"Much better. I knew it would work." He turned his head sideways and said with a smile, "You were too fierce to them just now. I told you to ask them out, not to threaten." "I know." Those women.. It's an eyesore. Li Chen, what are you thinking about? "No, nothing." Still have to find a way. "You really know magic!"! I don't have much pain anymore. Jun Huaiyou breathed a long sigh of relief: "If you have been in my side, how good it is!" " "Why not?" Jun Li Chen looked at his gentle smiling face and asked softly. Because it's impossible. You are such an important person, how can you stay with me all the time? Besides, we are just brothers, and we will be separated one day. What he hated most in his life was this powerless parting: "Parting is really annoying!"! But this is certain, it will happen. "Respectively.." Jun Li Chen's heart tightened. There is nothing in the world that exists forever! No matter how much time is worth remembering, it will eventually pass. Everyone understands this truth, but who can be calm when facing it? You whisper in sorrow like a dream: "From the dust, time passes like quicksand, and it is futile to seize it.". No matter how important things are, they will be lost in the long time. Fame and wealth, power, and even you and me, is not this fleeting dream. Maybe when I wake up, I will find that everything here and you are just a strange dream I had. Therefore, as long as we cherish the present enough, a long time later,Vegetable oil filling machine, a long time later to worry about it! He lay quietly on Jun Li Chen's lap, feeling that time seemed to stand still. Jun Li Chen looked at him, but felt a great wave in his heart. Why not? After a long time, long enough to be sure that Jun Huai You had fallen asleep, Jun Li Chen asked softly, "Why did you think of parting with me?" "How can you think of me as a dream?" He stroked the tip of your worried eyebrow and even said with a smile. Nothing, can penetrate my fingertips, I want to grasp,plastic bottle making machine, nothing can escape. The world is mine, and so are you. Lifting Jun Huai's long hair, he put it on his lips: "Now that you have said that you will never abandon me for the rest of your life, then give me your heart and never abandon me, OK?"? Worry. The thin and merciless lips gently brushed your worried hair, closed eyebrows and eyes, pale cheeks, and fell on the slightly bloody lips. Like a butterfly wing brushing a petal, it is a kiss that passes by, or even a lip that touches each other lightly. You are worried. Jun Li Chen raised his head and his eyes flashed with strange brilliance: "I have decided that you will be mine, and only mine." Jun Li Chen sat until midnight, when he rushed back to his house to prepare for court. As soon as he left, Junhuai woke up. In fact, it is not accurate to say that you woke up. It should be said that you opened your eyes, sat up, juice filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, and looked straight at the door that you closed when you left. The look on his face can only be described as confusion. Yes, he heard, at the moment when he was about to fall asleep, he heard the "earth-shaking" words of Jun Li Chen. At that moment, his sleep was gone, and at that moment, he was shocked. At the moment when Jun Li Chen bowed his head and kissed him, he felt that his heart was about to jump out. Unable to open his eyes, unable to speak, he could only close his eyes and pretend to be asleep, as Jun Li Chen thought. He didn't dare to face Jun Li Chen at all. What Jun Li Chen said and did, that only represents one meaning. Jun Li Chen did not have the same brotherly feelings for each other as he did. But to see him as.. Can be "a lifetime, do not abandon the object.". A lifetime, do not abandon. These eight words, he remembered, it was a few nights ago, Jun left the dust sick, he stayed around to take care of. Jun Li Chen pestered him and asked him how he would treat him if he met someone who could fall in love with him? At that time, the answer he gave was these eight words. A lifetime, do not abandon. But what is a person who falls in love? What is a lifetime, do not abandon? That is a lover, is a partner, how to think, will not be a brother! Jun Li Chen and Jun Huai You are not only men, but also brothers! How can.. How can Jun Li Chen have such an idea? He lay on Jun Li Chen's lap, although his face did not move, but his heart was full of twists and turns, and he did not know what the mess was like. What makes Jun Lichen have such an idea? Acquaintance so far, where is the possibility of making you leave the dust to move to the love? Yes, he is very close to Jun Li Chen, but all he shows is brotherly love. Besides, at first, Jun Li Chen did not show any pleasure in seeing him. On the contrary, Jun Li Chen's fickleness really made him feel a little annoyed. Even later, it was mostly himself who pestered Jun Lichen to express his affection. And, all this time, Jun Li Chen still seems to want to use him somewhere. After thinking about it, I couldn't find a trace of it. Could it be that Jun Li Chen is playing tricks on himself? No, it's impossible. How could there be such a joke? At that time, although his eyes were closed, he knew very well in his heart how sincerely Jun Li Chen had said these words. Although the words are terrible, it is the character of Jun Li Chen. Alone and proud, bleak and cold, until the goal is reached, I will not stop! The kind of person who would rather I fail the world than teach the world to fail me. Thinking of this, Jun Huaiyou could not help but shiver and put his hands around himself. This short time was the longest time he had ever spent in his life. It was only a few hours, and he felt as if he had survived several years. Knowing that Jun Li Chen was watching him,liquid bottle filling machine, he could only close his eyes and pretend to be asleep. He simply did not know how to face all this, to say that he opened his eyes to question Jun from the dust, he did not even think about it. Asking will only make it worse! That will only bring everything to an irrevocable impasse. What makes Jun Li Chen violate ethics and fall in love with his elder brother? Love? His hands trembled at the thought of the word. This is not right. How can this be. gzxilinear.com