This is enough to explain a lot of things. As long as this dispute does not subside, there will be no peace in the whole Wulin. And when the crane and the clam compete, it must be the fisherman who gains. "White Villa" is the fisherman? Ke Dongqing not only inherited Duan Muhuan's "Happy Xiaolou", but also inherited some of Duan Muhuan's hobbies. Like drinking. Ke Dongqing originally did not drink, and the first glass of wine he drank in his life was the one that Duan Muhuan asked him to drink. Duan Muhuan is already a big drunkard, but Ke Dongqing is now more "drunkard" than Duan Muhuan. No matter who sees the way Ke Dongqing drinks now, he will say that he must have been drinking for 26 years. Ke Dongqing is twenty-five years old. Another year, he drank it when he was pregnant in October. Maybe he wasn't drinking, he was pouring. He poured the wine cup by cup into his mouth, as if his body were a leaky wine jar that could never be filled. When he emptied the fourth bottle of daughter red, the swing came in. Qiuqianqian doesn't call him Landlord. She still calls him Dake. "Da Ke," said Qiuqianqian, "have you heard that there are endless disputes in Jianghu over the affairs of the four big families in Wulin?" Ke Dongqing nodded his head. Of course he does. Although "Happy Xiaolou" is not as luxuriant as before, how can he not know about this kind of thing? Anyone who knows two fists and feet knows this, because it affects the whole Wulin. "Do you know what the four families are fighting for?" Asked the swing. Ke Dongqing nodded again. Of course, they are fighting for the "Four Childs of Wulin". Swing's voice suddenly dropped a little, and she said, "Well, have you seen that there is a trick in it?" "Yes," said Ke Dongqing. One of them must be fanning the flames,Planetary Gear Motor, and this person must be Zhuo Baiyi. Qiuqianqian surprised tunnel: "Now that you know, then why don't you stop it?"? Can't you see that Zhuo Baiyi is doing this to fish in troubled waters? Ke Dongqing sighed. Even swing can see things, he Ke Dongqing can not see it? But what if you can see it? The four big families have a long history and are deeply rooted, so they always do not interfere with each other, because they know that if there is a conflict between them, then both sides will be hurt, and no one will be spared. Only by peaceful coexistence can we live in peace. If there is a contradiction between them, it is bound to affect the whole body and the whole Wulin. A powerful martial arts family like them will inevitably have conflicts and frictions in the process of extending their influence, but they have always maintained a restrained attitude and dealt with it secretly. This is not only because they are broad-minded, but also because they want to proceed from their own interests. Therefore, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, even if the "four princes of Wulin" died, and from now on, it seems that they killed each other, the four great families of Wulin first tried to restrain themselves and took measures after careful investigation. That is to say, they are "thinking before they act". How can such a solemn choice be changed by Ke Dongqing in a few words? The so-called arrow has been in the string, have to send, refers to such a situation. It is not clear why they could not find out the real facts. One thing is certain, that is, the people of "White Villa" must have quietly inserted a foot in it and muddied a pool of water. Although Ke Dongqing is the landlord of "Happy Xiaolou", "Happy Xiaolou" is no longer the former "Happy Xiaoloou". Although Ke Dongqing has a great reputation in Jianghu, it is only because he has always been by Duan Muhuan's side. It was Duan Muhuan's light that illuminated him. Without Duan Muhuan, he is a man who speaks lightly, who will buy his account? So Ke Dongqing said, "It's a pity that I can't do what I want." It's very Frank. "You can't do it, but I can do it. I can convince them," said the swing seriously. Ke Dongqing looked at her in surprise, as if he did not know her. But the swing repeated solemnly, "I can!" "Why?" Asked Ke Dongqing. "Because I witnessed the death of the Fourth Prince of Wulin," said the swing. Ke Dongqing was even more surprised. He poured himself a large glass of wine and drank it down. "This is no joke," he said. Qiuqianqian was not satisfied with Ke Dongqing's distrust. "Do you think I'm still a child?" He pouted. "If you are not a child, who is a child?" Ke Dongqing secretly said in his heart. But he said, "Well, who killed the'Four Princes of Wulin '?" "Wu is innocent." Ke Dongqing's hand shook. Yes, Wu Qingqing can do this. Ke Dongqing fought with Wu Qingqing and was very clear about Wu Qingqing's martial arts. Moreover, Wu Qingqing is a man in white clothes, and he has a reason to do so. But why did he let the swing see the whole killing process? Is it a coincidence or a premeditation? Ke Dongqing asked, "Can you tell me the details of that day?" The swing said the experience of that day in detail. Ke Dongqing frowned. It seems likely that this is a kind of premeditation, he is intended to let the swing witness this change. So, what is the purpose? Besides, who would believe it if the swing told the truth? She just saw it with her own eyes, but there was no evidence. And the swing has no weight in Jianghu than Ke Dongqing's words. Who believes her? But if what Qiuqianqian said is true, then this will be a good opportunity to change the current chaotic situation. Only by making the Iron Family and other four families understand that the "Four Childs of Wulin" died in the plot of Zhuo Baiyi, can they join hands with "Happy Xiaolou" to deal with "Baiyi Villa". Otherwise,small geared motors, when the four big families kill each other and finally burn all the jade, it will be the time when the "White Villa" runs amuck. If Happy Xiaolou wants revenge, this is an opportunity that can be used. But this opportunity is too difficult to grasp. Ke Dongqing frowned more and more tightly.