"I am like his responsibility, because he is very gentle, so I have been greedy, I said to myself, after a little time, after a little time I will let go, but the deeper the trap, the more difficult it is.". Brother Fan likes me clean. He doesn't let me see blood. He stands in front of me every time he plays. The man laughed at himself, "Actually, you and I both know that it's just a self-deceiving joke. If I don't use a knife or a weapon, I don't know how much blood I have on my hands." "Master." The pink mermaid opened the window and let the sun shine in. Another year of spring blossoms. Had it not been for the accident three years ago, we might have come together, but now, he has a partner, I have you, he has more responsibility than love for me. And I am not responsible for you! The man pushed the wheel with both hands, and the wheel went out of the room. Chen Fan felt sorry for his partner, and after walking for a while, he wanted to take Terry with him. Terry gave him an angry white look: "This is only a few steps, how can I be tired,akba boswellic acid, you do not use your brain to think, I just carried you up to the fifth floor!" Chen Fan knows Terry is strong, he has been ignoring this problem, after all, he is a big man. So, being carried upstairs by a mermaid. It's a good thing that the black coats are not here, otherwise they will be criticized. Wait,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, isn't that Jin Xing a black coat? "Jin Xing is your cousin?" There was a sign pinned to the black coat, and he glanced at it. Did you say doormat? Yes. Terry nodded. He liked this cousin better, mainly because it was cool to bully him. Is he a mermaid? Chen Fan asked an incredible question. Yeah, didn't you change in front of you? Terry stopped and looked him straight in the eye. "Is there something wrong with your memory again?"? How to ask something late. "He just proposed to Kong Chen." This is an affirmative sentence. Yes "This is definitely the boldest mermaid I've ever seen." Chen Fan sighed that he had lived so long that he had never heard of a mermaid who brought his own flowers and knelt down on one knee to propose to a man. He bet that when he reported to the news agency, Kong Chen would be drowned in jealous saliva. Isn't it just a marriage proposal? Terry curled his lips and said tastefully, "I'll do it another day if you like." "Farewell." Chen Fan waved his hand. He wanted to live a few more years. But the doormat has a much better eye than me. Terry walked ahead with some frustration. What does that mean? Chen Fan hurried up with him. Kong Chen has a soft temper and is easy to bully. The most important thing is that his face and neck are long. Terry scolded the same way, Chen Fan's mouth twitched, according to what he said, he did not have the slightest benefit, but also had to go back to the furnace to rebuild. You're all mine. Stop thinking about this mess. Chen Fan said helplessly. Do it once and it's your man? Bah, I find someone else to do once is not also his person? Terry said grumpily. What is this? We have a marriage certificate. "You can still divorce if you get married." After Chen Fan woke up, Terry was in a much better mood. After all, he was the first person he wanted to treat sincerely. So, when the mood is good, pumpkin seed extract ,ghana seed extract, the lip will be fast. Not allowed It was the love he had worked so hard (and misunderstood) to get, and he couldn't bear to let go. You're a big man. Don't be so clingy, okay? Terry could not stand the way. It seems that if two people want to live a good life, they have to run in for a while. Seeing a large group of reporters guarding outside the Duke's mansion, Chen Fan had two big heads. Terry seemed very interested in moving his bones and joints. As soon as his interest grew, Chen Fan's head grew even bigger. Pulling his lover's sleeve, Chen Fan took out his cell phone and called home. Lan Feng wanted to stay at home with Chen Fan and Terry for two more days before, so he didn't bother reporters. But now the son and daughter-in-law are blocked from entering the door, which is another matter. These days, reporters are like flies, where the wind is loud, where to drill, it is all-pervasive. Five minutes later, housekeeper Li came out with a team of bodyguards in black clothes and drove people directly with the method of driving ducks. If you want to take a picture, you can confiscate it together with the camera. You said you brought two? It doesn't matter. It's all right to confiscate your whole body! Under the tough measures of housekeeper Li, Chen Fan finally returned home, but. "Tongtong, hurry up, that man's head has been beaten up by you." Chen Fan was carried out of the door and walked back. Lan Feng stood in the doorway, looking at the normal, not crazy nor silly eldest son, eyes red. Mother and father. Chen Fan recalls the action when he is mad, also can understand the helplessness of blue maple, "let you worry." Lan Feng turned his head and shed tears. Chen Rui stood behind him and put his arm around his shoulder. After the nephew's accident, Lan Ye did not leave and comforted his twin brother. After seeing Chen Fan recover, he got up to leave, after all, the king of a country has a lot of things to deal with. Terry lay back on the bed, feeling afraid for a while, if the doormat is not here, what should he do with Chen Fan. Then he was wondering when Chen Fan's position in his heart was getting heavier and heavier. Tongtong, is your waist sore? Housekeeper Li gave me a tube of ointment, which is that. Chen Fan took a bath and lay down beside him, holding the ointment in his hand, squinting at the black boy's instructions above, but his face was red. Keep it if it's lubricated. It's not lubricated. Give it to your mother and father. Terry yawned, turned over comfortably, and turned his back to Chen Fan. His body is active, and the wound that he tore open last night has healed. Chen Fan twitched at the corners of his mouth and put the ointment away, but he didn't have the courage to send it upstairs. Tomorrow will be another beautiful day! Choose Chen Fan is a well-behaved little civil servant in the finance department, and no one knows his true identity except a few good friends who play. Before this incident, many people knew that the former Crown Prince had a son who had won the Medal of Heroes, but they did not know that it was Chen Fan, because the day before the award, the war was tight,carnosic acid price, Chen Fan returned to the battlefield, and the medal was received by his father, Duke Chen Rui. prius-biotech.com