On the other hand, Xiao Lu and Qiu Suhua resumed their fierce struggle. You two fire phoenixes, you'd better not intervene and rely on more to win. Shu Yun moved to the place where Xiao Lu fought with Li Huihui. Qingshuang warned. As a matter of fact, his warning was superfluous. The wind of the sword was surging, and it really had the power to crack the skin within three Zhangs. Those who are not enough can not be approached at all. Li Huihui and Qingshuang once wanted to join, but the figure shifted rapidly, and the shadow of the sword spread all over the sky. Whirling dance, want to intervene is also unable to do what one wants, the enemy and ourselves are hard to distinguish in the dark, rash to join, perhaps instead become the two sides of the fight. Target, lose your life, that's wrong! Tiangang Zhenren's heart was cold, and he also moved to the two fire phoenixes. With the help of Master Ben, three swords are arrayed. Tiangang Zhenren steeled himself to ask for help from the two fire phoenixes. It may be the first time a wizard has asked a woman for help. Shu Yun said mockingly, "Don't be embarrassed and ask for help. It's better than death." All right. It is better for three people to die than for one person to go to hell. At least on the way to the afterlife, two more people will not feel lonely. It's hard to avoid being unwilling to die. It's good to drag two beautiful women on the back of the coffin, isn't it, Master? OK! Good coming.. With a roar of anger, Tiangang Zhenren pounced on it like lightning. There was a thunderbolt in the place where the sword rose. The wind suddenly rose, and the black fog was steaming, thousands of grains. The twinkling meteor covered the cloud, and the sword turned into a golden snake, emptying the object like a living thing, and the shadow of a person seemed to be empty. Disappeared. On the opposite side, Shu Yun also disappeared. Behind the wizard. Li Huihui cries urgently, the bystander is clear, the situation is urgent to the old way warning. But it was too late. Bang! Tiangang Zhenren fell to the ground and threw his sword three or four feet away. The wind stops and the thunder stops, the clouds clear and the fog disperses,gold cil machine, the twinkling meteors curl up and disappear, and there is a smell of burning and sulfur fire flowing in the space. A strange and dizzy smell slowly dissipates. Tiangang real person is very great, the body landed immediately with lazy Glutinous Rice Rolls Stuffed with Red Bean Paste body, quickly rolled two circles, jumped up, Ben! Can double palm clap continuously, the palm wind protects the vital point in front of oneself, enough to prevent the master to seize the opportunity to attack and react. Quite swift. The iron fist emptied and entered, "poof" the tip of the nose was punched, as if the nasal bone was about to crack! Then the Dantian was hit three times. Punch, each punch gradually increased. Ew. Ew.. The demon way could not hold out any longer. He took three steps back, covered his lower abdomen with his hand, twisted and fell down, and the stars were in front of him. All over the sky, the lower abdominal pain penetrates the heart and spleen, manganese beneficiation plant ,sodium cyanide price, and Qi disperses into a mass of dead flesh. Rao. I The demon groaned, struggling to stand up, holding up twice and falling down, and bending for the third time. Knees up to the waist. The cold tip of the sword rested on the right shoulder of the demon. I want a confession. Shu Yun says sullenly, the expression that before the game mocks is swept away: "From the truth, forgive you!" One life. If you don't, I will stab you with 108 swords until you are willing to fight. You.. You have to be poor. Recruit. Recruit what? Tiangang Zhenren is about to collapse. The plot and process of framing Jing Hong Yi Jian will be brought to you from the truth. Shu Yun's voice was like thunder, clear and loud. Qiu Suhua, who fought with Xiao Lu, listened to every word in her ears. With a fierce false attack, she flew back three feet in the air and fell down. Two feet away. Sister Suhua, go! "You are not a thing!" The little green suddenly rushed in, and the sword light drove straight in. Li Huihui was so shocked that she flashed a sword to seal it. Zheng! Blocking the light of the sword. "Ah.." The sword broke into two pieces and flew away. Li Huihui also screamed and fell outside Zhang, rolling towards Qingshuang. Qingshuang, in a hurry, grabbed Li Huihui's back collar and flew back out of the small green sinking Jianhong Power Fan. Surround. Qiu Suhua glanced at Qing Shuang, who had retreated to her side, and said coldly in a low voice, "Check for Second Sister to see if she has suffered." Wound. Say that finish, the attention returns to the body of the real person of Tiangang two Zhangs away. Tiangang Zhenren sat on the ground in horror, his upper body leaning back, his hands supporting his body behind him, as if he could not bear his right shoulder and sword. With the pressure of the tip, the body will soon lie down. Behind the lute, the bone was cracked and the blood was still flowing. "Yes.." It's the director.. Single-handedly planned, with.. There is nothing to do with poverty. Nothing to do with.. Tiangang Zhenren can hardly speak. Sound. You are the third person of the Flying Dragon Secret Team, but you say it has nothing to do with you, hum! Shu Yun said in a deep voice, "Well, since I have nothing to do with you." Guan, that means you have lost your value. What's the use of keeping you? The sound fell, the tip of the sword added half a minute of strength, and immediately the skin opened and the flesh cracked. Give me a break. Tiangang Zhenren shouted, "We didn't mean to frame Jing Hong Yijian. In fact, he was with us in advance." He did not insist on refusing to cooperate. Perfunctory with only reinforcements; so the Inspector General arranged for some evidence against him, It was disclosed to the government in a planned way to help him make a decision. Tiangang Zhenren spits out the truth in a hurry, and finally stops the sword tip noble from shouldering the well: "Yes." During the arrest, some of us acted as insiders, arranged for the arrested witnesses and rescued people halfway, and the people who had been rescued in advance were lurking in Xihe Town. Jing Hong Yi Jian knew it, but he didn't stop it. He was in a hurry to protect his family, and the director arranged for the people to meet him to lurk in the north of the town. It would be a mistake to say that Jing Hong Yijian didn't know Fair. Therefore, we are not entirely responsible for the fact that Jing Hong Yijian was forced to turn back. The director just made the best use of the situation and had to help him. Already, he has his own responsibility. "Your plan is so poisonous, so poisonous." Shu Yun shook his head with a wry smile. Qiu Suhua was trembling all over, and she felt that she was about to collapse. You must be part of the director's plot. She said in a voice that was out of tune. Don't blame.. I The voice of Tiangang Zhenren is also out of shape: "Poor … … Poor Daozhi. I know you are Taihang Xianke Tai. Hao's disciples, and know that you are very. It's very beautiful. It happens that the chief needs a beautiful girl with strong martial arts. Come to Mount Tai Seducing the big tornado,coltan ore processing, poor.. The poor way is only.. Just put forward-.. Just some advice. "Oh, my God." Qiu Suhua shouted to the sky in despair. I'm not asking about your feud. Shu Yun said, sighing and retreating slowly. ore-magnetic-mining.com