"I dare not answer this question alone. Let's talk about it." Mowgli is humane to other Quanzhen religions. "We have surrendered," said the famous sword Snow. "The warehouse has been looted by the sword pointing at the sky. The potions and materials inside are worth at least twenty thousand gold.." "Nima." Captain, don't shoot and spit blood, twenty thousand gold, your sister. The warehouse is empty. Chapter 706 peace leads to development. 'What's The matter? Look at the captain's boss, it seems that he doesn't believe it? You know, our Quanzhen Sect is the only guild in Rebirth that has a senior apothecary. If you don't believe me, I can make a list for you to see.. Said the famous Kendo Snow with a sneer. Well, twenty thousand is twenty thousand. Captain don't shoot, see the famous Kendo snow really took out a list with a straight face, hurriedly waved his hand and said. Meow, it is well known that the Quanzhen Sect was ransacked by the sword pointing at the sky, and the Quanzhen Sect is also quite famous as a high-level potion supply guild. After the sword pointed to the sky and captured the station of the Quanzhen Sect, he didn't get anything. It was estimated that even the captain couldn't believe that he didn't shoot. As for how many losses, it was not up to the people of the Quanzhen Sect to shoot at random? I don't know how to calculate it and then calculate it into thirty thousand gold. I'm sure they can do it. If the gate is broken by you, you have to pay ten thousand gold. Ming Du gestured and said. Gate? Doesn't that come with the system? Isn't ten thousand gold a little too much? "Don't shoot," said the captain, clutching his heart. All the infrastructure brought by the guild station will automatically reply when the guild regains the ownership of the station, so as long as the captain does not shoot and return the contract of the Quanzhen religion station to the Quanzhen religion, these are free.. Besides, even if it's not free,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, if you break the door together, the maintenance cost is not worth ten thousand gold, just change a gold one. Ji Ao said, "There are still guild crystals, and our guild guards are gone.." Rounding up is about the same number. “……” Captain, don't shoot. I'm speechless. Isn't the guild crystal the same as the guild gate? As for the guild guards, the people who point their swords at the sky have never seen them at all. "Why don't I give you two receipts, too?" Mingdu asked. Have to. Ten thousand if you say ten thousand. Captain,dap diammonium phosphate, don't shoot. I'm afraid of these two. Our forges and refineries have all been destroyed.. This is also a big loss. Bao San added beside him. Facilities such as forges and refineries are built by players themselves, and materials and so on are a large sum of money, so it's reasonable to pack three. I understand that. Captain, don't shoot and nod to show your understanding. After all, there is a real person in the Quanzhen Sect. As everyone knows, the forging workshop and other facilities of Quanzhen religion, like the gate, are the infrastructure of the system itself, and do not need to spend money. Our guild also has a guild God beast BOSS, female oh. Chunxiang said. Um. Is that BOSS? Return the mythical beast? The captain asked in a trance, "Don't shoot.". Flower demon is the only resistance of Quanzhen Sect, but the level of flower demon is too low, and it is also a domestic BOSS, which is destroyed by a round of sword pointing to the sky. Captain, don't shoot. It's hard to imagine this thing being hooked up to a mythical beast. "Of course, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate," said Chunxiang, "the crown of the flower demon knows that our mythical beast BOSS can explode artifacts.. By the way, the artifact should be worth a lot of money. "Yes, the flower demon can also give birth to the herbs in our medicine garden." The most important thing is to look good. "And the old man in charge of the guild, he was scared out of his heart by you bastards. He didn't lie on the ground to blackmail you. Do you have to pay some pension or something?" …… Looking at Quanzhen teach this group of guys you a sentence I a sentence, more and more unreliable, captain don't shoot, finally learned what is called shameless. "All right, can we say the total?" Captain, don't shoot. Come on, we haven't made it up for you yet. Oh, no, it's a hundred thousand. All the people in Quanzhen spoke sternly and righteously, as if I would not take advantage of you. All right, don't bother, brothers. Is one hundred thousand enough? Captain, don't shoot. Mowgli ha ha a smile: "The captain boss is indeed a local tyrant, as expected on the atmosphere of grade!" " "Is it all right if it's not up to grade?"? All you need is a knife to my neck. With tears streaming down his face, the captain took out his purse and threw the contract of the Quanzhen Sect to Mowgli. The contract was the bottom line for the captain not to shoot, and he could not take it out before it was settled. Seeing the contract and the gold coins, all the people of the Quanzhen Sect laughed, amiably like their next-door neighbors, and watched the captain don't shoot and feel nervous. As Mowgli collected the money, he said with a smile, "From now on, our contradictions will be written off, and peace will lead to development." "That is, that is." Captain, don't shoot. Nod. Don't bother us again. Chunxiang said beside him. "Don't worry, Brother Chun, if I bother you again, I'm your grandson!" Captain, don't shoot, cry and wave your hand. With this lesson, you will never dare to do it again. And you. Mowgli pointed to the blood wolves and said, "Be a good person. Don't take yourself as a thing. There is a God outside the sky who knows.." “……” The professional masters bowed their heads together, and the dark grass in their hearts made Mowgli one hundred and eighty times. Just then, the blood wolf shouted in a low voice: "Boss …" "Oh, by the way, why didn't I see the Iron Ox God?" The captain asked out of the blue, "Don't shoot." He.. Mowgli shook his head and said, "It's not because of you. His artifact weapon is broken. I don't know where he will cry." What are you looking for him for? "Well.." No Captain, don't shoot. When he heard Mowgli's words, he said hurriedly, "If it's all right, we'll go back.." Mowgli waved his hand and said, "Go back,Magnesium Sulphate price, go back.." Be good in the future. We Quanzhen are pacifists. "You're right." The captain nodded his head fiercely and left the pub in a hurry with his men. Boss, my dagger. Out of the tavern, the blood wolf said with a face of grievance. stargrace-magnesite.com