Marius did not hear this reply. Anyone who saw him in the shadows at this time could see how confused, stupid, and frightened he was. When Jondrette said, "My name is Thenardier," Marius trembled in every limb, and he leaned against the wall, as if he had felt a sharp sword thrust coldly through his heart. Then his right arm, which would have fired a warning shot, dropped slowly, and when Jondrette repeated, "Do you hear me?"? Thenardier! His five limp fingers almost let the pistol fall. Jondrette, in revealing himself, did not disturb M. Leblanc, but made Marius lose his head. M. Leblanc did not seem to know the name of Thenardier, but Marius did. Let's remember what the name means to him! The name was inscribed in his heart and written in his father's will! This name was imprinted in the depths of his mind, in the depths of his memory, in the sacred Testament: "a man named Thenardier saved my life.". When my son meets him, I will do my best to repay him. This name, as we remember, was one of the objects to which his soul fell, and was worshipped in juxtaposition with the name of his father. What's the matter! In front of him was Thenardier, and in front of him was the innkeeper of Montfermeil,Micro Gear Motor, whom he had not sought for so many years! He met him after all, and there were all kinds of strange things! His father's savior turned out to be a gangster! He, Marius, who wished to sacrifice his life in return, was a monster! The righteous man who had rescued Colonel Pontmercy was committing a crime, and though Marius did not yet know what he was intending to do, there were signs of murder for money! And whose life is it, O great God! This is too dangerous! Fate is playing too many tricks on people! Marius,Small Geared Motors, whose only thought for the last four years had been to discharge his father's debt to him, was ordered from his father's coffin to do what he could to repay Thenardier; but, at the very moment when he was about to arrest a scoundrel by the force of the law, Fate shouted at him: "It is Thenardier!" His father's life was saved from the hail of bullets on the heroic battlefield of Waterloo, and he was able to repay this man with a wish, but with a guillotine! His private wish had been that, when he found this Thenardier, he would prostrate himself at his knee when he met him; and now that he had found him, he had turned him over to the executioner! His father said to him, "Save Thenardier!" And he answered this divine voice, which he loved, by destroying Thenardier! Marius, to whom his father had entrusted the man who had risked his life to save him from death, now asked his father to look from his grave at the man who, at his son's denunciation, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,gear reduction motor, had been taken to the Place Saint-Jacques to be executed! How ridiculous it would be for him to go back on his father's last wish, written in his own handwriting, for so many years! But, on the other hand, seeing the murder and not stopping it! What's the matter! Sit by the victim and let the murderer kill! For such a scoundrel, can we shrink our hands because of personal kindness? All the thoughts of Marius for four years were disturbed by this accident. He shuddered all over. Everything depends on him. He was in possession of the people who were at his disposal, though they did not know it. If he fires, M. Leblanc is saved, Thenardier is lost; if he does not fire, M. Leblanc suffers, and who knows? Thenardier escaped. Suppress this one, or let that one die! He has a guilty conscience. What to do? How to choose? Abandon all kinds of memories that you have always been proud of, all kinds of promises that you have made privately in your heart, the most sacred duty, the most solemn last words! Break his father's will, or connive at the crime and let it succeed! He seemed to hear "his Ursule" pleading with him on behalf of her father, and the colonel telling him to take care of Thenardier. He thought he was crazy. His knees only sank. He did not even have enough time to think carefully, because the situation before him was moving forward crazily. It was like a storm, and he thought he was in a position to control it, but in fact he was in a passive position. He almost passed out. Thenardier, whom we will no longer call by another name, was pacing up and down the table, confused and enraptured. He snatched up the candlestick and slammed it down on the mantelpiece with such force that the wick almost went out and the oil splashed against the wall. Then, turning to M. Leblanc, he bared his teeth and exclaimed: "Burning!"! Smoky! Cut to pieces! Cramp to the bone! Then he walked back and forth again and shouted in a rage: "Ah!"! I found you after all, Mr. Philanthropist, the millionaire in rags! The good guy who sent the clay doll! A silly old man who pretends to be a fool! Ah! You don't know me! Of course you won't recognize me! Eight years ago, on Christmas Eve, 1823, you did not come to my inn at Montfermeil! You were not the one who took Fantine's child, the lark, from my house! You're not the one wearing a yellow cloak! No! With a big bag of rags in his hand, just like he came to me this morning! Hey, my wife! This old benefactor, he left the house without a few packs of woolen socks in his hand, as if he was sorry! Mr. Millionaire, you are the owner of the coat shop! You love to give away the goods in your store to the poor, you saint! Your trick is a good one! Ah! You don't recognize me? But I, I know you! As soon as you got into this place, I recognized you immediately. Ah! You are learning to go into people's houses in that way, under the pretext of staying at an inn, dressed in old clothes, pretending to be poor, willing to have a sou, deceiving people, showing off their wealth, cheating them of their money, and threatening them in the forest,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, not allowing them to take them back, until they are poor. He gave him a big coat and two poor hospital blankets. Old bachelor, old thief who kidnaps children. You've learned to be good now. You may not be able to play this game! 。