Instead, he looked at her with a spoiled face and said to the outside, "Come in." Fifteen elder brother and nine princesses heard the sound and came in with a clever face. As if she didn't know anything, Han Fei still blushed. Nine princesses looked at her mother and concubine like this, also knew why her mother and concubine were so favored. Just like this, it can also arouse men's desire for protection. As soon as the elder brother saw Han Fei, he pointed his finger to the outside room and asked, "Mother, do you really want to raise that smelly child again? My son thinks that he certainly doesn't want to." Originally fifteen elder brother wanted to say that he was not happy, but looking at his emperor Ama's expression, he quickly changed the subject and said cheerfully, 'Fourteen elder brother is not willing.' You can't blame him for that. Han Fei has not spoken, nor let Han Fei answer fifteen elder brother's words, but looked at a few people, "you are not hungry?"? I'm hungry. Fifteen elder brother was very hungry, and now he is naturally very hungry. The subject was changed after two strokes. Go and bring them here and dine with them. Everyone has nothing to eat today, and now, of course, they are hungry. Han Fei this sentence, successfully let the man look at her eyes soft down, secretly under the table, holding her hand, more and more force. After several people finished eating, Han Fei called several children in again. This is mainly about the fourteen elder brothers and the five princesses. But now, Kangxi is busy, he does not have much time to stay in Yongshou Palace. Before he left,Nail machine manufacturer, he kissed the imperial concubine and the nine princesses' forehead chapter, and then he said to the imperial concubine: "Han Han, I know you don't have so much energy to raise and educate other princes and princesses now, but now I will give you the two children of De Fei. If you are free, you can help teach them together. If you are not free, you can find a pure empress and concubine to raise them. What do you think?" Kangxi did not trust others, and the best situation was that the woman could take care of one or two. But women are really hard, Kangxi must also examine the physical condition of women. Therefore, Kangxi had this order before he left. Han Fei naturally had no opinion on this decision. So she took the man's hand, put her cheek on the back of his hand,Automatic nail machine, felt the man's restless heart, and whispered, "Don't worry, I know what to do." Kangxi nodded, so sensible to the woman, the bottom of his heart is grateful a lot. Holding Hanfei's hand more and more tightly, then hugged her hard, and finally left. Outer Hall After Kangxi's back left, Hanfei asked Jingqing District to go outside and bring in fourteen elder brothers and five princesses. Here. After Jing Cui answered, Fu Fu went out to invite people. At lunch time, although Hanfei asked people to go out and call fourteen elder brothers and five princesses to come in for dinner, the two brothers and sisters did not come in for dinner together. The five princesses did not dare to go out of the West Side Hall because they were afraid of making mistakes. They just told Mammy cleverly that she wanted to get familiar with the environment and eat at will after tidying up. So I didn't go. Fourteen elder brother is still not convinced by Kangxi's punishment, for Han Fei went out to call him, he naturally did not listen to Han Fei. Instead, I knelt outside for a whole noon. I haven't eaten all day, so you can imagine how hungry I am. When Kangxi went out, he saw his son kneeling outside, but he just looked and did not speak. When the 14th elder brother saw Kangxi passing by, Coil Nail Making Machine ,wire nail making machine, he called out, "Huang Ama." Kangxi also knew what he would say, so Kangxi just said, "Since you don't like to eat, you don't need to eat anymore." Kangxi's voice was cold, and when the elder brother heard this, his tears fell down. Just wait for him to suppress the unwillingness of the heart, wait to want to ask Huang Ama to release his mother and concubine again, he Huang Ama's dragon has already left. At this moment, even if fourteen elder brothers want to ease, there is no way. Huang Ama's heart is really hard enough for him. Fortunately, just like knowing that fourteen elder brothers need steps down, Jing Qing came out and called fourteen elder brothers. Fourteen elder brother, the master lets you go in. Fourteen elder brother was already hungry at this time, and someone came to ask him to go in, fourteen elder brother's face felt better, and did not continue to be deadlocked outside. But with a cold face, he replied, "this elder brother knows.". ” The main hall At this end, when Jing Qing went out to call fourteen elder brothers and five princesses, Han Fei asked Jing Cui to get food for fifteen elder brothers and five princesses. Liu Yun was embroidering autumn clothes for Han Fei at the moment. Looking at Han Fei at the moment, he asked in a low voice, "Master, even if the five princesses, the fourteen elder brothers can be said to be quite difficult to deal with, and they also speak angrily from time to time. Why is the master so good to them?" Want her to say, De Fei is not a good thing, as for her children, to manage, naturally is much more difficult than others. I don't know what Long Live Master was thinking, and how he got the fourteen elder brothers and the five princesses to the Yongshou Palace. "Don't say that in the future. I can't protect you even if I'm worried about the people who hear it." Han Fei just scared Liu Yun, but did not want to Han Fei this sentence, but directly let Liu Yun jump, his face changed, just looked at Han Fei said, "the maidservant did not say, the maidservant just worried that the master would not be able to handle." Han Fei sat down on the armchair on the side, put her hands on her head, swayed around along the pedals, closed her eyes, and felt the rare tranquility at this time. After hearing Liu Yun's words, she chuckled, "There are still things that your master can't handle. Look down on me." Han Fei's voice sounded, let the clouds feel their master's mood, seems to be very good. Busy knowing smile, but also do not forget to praise their own master, "master, nature is beautiful and kind, everything can be planned in thousands of miles, victory in thousands of miles away.". Smarter than, this is the master. Liu Yun said with a smile, Han Fei still shaking the armchair immediately stopped, opened his eyes, looked at Liu Yun and asked, "which one?" As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw Liu Yun's thumb. Not to mention, people like to flatter. It is comfortable to be photographed,Nail machine supplier, the mood is beautiful, and the body is comfortable. Indeed, it is reasonable to say that good language has energy.