I think the British had a breakdown when this sentence was shouted. And I certainly can't let them down, and if I shout that, then I will fix Britain. If I get out of this prison. But just then, I don't know when the little one came out. Looking at it, I was slightly surprised that it could come out by itself. "Master, although you have gone a little too far, you have become stronger!" Didn't you say that? Don't follow me. "Since you are my master, I will follow you forever until my master really kills me.." Listening to the little one, my magic seems to be somewhat weakened, but it is still so cold and heartless. And I touched the little one's head and said, "If you want to follow me, follow me to dominate the world!" " The little one did not speak but looked at me curiously. Then I stood up and walked to the door on the far left, and before I could speak, the two guards waved their long guns and blocked my way. Then I looked at them coldly and said, "Go away if you don't want to die." To be honest, even though I'm different now, it's still a little tricky to face so many guards. But then the little one said, "Master,tape measure clip, these guards are not very strong.". I think we can rush out. "Well, but now I suddenly don't want to go back." "Why?" "Don't go out until the little one grows up!" Then with a sneer, I swept directly at the two guards and shot down two long guns with a bang, accompanied by a challenge, the two fragile guards were killed directly. After taking out these two guards, I was just wondering why the guards guarding the prison were so vulnerable? I don't understand. But I looked at the little one and jumped directly. Although the experience is pitiful,Fiberglass tape measure, but after all, it is enough to upgrade for the first-class Snow God Wolf. The little one and I smiled and walked forward. When they came to a corner, there was a sound of footsteps in the prison. Sure enough, all the guards came. That's all right, the rank of the little one depends on these garbage guards. Journey to a foreign country Chapter 2 Diablo!? The sound of footsteps is getting closer and closer. Finally, it came to me and the little one soon after. Looking at these guards, the little one and I were slightly surprised. There were less than 30 people in total. Can we really be defeated like this? I really can not figure out what the game manager is thinking, is not deliberately let players escape, or ulterior motives? Just as I was about to strike with my sword, a fat man came out behind the guards. With the words "Warden Barbaris" on his head. And when I saw him like that, I wanted to kill him. Young man, you are the first person to come to this prison. And it's special. "Oh?" The fat man, Barbaris, Pi tape measure ,Surveyors tape measure, smiled and said, "Would you like to hear a word from me?" I looked at the warden and did not speak, but the warden shamelessly walked up to me and patted me on the shoulder and said, "Young man, as far as I know, there is a secret room in the palace, and there is a treasure left by the previous king in that secret room.". Are you interested? "Get your dog paws off me!" The warden was startled and looked at my blood-red eyes and did not know what to say. Maybe they really don't have any strength to guard the prison. I think that's probably the reason why you have to go to prison to reach 10 million points of evil. By this time, the guards were ready to attack with their pikes. And I slightly sneer, the demon is once again seduced by the battle, is the nature of the sword demon really like this? Then I did not hesitate to wave the evil spirit and rushed up. At this time, I saw the evil spirit spread out an unprecedented murderous look, the British jumped, and had not seen such a force. And the warden rushed forward and said, "Calm down, calm down.". Listen to me first. ” I wasn't interested in hearing what he had to say. Just as the guards were about to step back, the evil spirit of the sword had already hit them. In an instant, I heard a scream. The guards were already lying on the ground with their arms and legs missing. The warden was so frightened by me that he broke out in a cold sweat. Seeing me was as frightened as seeing his ancestors. Young man, if you have something to say, don't be impulsive. Even if you kill me, you can't get out of this prison. There are many organs in this prison. Once you touch the mechanism, no matter how powerful it is, you will die. "Is it?" "Lord Barno, help me." As soon as the voice fell, a strong light suddenly came. And I was startled, did not hesitate to jump directly in midair to do a sideways movement to avoid the light. Then my eyes became redder than before. The murderous look kept coming out, and then suddenly in the dark corner came out a guy in a black tights with his face covered. But you can see clearly that there is a scar on his eye. The man came out and said, "The sword demon really lives up to his reputation." "Oh!"! How do you know? No matter how I know, young people had better not be arrogant, in the world of fantasy, there are many strong people. We just want to cooperate with you. "Cooperate?"? Not interested. I only like killing people! After listening to me, the two men shook slightly, and the warden named Barbaris whispered to Barno, "My Lord, something is wrong. He didn't have such a murderous look when he fought with the sword demon.." Then Barno took out a piece of paper in his pocket and said with a smile, "Young man, this is the map of the prison in my hand. If you can cooperate with us, I will give you the map." Then I hesitated for a moment, but not whether I should cooperate with them or not. I just wanted to know what tricks they were playing. I sneered and said, "Come on, how to cooperate?" "This.." "Forget it,Wheel tape measure, I can go out myself." The fat man named Barbaris looked at Barnes, and Barnes nodded slightly, when the fat warden said the plan. http://。 tapemeasure.net