Wei Jiangli also smiled "Is that how you used to look at your master" Er Niu did not pay any more attention to him but looked at Zhu Yang again "What about this thing now How did you expect it" You're not a fairy "Of course I don't know everything" said Zhu Yang "but I know how to use science and technology" Then he took out his cell phone and clicked on the recording to play which had been cut out of the useless part so the beginning was the voice of Erniu "Brother!"! I went out to pick a kind of flower in the morning It's very beautiful You can take it to your sister-in-law Stay in this place hard to avoid fear you coax more fate is rare but to cherish ah Then the voice of the executive came out listening to some perfunctory "OK put it there and I'll give it to her later" Executives and women with heavy makeup are friends with benefits each taking what they need where is the patience to spend this idea But things are handed over to the hand hand over to the past to say a few sweet words for women flirting also come Then the executive teased Erniu again "It is worthy to be able to hook the landlord's daughter but the person with a silly face is smart" Er Niu laughed in a simple and honest voice and said "No I just feel that no matter how hard it is I can't wronged a woman" But if you want to pick flowers don't run around It's not peaceful outside Next to this flower there is a big flower as big as a water tank It swallows the passing wild boar in one mouthful It looks very scary I have to tell brother Xu what to do if someone goes to play and is swallowed carelessly Just like the catfish As soon as he said catfish the executives immediately thought of the day when the heavily made-up woman was almost swallowed alive by the catfish and then Computer Hardware & Software a series of ideas were strung together But the executive didn't know it Instead he thought that the listener on his side had a heart He also grabbed Erniu "Don't be busy first Wash your face and say it again Miss Zhu loves to be clean You must be buried when you talk to her in this sweat" The next thing we all know this side washed his face and wiped his body as if he had forgotten about it in view of the fact that the man looked a little silly naturally he did not expect his memory The next thing is logical Zhu Yang turned off the recording and smiled at him "I think although you already have a concept of modern civilization you are not used to using these things are you" It's very convenient Try it next time Er Niu's face was livid and he definitely did not expect to lose on a small square piece He angrily scolded "Strange and skillful skills" But Xu Xiao stopped Zhu Yang hurriedly "Wait what do you say that you have an understanding of modern civilization" You mean he's not a new player "Isn't it obvious" Said Zhu Yang as a matter of course "Not at all!" However regarding Zhu Yang's conclusion he trusts then swears loudly to the game "The ghost game also plays the human" Rao was on the sidelines and everything else was probably in his expectation China Manufacturers which he had not thought of Zhu Yang sneered "The little prince is a nobleman It's so fresh to play Lianliankan on my mobile phone all day long He's the only one!"! There was no curiosity from beginning to end "If you feel that your status is humble and you dare not come over to make people feel uncomfortable it's reasonable but the sound effect and movement have not made him look askance once so you can see that you have already seen it" "This guy takes advantage of his appearance to the extreme even when he enters the game he chooses such a simple dress and there is no trace of modern civilization on his body" According to his conceit it is impossible for him to be willing to play pig but he has a big appetite but now his strength and appetite do not match "I have inquired about the number of games you have played so far and combined with the props you have I can guess the average reward value of your game two to four times never more than five times which is the number of times he has passed" "This is also the reason why he dares to set a trap for us Ordinary people can never pose a threat to us but if players have their cards and plan carefully they are not invincible" Xu Xiao is pondering when he was trapped but the information is too much can not remember can only secretly scold this girl ghost Er Niu saw that she had already guessed that she was not a new player and she was very angry Then he grinned and said "I admit you're good but it's too conceited to dare to come over so loudly when you know I've prepared for it" As he spoke he stepped back quickly and threw something over Xu Xiao subconsciously cut off the thing but unexpectedly Chemicals it was a bamboo tube which was also stuffed Earlier when they saw Erniu hanging on his body they thought it was the kettle he had brought with him but now the contents were scattered and it was full of honey I heard the voice of Erniu over there "I have confirmed that there is more than one ant nest around here" Xu Xiao and Zhu Yang are good agile and quick to hide but the little prince and the little fat chicken were doused with honey The little prince's clothes are all right but the little yellow chicken's fluff is really hard to handle But this is only the first step to add some material to the two encumbrances so that two people can not do the real move has not yet begun Erniu rolled on the ground dodged Zhu Yang's throwing knife and pulled out a rope from the grass Immediately Zhu Yang and others stood on the piece and popped up more than a dozen strands of straw rope which was obviously a trap laid by Erniu in the morning Those straw ropes do not know how to cloth the end of the delicate before looking not obvious once triggered like a net to knot over and the speed is extremely fast like a whip over If you want an ordinary person you really have to be whipped to the ground and wrapped around the waist just like a little prince and a little yellow chicken But Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao were also forced by this trap to block their actions and for a while they started the war they didn't even touch a piece of clothes Without hesitation the two men raised their hands and cut off the ropes which had not yet been fully unfolded blinding the results of Erniu's rubbing for several days But Erniu himself saw this but his face was not angry but happy The moment Zhu Yang cut the rope his face changed The secret passage was not good Sure enough the rope was broken and suddenly there was a rolling movement on the surrounding rocky hills Countless stones fell from the sky and the number seemed to bury them With this tricky terrain as well as the previous rope obstruction Zhu Yang three people have been limited to that limited range trade-global.com