Lu ran spent about ten minutes talking about him and old X. Just the day before yesterday, he went to old X's dormitory to find her. She was not there, so he left her a note saying that he had gone to a rock party. What puzzled him was that old X was also there, with one hand hanging around the neck of a third-rate musician and one hand holding a tube of Japanese San Miguel black beer. He then "did the stupidest thing of his life, rushed over and gave the musician a bottle of wine and slapped old X in the face. Old X screamed and ran to one side. The musician is now living in the Navy General Hospital. That's what happened." He said this in a row and drank half a glass of beer, "but there was no sign, not even a trace." Before that, old X and I were all normal. A week ago, she practiced at my place. As usual, she was neither particularly gentle nor cold to me, nor did she tell me that she had sex with someone else again. It was so sudden that I lost my head. What the hell happened? Lu ran looked at me. I lowered my head and drank a cup with him. After that cup, he stopped talking about old X and suddenly told me about a song he wanted to write called Pure Beach. For more than three hours, he kept mentioning the pure beach to me,uns c68700, as if he was on the pure beach. Pure beach is a beach in Lu Ran's dream, he insists on believing that there is such a beach in the world, the sea is blue, white seagulls fly on it, the beach is white,x52 line pipe, flat as paper, there is not even a trace of the paw prints of the sea black on it, the sand is shining in the sun, there are no clouds in the sky, in the distance, the sea and the sky are mixed together, and there is no boundary. There was no one there. The sea rose, washed up on the sand, and broke into foam. The foam soon burst one by one. The seabird picked up a green water plant from the sea and flew into the sky. The long green water plant was picked up from the sea like a thread. It continued. The seabird dragged the green line farther and farther until it was out of sight. This is the story of the pure beach. 94 When Lu ran was drunk, holding the table in one hand and the glass in the other, x56 line pipe ,316ti stainless steel, he kept telling me about his pure beach. His eyes were red. I don't know whether he hadn't slept for a long time or drank too much. At 4 o'clock in the middle of the night, we came out of the restaurant and walked askew until we reached the intersection of Lishi Road. We stopped a taxi. After driving less than ten steps, Lu ran called the driver to stop. He knelt on the ground, stuck his head out and vomited loudly. I got out of the car from the other door and vomited on the roadside. The driver took the opportunity to scold us and drove away. We went to the Fuxing Men highway interchange. Looking to the southwest, the transmission tower of the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television stretched out into the sky in darkness. By this time, sanitation workers had already appeared on the street, and a few long-distance runners had run behind us! The red taillights were particularly clear in the night as they sped away. Lu Ran and I leaned against the railing of the bridge. It was a little cold. After drinking a lot of beer, we stood on the bridge and soon shivered. I blocked the wind with my hand, lit a cigarette and smoked against Lu Ran. He stared at the bridge with his eyes, his body shaking slightly. He sighed a long sigh in the night and said, "Let's go back." 95 In the days after Lu ran and old X broke up, his mood was extremely bad, and the whole band fell into a hopeless state of laxity. For two weeks in a row, the band showed no sign of practicing together. Xu Tong found Hua Yang in a gloomy afternoon, and they went to find Liu Xin again. They called me. He invited me to a restaurant in front of the art gallery. Xu Tong invited us to have a meal. I could see that he had some regrets about the quarrel. Up to now, we had nothing to say. So a group of people were sincere and finally reconciled in the beer foam. We had been drinking from 4 pm to more than 9 pm before parting. At that time, the street was full of lights. I don't know when it began to drizzle. We parted at the door of the restaurant. I didn't take a car. I walked to Anding Men in the drizzle. Along the way, big raindrops kept falling from the small leaves on the roadside, drenching me with water. A cigarette I lit was soon soaked by the rain. Soon it was broken into two parts. I threw away my cigarette and walked slowly and leisurely. My head hurt a little. Just now we ordered a bottle of koji wine. At last, I felt stuffy. So I vomited as I walked. After vomiting, I broke out in a cold sweat and felt weak all over. The rain was getting heavier and heavier. There were few pedestrians on the roadside. The cyclists in raincoats passed by in a hurry. Like a broken kite blown crookedly by the wind, it passed away in a flash under the street lamp. In the rain, everything seemed shadowy. There were big drops of rain falling quietly on the tin sliding doors of closed shops. The air was filled with the cold and damp smell of street garbage. A street lamp in front is not on, and I can't see the water clearly below. I crossed the road, and suddenly my shoulders were cold. It turned out that the rain had soaked my clothes, and I was running into a 108 bus passing by. I ran a few steps, caught up with it, got on the bus, bought a ticket, and the bus crossed the road and went straight to the Anding Men. At this time,316l stainless steel pipe, the rain suddenly went crazy. The wind blew the rain almost sideways, and it looked like a wisp of smoke. The bus passed the Anding Men highway interchange and stopped in front of the Anding Men Station. I saw that the situation was not good and did not get off. I followed the 108 bus to the main station of Hepingli. After getting off the bus, I went back and finally got home. The rain had become lighter. I jumped off the bus and went home. I accidentally stepped into a puddle. My shoes were all wet and filled with mud.