Shi Hao surprised, more joy, looking at the ancient tree on the towering mountain, the heart is full of excitement. Approaching step by step, you can experience the unique Qi of the gods from a long distance. The golden leaves, flowers, branches, fruits and so on of the ancient trees are all full of essence. It is very tall, very thick, the bark is cracked, if the palm-sized scales spread out, the whole tree is golden. Young man, you are the lucky one to have come here. The old tree opens its mouth. Obviously, the God tree is not an ordinary herb, but a truly powerful creature, whose fruit alone can make people become gods, let alone itself. I've seen my predecessors! Shi Hao is very polite. He had already seen that this old tree was much strong than that one he had seen in the fairy medicine garden, because that one had suffered a heavy blow and its trunk was almost broken. The one in front of us is like a golden dragon in hibernation! "Alas, God is really unfair. You are so young that you are almost equal to the gods. I have wasted endless years of cultivation, but I have never been able to break through." The old tree sighed. As a God tree, can bear the fruit of the road, let others achieve the God, this is how against heaven? However, it itself is suppressed by heaven and earth, and it is very difficult to practice. Its path has long been broken, and it cannot become a true supreme master. Now it is only the peak of the gods, with one foot in the ranks of religious leaders. But on the whole, it is luckier than other magic drugs,Blue Bottle Serum, and finally has a strong fighting power. It should be noted that whether it is the magic medicine such as Xutian Shenteng, Dujie Shenlian, or the supreme longevity medicine such as White Turtle Carrying Immortal, although it has the medicinal properties against heaven, it can not carry out deep practice, and its strength is not strong. Although my generation can practice spiritually, they are troubled by birth, old age, illness and death, and cannot live forever. And the older generation was born as a God,30ml Dropper Bottle, immortal since ancient times, longevity, endless time. Sitting and watching generation after generation of Tianjiao in the world return to the loess, it is really aloof. Shi Hao said. You can talk. My situation is just like this. I know my suffering. If I hadn't taken root in this plunder, I would have been taken away and planted as a magic medicine. Said the golden old tree. It is tens of feet high, with luxuriant branches, golden yellow all over the body, with a sacred atmosphere, and its leaves shine and open the clouds. Just, since you can come here, you and I are predestined, I send you a God fruit, let you steady way, achievement God position. It said so. Shi Hao's heart is hot, he naturally wants to break through as soon as possible, time is not waiting for him, the stronger the better, because he knows that troubled times are coming, only their own cultivation is extraordinary, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, in order to live better. He expressed euphemistically whether he could get more fruits, because he saw that there were more than one or two yellow fruits on the tree. Unfortunately, only one fruit was ripe, and the others were either flowers or green and astringent, and it was useless to take them. The golden old tree shook its head and its branches and leaves clattered. Shi Hao modestly asked what wonderful uses there were in taking the fruit of the God of Heaven. At the very least, it can make you invulnerable to a hundred plagues, and the foul gas will not touch your body. The old tree said, in addition to being able to achieve the position of God in an instant, there are such wonderful uses. What's the matter with invulnerability? Shi Hao asked. Can avoid lightning, can block fire, can resist water disaster. The God tree said one after another. When Shi Hao heard this, the expression on his face immediately collapsed, but how could he be robbed?! He has to cross the plunder and temper himself in every realm. Senior, that thunder robbery. "Oh, I forgot. It's very difficult to see thunder robbery in this era. Whether it has this effect or not, it doesn't affect anything. Don't worry." Said the old tree. Why aren't you worried? I need to be robbed. Shi Hao said. What, you said you survived? The God tree was surprised. He thought Shi Hao was a lucky man who had accidentally broken in from the outside, instead of fighting against the coming of heaven. I've survived three disasters. Shi Hao nodded. Instantly, he felt a powerful divine sweep, and then a golden branch of the old tree came out and rested on his shoulder. Good strong physical body, has experienced the thunder plunder baptism yuan Shen! As soon as he touched the ancient tree, he felt a different breath and was greatly shocked. Shi Hao did not resist, because he had the fighting power of the gods, and saw that the old tree had no murderous look, and could protect himself at any time. Senior, you have been here for a long time, and you are a stranger to the outside world. Would you like to go out with me? Shi Hao tests. Now, he felt that the fruit of God was not very useful to him, but it could help relatives and friends, which was absolutely a supreme tree. He himself was already a God, and it didn't make much sense to eat the fruit, and if it didn't lead to a disaster, it would be a big trouble. In addition, he felt that it was better to rely on his own cultivation, so that he suddenly achieved the position of God, which always made people feel uneasy. But this tree still has a great attraction for him, if you can bring back to the stone village, let the patriarch grandfather eat a God fruit, do not have to worry about his aging problem day by day. There are so many people in the stone village, if you let those uncles and partners eat a God fruit, not only become stronger, but also continue to stay together in the following years, without watching one after another relatives aging and dying. As for his grandfather, the Great Demon God, Shi Hao believed that he himself could reach the position of the God of Heaven, and if not, he would naturally be allowed to take the fruit of the God of Heaven. So, at this time, he stared at the old tree, and unconsciously, his eyes began to glow green, and he wanted to dig it away immediately. What do you want, boy? The ancient tree of the God of heaven was looked at by the hair, always feel that this boy is not a good kind, look at it all over uncomfortable. Senior, the outside world is going to be in chaos. The ancient covenant, the frontier wasteland, the vast no-man's land and so on, one problem after another will erupt. The world is in chaos. You will no longer be a pure land here. There is a big crack in the space where the ancient relics are located, and it is about to be connected with the outside world. The senior should plan early. Shi Hao said. What are you talking about? What's going on outside? The God tree showed a dignified color and asked in detail. When it learned the details from Shi Hao's mouth,Serum Bottle With Dropper, the old face on the trunk was uncertain. The outside world has happened such a thing, immortal ancient will no longer exist, so this piece of ancient land that is not disturbed by the outside world will mostly be connected with three thousand States.