Luo Xiaolou laughed, this is somewhat interesting, he lost the Tencel gloves, but made a lot of money from this person. At this time, the auction was officially over, and the No.1 VIP room got the top six mecha as it wished. Luo Xiaolou got up and said goodbye to Supervisor Gao, and then took 125 out of the VIP room. When he came out, he found No.5 written on the door of his VIP room. Luo Xiaolou moved in his heart and then looked at the end of the corridor, where No.1 was written. At the same time, the door of the first VIP room also opened, two people came out one after the other, one of them felt Luo Xiaolou's line of sight, immediately looked coldly over. Luo Xiaolou froze, the person at the end of the corridor, unexpectedly is Luo Shaotian. The author has something to say: update first, sorry everyone, the first time to move (the company and the place where I live), no experience, I only know busy, did not expect that the phone is not so easy to turn over,Magnetic Drain Plug, now there is no network, I went to my colleague's home to post online. I have applied to the telecommunications Bureau today, and I hope the network can restore QAQ in the next few days. Chapter 206 Definitions.. Mobile phone reading Chapter 206 Definitions.. After Luo Shaotian discovered Luo Xiaolou, he was stunned for a moment, and then came this way. Luo Xiaolou found that the person who grabbed gloves and bought his own mecha was Luo Shaotian, and his heart suddenly filled with a strange feeling. Embarrassed, he squeezed the mask in his hand before he could put it on. Hey,die casting parts, have you come to the imperial capital? What a coincidence. Luo Xiaolou pretended to greet naturally and took a look at the people who came with Luo Shaotian. The man lowered his head and moved his fingers on the communicator. Luo Xiaolou face is a change, immediately stepped back, that is-Luo Chengyun. Since the nightmare, Luo Xiaolou instinctively had a fear of Luo Chengyun, whenever he saw him, the fear from the soul would wrap him like a snake. Most of the time, Luo Xiaolou doesn't even want to think of that name. By this time, Luo Shaotian had already walked a few steps in front of Luo Xiaolou. He frowned at his pale face and said, "The army is calling. Why are you here? What's wrong with you?" At the same time, Luo Chengyun, with his head down, also looked this way. Luo Xiaolou's pupils shrank and soon returned to normal. He smiled reluctantly at Luo Shaojun over there. Obviously, he had just admitted his mistake. Luo Shaojun also gave Luo Xiaolou a smile, but there was a sense of distance and vigilance inside. No, car radiator cap ,deep draw stamping, it's all right. I came to buy something. Luo Xiaolou stammered, thank God he didn't have to face the man. Luo Shaotian looked back thoughtfully and asked, "Did you come out alone?" "How can it be? Recently, there are always a group of people following behind. In fact, it can be reduced by half. This is simply a waste of manpower and material resources." Luo Xiaolou complained in a low voice. After hearing this, Luo Shaotian closed his mouth and was silent for two seconds. He suddenly threw something into Luo Xiaolou's arms. At the same time, he turned around and walked out. He said, "I just bought it. It's useless. I'll give it to you." It was like throwing a radish to Luo Xiaolou, not a glove of 35000000 value. It's no use.. If those fighting mecha makers hear this, they will vomit blood. Luo Xiaolou looked at the Tencel gloves in his hand with a twitch at the corners of his mouth, excited and surprised, with a little entanglement. In the end, the glove was in his hands, but he was distressed by the thought of the unnecessary money he had spent. Luo Shaojun also face trembles, Luo Shaotian is to hear this auction may appear Tencel gloves, just pull him to come over. Originally thought that Luo Shaotian had finally found his own mecha maker, but now it seems that he bought it for Luo Xiaolou. Luo Xiaolou did not say thanks, he just touched the gloves and looked at Luo Shaotian who was walking away. Slowly, that figure and another figure dressed in formal clothes, always with the father's side in previous lives coincided. Always reluctant to call him brother, love to show off his face paralysis-in short, the boy is not very cute, in addition to helping his father to give him money is still timely. Speaking of it, he and Luo Shaotian are also brothers, brothers who are related by blood. When this idea appeared in Luo Xiaolou's mind, he looked at Luo Shaotian's eyes with more kindness and nostalgia. It seems good to have such a brother. Luo Xiaolou walked out with a smile in his strange eyes. It wasn't until he got on the bus that he couldn't help saying, "Hey, your feelings for him have changed. What does that mean?" Luo Xiaolou glanced at 125 and tried on Tencel gloves and said, "Well, I think it's hard for you to understand the meaning of the four words of brotherhood." "Of course I understand!" Cried 125, blushing! But you obviously don't fit that definition. Do you always teach Luo Shaotian a lesson? Do you beat him once in a while? Do you always give him rules and regulations, and force him to input a lot of things that are difficult to understand if he is not qualified? Do you want him to turn off his phone when he's bored? Panting to finish, 125 also looked at Luo Xiaolou's body shape with a skeptical attitude, the size of the body is not proportional. Luo Xiaolou looked at 125 dumbfounded, and finally suppressed a smile-if he laughed, 125 would go on a rampage-and said: "Dear, your previous definition of brother is really wonderful, but you can see that your brother is really well-intentioned ah." "I don't think it's good for me at all. It just trains me strictly according to the procedure." 125 muttered angrily. But, even so, you still miss it, don't you? This is a brother. Luo Xiaolou said soothingly. Looking at Luo Xiaolou with little understanding, he decided to give up this argument, which is a illogical definition, probably unique to emotional human beings. Luo Xiaolou began to use his hands wearing Tencel gloves to try to activate the source of consciousness,die cast light housing, and then a beam of white light that could be seen with the naked eye appeared on Luo Xiaolou's hands. Luo Xiaolou stared blankly, and even the 125 next to him gave a cry of surprise. God, it seems that the bonus probability of this glove is far from as small as the introduction. This is almost twice as much as your usual source of consciousness! 125 exclaimed.