She blushed and muttered to herself, "In fact, he must have said in his heart," Li Qiong! Li Qiong, you are really a lovely girl! ' ” When she thought of this, she couldn't help exulting. Her lovely smile slowly filled her pretty little face. Then she thought again, "These people are the new strongmen in the northern martial arts world. They are very handsome in martial arts. But they can't beat so many people. Dad is not at home. What should I do?" Suddenly, on the cheerful little face, the eyebrows were deeply condensed again. The night wind was blowing, and her clothes were thin and tight. She jumped on the branches and used her hands and feet. I saw that the coat, which had been hanging in the dense foliage, had disappeared. Frightened, she looked for it several times, thinking that she had never left the tree, but that she had done something to it without knowing it. The depth of this man's skill was really measurable. "It must be him, it must be him," she thought to herself. There was a smile of relief on her lips, like a flower in full bloom. He was joking with me, so I pretended I didn't know who it was and scolded him first. She was so happy. On his face he pretended to be very angry and scolded, "It was that little thief who stole my coat. If you don't send it up, this girl will.." But I want him to look good. She wanted to say, "This girl will kill him," but then she thought about it and changed her tone. Suddenly, a careless voice behind her said,ultrasonic extraction cbd, "Little girl, who are you angry with?" The girl turned around and saw a ragged young man standing there with a smile on his face. The girl seemed to recognize him and shouted angrily, "Little thief, it's you, isn't it? How capable are you?" The young man had long hair on his head and covered most of his face. He was not angry at all. "Who dares to bully the beautiful little girl?" He said with a smile. "Is it the rich girl who doesn't know what's good for her?" "Hey, ghost," the girl shouted angrily, "if you keep talking nonsense, I'll see if I can beat you." "Why are your clothes hanging on the tree?" The young man asked with a smile. When the girl heard this,ultrasonic metal welding, she looked up and saw that her bag was hanging in the same place. "Who is it?" She exclaimed! Who is it! Hey, did you see that? "Did you ask me who hung it up?" Asked the young man? This, this.. Seeing is seeing, but, but. He grinds slowly, the girl can't bear to say: "collapse ghost, do you dare to keep in suspense?" "I dare not," said the young man with a smile! I dare not. Just now I saw a handsome young man behind a tree. He waved to me and said, 'This girl smells good.' "Don't you see," I said, "her clothe are hanging on that tree? It's the same for you to sniff her clothes. The girl blushed and shook her hand to stop her. "Don't talk nonsense," she said. The young way: The man asked me, "May I?" I said, 'This girl is kind-hearted and generous. Why not?' As soon as he jumped up the tree, he took his bag and walked away. In a flash, he ran away without a trace. This man used to be an immortal. Anxious and angry, the girl said, ultrasonic welding transducer ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, "Why do you make decisions for me? If I hadn't felt sorry for you, I would have.." A long time ago. "Don't be angry, little girl," said the young man. "Aren't your clothes still in good condition?" "It must be you," said the girl bitterly. You know martial arts, don't you? Although she said so in her mouth, she didn't believe it in her heart. "Yes, yes," said the young man. "Look, girl." Then he threw a few careless punches at the emptiness, and when the girl saw that his feet were frivolous, his fists were weak, and he was still putting on airs, she could not help laughing and eliminating a lot of anger. "Isn't that martial arts?" Asked the young man. "Yes," said the girl with a smile. "This is the most profound martial art. It's called'Collapse Divine Fist '." The young man was overjoyed and said, "The girl is really clever. This boxing is the most powerful one." The girl covered her mouth and said, "I don't have time to talk to you. Hey, I ask you, why do you always follow me?" "I'm surprised we're always bumping into each other," said the young man. "It's really fate. I'm afraid it's God's intention. ” The more she heard him say, the more unreasonable she became. She blushed and spat, "I miss you so much, ghost!" When the young man saw that her face was full of teasing, he couldn't help thinking of another person. He immediately felt dispirited and shook hands. "Little girl, I'm leaving. Be careful not to catch cold when you put on your clothes." The girl had met him several times, and every time when she was bored, he would come to chat with her all over the world to relieve her boredom. He had a good temper and never got angry. So although he saw that his clothes were dirty and ragged, he didn't hate him very much. At this time, it was interesting to talk nonsense with him. She was a child, and her worries were greatly reduced. Suddenly, when she saw him leaving, she was a little reluctant. The young man walked slowly away, and the girl cried, "You have a good heart, but you care too much about other people's affairs and too little about your own." Stunned, the young man looked back and asked, "What?" The girl giggled and said, "Look at yourself. You haven't combed or washed your hair for months." "No one washes my hair for me," said the young man with a sly smile. "If someone washes and combs my hair for me, I would be willing to do it even in the stream." As soon as the girl's face changed, she blushed and thought to herself, "This man has great powers. Did he see me washing my hair for Brother Lan a few days ago?" The young man saw that the girl was suddenly shy and walked away, but in his heart he thought over and over again about the girl's words: "You are too much in charge of other people's affairs and too little in charge of your own affairs." "Yes, even if I am in charge of all the unfair things in the world, I am sure I can manage the things in my heart!"! For eight years, I haven't been home once to see my father, mother, eldest brother, and third and fourth brothers. You can't imagine that your second brother will become like this! He walked in with a wry smile, and gradually, the straight waist bent slightly, and he felt the taste of suffocation on his heart. Moonlight, cool breeze,ultrasonic dispersing machine, long shadows, in the depths of the woods. The sky brightened up, the little girl under the big tree was sleeping sweetly. She held her hands in front of her chest and breathed evenly. There were two crystal drops of water on her face. I don't know whether it was dew or tears.