies a little away from you. The guy in front of him, with an evil smile on his face, probably regarded himself as a treasure, right? The one on the left, information kiosk price ,face recognition identification kiosk, that kind of look seems to see through himself. He doesn't have that kind of preference. Well, this man is even more ridiculous. What is he always staring at his face? Finally, someone saved him. "My Lord Roddy." An old voice sounded beside him, and Roddy looked over, and his joy sank-the old fox, the Marquis of Caroline, spoke. Caroline smiled like an old fox at the moment, but his squinting eyes showed a sharp look, and the people in front of him immediately made way for him. The old Marquis walked up to Roddy and said with a smile, "Your Excellency.". He has made such a great contribution to the empire at a young age, and he will surely have a bright future in the future! With that, he patted Roddy affectionately on the shoulder. Roddy did not dare to neglect him. Although he did not like him very much, he still kept a gentle smile on his face. He saluted each other according to the etiquette of nobles. Then he smiled at Miro, who was standing beside the Marquis of Caroline. "Lord Miro has been made a count, which is even more admired by Xiaoguan." While the three men were talking, Miro did give a wink, and the officers of his Northern Legion immediately quietly occupied several positions around them. Without showing any trace, he pushed aside the other nobles who had surrounded the three men. It was clear that he was going to occupy the mysterious new star that suddenly appeared alone! Because of the popularity of the Lionheart family, naturally no one would have a hard time with the old Marquis at such a time. The Marquis of Caroline's words are false and true, beating around the Bush to find out Roddy's origin and background-but Roddy has already prepared a way to answer these questions. In fact, before he began to show up in his true colors, he had already discussed the problems with Andy and others. It took the Marquis of Caroline a long time to find that the other side did not say anything about his origin. The words are just perfunctory with themselves. But the longer they talked, the more surprised the Marquis of Caroline was at the young man in front of him. The young man, whose name was Roddy, was full of a kind of calm manner in his speech and behavior. Although his tone was very calm, the old Marquis was a little surprised by the look that occasionally flashed through his eyes. It was a kind of habitual look of a person in a high position. It is the kind of look that is accustomed to the power that controls everything. In the course of their conversation, although Roddy assumed a respectful and modest attitude from his subordinates to his superiors, there was a faint sense of confrontation with the old fox who had been in power in the Empire for many years. Logically speaking, a Marquis and a viscount stand together, one is an imperial minister, the other is a middle-ranking officer. But the feeling of the Marquis of Caroline was that this fellow seemed to have an air of implicit majesty. Of course, the old Marquis knew that this dignity could not be deliberately disguised, it was formed in a long period of cultivation and habit. What the hell is this young man? The question was always on the mind of the Marquis of Caroline-he was more and more sure of his guess! He must be a man who is close to His Majesty the Emperor-this fellow is young, and his speech and behavior seem to have the kind of momentum that looks down on everything, the kind of spirit that makes everything go up in smoke when talking and laughing, which no one else can learn! In the impression, only the people of the royal family have this temperament, right? Prince Baran. The present emperor,facial recognition thermometer, and before Bayan died. Occasionally, it can reveal this kind of temperament-but it seems that the young man in front of him is not so natural, so natural.