Li Qiang this boy is not on the line, but a person sitting on the sofa watching TV, the lights are turned off, the scene in the TV is extremely spooky, sometimes the screams make people feel cold. "Turning on the electric light in the room, Li Qiang, who was sitting motionless on the sofa, was startled. When he saw that it was me, he patted his chest and told himself not to be afraid." Do you have the guts to watch ghost movies? Still ghosts and gods, I wonder if I should dismiss you? I laughed and scolded, but I didn't expect Li Qiang to have this scene. Boss, do you walk without a sound? I was scared to death.. "Li Qiang smiled helplessly and wanted to turn off the TV." Ding-dong Ding-dong ...” "Who is it at such a party?" Li Qiang dropped the TV, then got up and ran to open the door, and I also looked at the gate curiously, it was already more than eight o'clock, who would come here so late? Besides, not many people know that I live here. The door was opened, a beautiful figure with long hair and big black eyes appeared outside the door, looking at Li Qiang,naringenin price, looking at the house number with a small mouth, and looking at the strange face in front of him. Who are you? Why is it at my master's house? The little beauty looked at the house number, frowned, and asked the man in front of her doubtfully. Master worker? Are you looking for the ancient city? Li Qiang hurriedly withdrew his stunning eyes and said to the little beauty. Uh? Ancient city? I want to find my master? Hong Cheng. The little beauty was confused for a moment and then shouted loudly. That's right. Come on in. The boss is right inside. Ghosts and gods smiled happily and hurriedly let the beauty come in. Li Shanshan, who walked into the room, saw the man looking at her with a smile on her lips and said, "Master, I'm finally free. I finally finished all those damn exams." "Hehe..". Congratulations,stesweet stevia, then. Come and sit down. I said with a smile that I really hadn't seen the little girl for a few days. Well, yes. Shanshan nodded cleverly and sat on the sofa, watching the ghost movies on TV. She shook her head and said, "Master, what do you think of these vulgar things? Pediatrics." “......” Li Qiang, who had just closed the door, was speechless. He was frightened by the inside just now, but he was not even as good as a girl here. By the way, master, who is he? Isn't your name Hongcheng? When did you change the name to the ancient city? Shanshan turned her head and asked me. He's a former buddy of mine. My real name is Gucheng. I did not do too much explanation, but asked the girl in front of him: "You won't come to me as soon as you finish the exam, will you?"? I don't know how to go back to rest so late. "Hee hee..". I was so excited that I forgot to eat. That's why I went to the master's house for a meal. Shanshan grinned. Come on, Li Qiang, rosmarinic acid supplement ,pumpkin seed extract, is the meal ready? "Well, I'm waiting for you to get off the line for dinner, but it doesn't seem to be this young lady's..". Meal 。” Li Qiang said awkwardly. It doesn't matter. Miss Ben has a small appetite and can't eat much. It's just a formality. Li Shanshan patted her little stomach and said with unusual toughness. ...... After dinner, as soon as Shanshan girl left, Li Qiang came out with two buckets of instant noodles in his arms. The two big men immediately grabbed them wildly. For a time, the room was full of hot air, and the sound of noodles kept coming out. After exclaiming that Shanshan's appetite was indeed "very small", she walked back to her room with a smile and went to the line to get busy. Swish.. I have to go to the appraisal office first. Three pieces of good equipment are always tucked in my body, and I don't feel very comfortable. Now the real world is 10 o'clock in the evening, just in the peak of the players, the identification of this treasure witness place is also a lively, constantly noisy voice will set off this small place is particularly complex and lively. Hey, brother, how to meet you again, remember the last time your boy was lucky to identify a piece of ground equipment, this time what is the level of equipment? "Hehe..". Of course, it's still a ground device. But, hey, hey.. Good luck today Everyone killed a celestial BOSS together and burst out a celestial device. The man said triumphantly, spitting three feet of saliva, like a spring of drizzle. "咳咳 . . . Awesome 。” "That's a must." “......” For the words of the former, I shook my head helplessly. There are really all kinds of people in this mixed world. In this day and age, everything has to be done on a first-come, first-served basis. It's the most common thing to queue up when there are many people, but some guys are an accident. Maybe they haven't been instilled with such moral concepts. Hey, how do you cut in line? You are such a man.. 'What's The matter? Not convinced? I'm going to stand in front of you and have the guts to fight alone. The bearer was covered with flesh, and the tough body was about to break the equipment, and the shape was also very barbaric, carrying a huge axe of 1.5 meters on his shoulder, staring contemptuously at the player who was shorter than himself. You You 。” Perhaps was frightened by the other side's figure, was the player who jumped the queue mercilessly stared, but also did not have the temper, can only turn a blind eye. For the occurrence of this situation, other players are also with the mentality that more is better than less, did not stop the occurrence of this scene, and even whistled, encouraging the outbreak of a war. Hum, coward.. "See the other side timid step down, the big fellow blew his nose, disdained to say.". Sometimes you don't want to get into trouble, and trouble often runs to you. This kind of rough voice sounded behind me, and I said, "You, stand in the back. I like your position." Turning his head,ghana seed extract, he looked at the big fellow who had come forward from behind and stood beside me staring at me with a ferocious look. I I pointed to myself and asked faintly. Are you deaf? Who else can you say if I don't say it? Be sensible and get out of here. The big fellow snorted coldly and shouted, the big axe in his hand was also shaking, quite imposing.