Shi Xi stared at the phone for a while, after a long time, only subconsciously entered the four-digit password, the phone was unlocked, the password did not change, is her birthday, she went in and out of Ling's birthday that day. When the phone was turned on, the first thing that came into view was a familiar screensaver photo. This photo was originally sent to him by Shi Xi on the same day when he took graduation photos at Z University three years ago. At that time, there were two photos. Shi Xi asked him which one looked good, but he never replied to her. Their WeChat chat ended with this photo. This photo was taken by Weiwei for her. At that time, she fell down and sat on the ground. She reached out and rubbed her face. Her face was innocent and pitiful. Shi Xi stared at his mobile phone for a long time, and finally opened the address book, WeChat and photo album in his mobile phone. When he turned to the address book and WeChat, Shi Xi was only a little surprised. There were so few contacts and friends in it that she could count on one's fingers. Most of them were known to her. His mobile phone, all his developments, were all familiar to her. When she turned to the photo album, Shi Xi only opened her eyes wide. There were more than two thousand photos in it. She turned them over a little. All the people in the photos were her. There were photos of her just entering the school. There were photos of her in the classroom, in the canteen, and in every corner of the school. Most of them were her back and profile. There was only one face. The camera was very close, and she was standing vaguely close to her. She was asleep in the library, and in the photo, she was breathing slowly,Magnesium Oxide MgO, her mouth was open, and she was ripe and fragrant. Here are all her dribs and drabs in the past three years. After turning over the photos one by one, Shi Xi was already sobbing. Chapter 150 150 Ling Xiao was sent to the hospital after he was injured. Shi Xi learned from Lu Ao that the situation was not too serious. He had a concussion in his head, and then a fracture in his leg and knee. He had a slight fracture and was also in plaster. It took about 20 days. The doctor kept him in hospital for half a month. Fates are sometimes strikingly similar, suffering from the same injury, in the same two parts, like some kind of reincarnation. Ling Xiao's mobile phone was lost, how did Lu Ao get in touch with him,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Shi Xi did not know, she did not ask specifically, she knew that the two had been in contact over the past few years. For three or four days, I didn't go to see it. On the fourth day, when he was hesitating, Lu Ao called again, saying that he had left the hospital early. Lu Ao had neither his contact information nor his address, so he couldn't find anyone at once. He asked Shi Xi if he knew where he was. He said that his leg was injured and no one took care of him. He didn't know if he could do it. Shi Xi covered his cell phone and did not speak for a long time. Then the next day, sure enough, I saw him at the school gate. His head was wrapped in a large circle of white gauze, his legs were still in plaster, and there was a crutch at the door of the guard's office. He was sitting inside and was already at work. Passing students are all curious to look inside, into the school, Shi Xi can not help but look inside, and then, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,Magnesium Oxide powder, he just raised his head, two people looked at each other. Shi Xi pursed his lips slightly and hurriedly withdrew his eyes and went straight into the school. Suddenly, my mind recalled the face, the left face is not broken, there are a few cross blurred scars, I do not know if it will be disfigured. After returning to the office, it is reported that someone went to the school's popular post bar again, and the whole school knew that their new guard brother was punishing evil and promoting good again. Is also fierce, this just came to a big not long ago, unexpectedly became their school's man of the hour. It is reported that when he was not paying attention, there were many small gifts piled up at the guard's office, all of which were CALL for him by the school's nymphomaniacs. *** About to get off work, Shi Xi accidentally saw a familiar voice outside the office window has been wandering there, Shi Xi some surprised, hurriedly put down the things in hand, went out. Teacher Lu. Outside the door, Zhang Wan looked at her with a light makeup and a smile on her face, only to see her wearing a blue V-neck long-sleeved sweater, white cropped thin leg pants, a black and straight long hair vertical waist, beautiful and dazzling. Zhang Wan seems to have slowly come out of the previous pain, his face has gradually had a smile. Shi Xi walked up to Zhang Wan, winked at her and said with a smile, "Well, I haven't seen her for a few days. It's not good to be beautiful again.". ” Zhang Wan seemed a little embarrassed. "Teacher Lu!" She exclaimed. After a pause, he added, "Does Mr. Lu know?"? Brother Ling was injured. He saved me before. I haven't thanked him yet. Now he is injured because of saving people. I want to visit him and invite him to dinner to thank him. Teacher Lu, are you free? Can you go with me? I'm a little embarrassed to be alone. When Shi Xi heard this, he thought for a moment and said, "All right, but he shouldn't be well now. When he's well, I'll go with you." "Thank you, Mr. Lu. Mr. Lu, you are so kind." Zhang Wan looked at her with a grateful face, and her words and deeds were quite intimate with her. How old is Shi Xi? It's not too much to say that they are the same age. Since the incident, Zhang Wan often comes to talk to Shi Xi. They are like teachers and students. *** Not long after Zhang Wan left, Shi Xi was also ready to get off work. Xiaotong had no classes in the afternoon and went back at noon. Shi Xi was ready to go back to Lu's mother. As a result, when she arrived at the school gate, she suddenly changed her mind and chose to go back to her residence near the school. Walking slowly in the mottled shade, knowing that the other party is inconvenient to move, it is certainly impossible to walk, but probably used to this period of time, only slowly wandering back to the community. At the gate of the community, he stopped subconsciously, turned his head and looked around. It was empty behind him, and he couldn't help feeling lost. It was still early that day. Shi Xi went upstairs directly. After half an hour, she went downstairs again and went out. When she used an excuse to buy dinner ingredients, she lingered for a long time in front of a Yangtian and drugstore. After all, she couldn't hold back and went in to buy some abrasion medicine to promote wound healing. When he came back,Magnesium Oxide MgO, he suddenly saw a familiar figure in the distance. Shi Xi was stunned. He also lived here? The man in front of him was carrying a crutch under his right shoulder and a plastic bag in his left hand, which contained a disposable packing box, which looked like fried rice with fried noodles packed back.