After thirteen received the order, a ray of light slowly rose in front of him, dark green, which was dazzling and somewhat eerie-this was the shortcut of life in the population that allowed thirteen to go to the bone beast nest in an instant! Three long-robed men with flat-topped helmets stepped into the light and went straight to Du Chen! Chapter 366 of the main text is a good businessman who hurts people. At this time, Du Chen patted Constantine on the face, saw that the old dragon did not have any image, the heart became more and more strange, the performance of the rebellious dragon just now was too unusual! Du Chen did not know that Constantine had actually thrown him into hell for a tour, but out of the thief's caution and worldly wisdom, he also felt something was wrong. You said that an old man who was being interrogated and crying for his son suddenly became nervous and shouted to the sky, expressing his willingness and making such a heavy promise as a blood oath. Who would not feel strange in front of him? So at the moment Du Chen always felt very uncomfortable about the fainting of the rebellious dragon, but after looking around and checking the body of the rebellious dragon, he could not find out exactly what was wrong. He shook his robe and stood up. "Brooke, you seal Constantine first, and you must make sure that he can't have any fighting power!" Then he waved to Sean, who had been hiding, and said, "Lord Beastmaster, this time we are very happy to cooperate!" Sean bowed nobly, "The customer's satisfaction is Sean's honor!" Du Chen handed him a small box of jewelry, many of which were lotus flowers, and said with a smile, "Then even if our business cooperation is successful, I have another business to talk to you about!" Without waiting for Du Chen to say anything, Sean's skull's eyes widened, yes, eyes! He doesn't have eyes. Expensive guests, you do not have to say, I have sent someone to do, as long as you pay the deposit, and then wait a moment,Fish measuring board, you can get what you want! "Do you know what I want?" Du said with a smile. Sean's big eye socket quickly sealed into a line, and his mouth bone turned up with a smile. You have done what you want to do, but the other two of you are still looking for enemies in the maze of life, ahem! So you must be looking for them! Hand bone rubbing the gesture of asking for money, Sean smiled away, "just now I have asked people to mobilize all the bone beasts nearby to help you determine the location of the two friends, and pay attention to the enemy they are looking for, I believe there will be news soon, then the deposit.." Du Chen is not stingy with jewelry. At that moment, a bone minion came running in a panic, biting the upper and lower teeth on Sean's head and muttering a few words. Then Sean's two big eyes stared into an oval shape. "Distinguished guests, your two friends seem to be in a little trouble. Just now, Carew.." He pointed to the bone beast who reported the news. "Carew found the body of the bone beast of your two friends who led the way. My God, it has been beaten into bone slag!"! And the whereabouts of your two friends are unknown. There was only a pool of blood at the scene! Du Chen's expression changed, but then he thought that they would not be in danger, because just now Tyre felt all the breath nearby, Horse weight lbs ,Walking tape measure, and there was no power to threaten Andy except Constantine, who had been captured alive! Could it be that Brockman had killed the bone beast that led the way, and Tyr and Andy were in a hurry to catch up? Take me to where they're missing right now! At the same time, tell your people to pay attention to all the intersections! Sean nodded and said, "Don't worry. My people have been killed. I'll do my best to charge you half the price." He immediately took Du Chen and others into the tunnel. After walking for a while, "Kaka!" Another bone beast came running towards him, muttering a few words. When Sean heard this, he said, "Two guests, my people found a friend of yours, the monster, at an intersection. He seemed to be chasing something.". Flying like a gust of wind, my people only see a shadow! Du Chen frowned, it's Andy! Why is he the only one? Where's Tyre? "Distinguished guest," said Sean. It seems that your two friends are separated. Do you need Sean's advice? Make sure the price is fair! Du Chen slightly pondered, is it Brockman, Philip, Horman, the three of them fled separately, Andy and Tyr also had to track separately? This is not good, Tyre's fighting strength is too bad, if Brockman desperately hit him, he will have no face to see the teacher's God's pet, Tyre's wife! Anyway, there is no strong fighting God nearby, and he has been promoted to the title! Brooke, give me Constantine, and then you go after Andy with some of the bone beasts, and Sean and I will go to the place where they separated and see the pool of blood! Taking the rebellious dragon into the lotus, Du Chen waved to Sean. Without waiting for him to open his mouth, Sean preempted him by saying, "Eun's wisdom knows what you're going to say-I won't leave your sight, and I promise you can kill me at any time!"! Uh-huh, but you're really too cautious. Du Chen smiled, this Sean is indeed a good businessman! After being separated from the boning, Du Chen was soon led by Sean to the place where Andy and Tyr were separated. This is a small open space of dozens of square meters, and there are many similar places in the labyrinth of life, but this one is a little unique. The light of the labyrinth wall is mainly dark green and dim yellow, but it is immersed in a red light, and it is very dazzling red. In addition, the labyrinth wall here is not like the wooden craggy shape of other places, but like the brilliance of white jade. There are many colorful horizontal and vertical strips on the jade surface, which are combined together like an abstract mural. As soon as Du Chen walked into the open space, he was stunned. What a strange place! Sean, there's something different about this place! Sean smiled and shook his head, "Guest, the labyrinth of life is vast, there are all kinds of places, you feel strange, just because you have not seen similar places!"! It's not surprising here! Sean pointed to the ground and said, "Guest,cattle weight tape, this is the pool of blood!" Du Chen nodded slightly and came to the front of the pool of blood in the middle of the open space. He took out a thin piece of crystal, sucked a drop of blood on it, and looked at the red light.