Ling Yin hurriedly washed his face, then changed into a purple brocade robe, and went out. Zhang Duoshou made a curtain for Ling Yin, and Ling Yin bowed into the chariot. The chariot rose and walked forward, but Ling Yin closed his eyes. I have a lot of thoughts in my heart. Mingxi, Mingxi. Does he spoil his brother, whom he has loved since he was a child? So today, I don't know the depth of heaven and earth? As he thought about it, he felt the chariot shake and stop. Your Majesty, we have arrived at the Jianzhang Palace. Zhang Duoshou's voice came into Ling Yin's ears. Mmm. Ling Yin's voice is deep. Zhang Duoshou hurriedly raised the curtain, held Ling Yin, and came out of the chariot. Ling Yin looked at the plaque outside the hall, and the three big characters of Jianzhang Palace touched Ling Yin's eyes. He took a deep breath and stepped forward. The emperor is here! Zhang Duoshou shouted long. Sure enough, the queen mother, Ming Xi, Yuyang mother and son three people, is sitting in the hall above. When Mingzhao and Yuyang saw that Ling Yin was coming, they quickly got up and saluted. "See you, brother." Ling Yin also bowed and said, "See the Queen Mother." "Get up,Flushometer valve," said the Empress Dowager with a smile! It's rare for your brother and sister to have a chance to come to Ai's house together. Why do you insist on being polite? Then he said to Ling Yin with a smile, "Ling, come here and sit beside your mother." Ling Yin saw that the queen mother was in high spirits and could not bear to help her, so he went to her side and did it. As when she was young, she nestled in the arms of the queen mother, as if she were acting like a spoiled child. Ling Yin could not help frowning. Yuyang is quiet, head down,Time Delay Tap, seems to have a lot of worries in general. "Mother," said Ling Yin, "you haven't had any discomfort these days, have you? Are you still dizzy? "It's all right. The emperor doesn't have to worry about it." The Empress Dowager said with a smile, "Xi'er cooked jujube soup for the Ai family. It's very good." "Oh?" Ling Yin asked curiously, "When did you know how to cook soup?"? I don't know. "I'm a helper, too," he said with a smile. "The soup was cooked by someone else." "Someone else?" Ling Yin twisted his eyebrows. He knew who he was talking about. Ming sat up straight and said, "Mother, brother, I beg you one thing." The Empress Dowager obviously also reflected that her complexion was cold: "You are so old, you should be sensible!" Mingxuan was stupefied and then said, "I don't know what Xi'er is asking for." "Do you think the Ai family doesn't know?" Asked the Empress Dowager. "Mother," said Ling Yin, Stainless Steel Toilet China ,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, "let him go on." Mingyu knelt down in front of Ling Yin and said, "Brother, the Su family is a big family. Although they have made mistakes, they have made great contributions. Please show mercy!" "Ridiculous," said the Empress Dowager! For the sake of a dead man, you even forgot the law of the big fellow! Ling Yin was livid and blind. When Yuyang saw that Ling Yin's face had changed greatly, he quickly pulled Mingzhao. He is sincere to me. When Yuyang saw that Ling Yin's face had changed greatly, he quickly grabbed Mingzhao. "Brother Huang, Xi'er is young and ignorant. Don't blame him." Yuyang also knelt down in front of Ling Yin. Ling Yin looked at Yu Yang. After a while, he said slowly, "Didn't you come to ask for help from your mother today?"? Did you say that? I didn't say it, but I also said it! The sound was as cold as the lake in the cold winter. Yuyang shivered. "Brother, Yuyang has nothing to do. Just come to see his mother." "Humph!" As soon as Ling Yin threw his sleeve, he got up and left. He thought he knew, knew what Mingzhao and Yuyang had come here to build the Zhanggong Palace. It's just that he wants to see for himself, to see if his brother and sister are really on the side of outsiders. As he had expected! Both Mingzhao and Yuyang came to intercede for the Su family. But whose fault is all this? Who married Yuyang to Su Zihan, and who let Su Zixuan follow him? It's himself! Can he blame them? Striding out of the Jianzhang Palace, he walked straight out without even taking the chariot. When Zhang Duoshou saw that Ling Yin was so angry that he did not dare to contradict him at all, he had to order the person who carried the chariot to follow him gently. Ling Yin did not walk a few steps, then rushed behind to catch up. Brother Huang! Ming came running with great strides. Your Highness, King of Jin. Zhang Duoshou bowed. Ming Yan ignored him and said directly to Ling Yin, "Brother.." "You all stand down," said Ling Yin. Zhang Duoshou answered and bowed down. "What else do you want me to do?" Ling Yin is not as aggressive as he was just now, and his tone is much more gentle. Brother Huang, brother Chen. He did not know how to go on, so he had to say that the hope of this matter was almost hopeless. I have asked Su Zixuan to go with you. I've done enough for you. Ling Yin's voice was cold, "the Su family this time, I, in any case, will not let go." "But, Your Majesty, many people are innocent!" Ming is still pleading for mercy. Innocent? Ling Yin looked at him coldly: "How do you know they are innocent?"? Mingyi, do you know that the mother does not know that Su Zixuan is not dead, if the mother knows, she will never let Su Zixuan live again! "How so?" Mingyi's eyes widened. "How?" Ling Yin sneered, "Don't you believe me?"? Otherwise, you can take Su Zixuan to your mother and have a try to see if what I said is true! Don't you believe me? Otherwise, you can take Su Zixuan to your mother and have a try to see if what I said is true! "Brother Huang." Mingzhao seemed to be shocked. Ling Yin looked at him and said, "I've kept her secret. I've done my best to save her life. You can live in the State of Jin. Don't worry about anything else." The voice changed from soft to cold, and finally, it was full of warning. Xi'er, Xi'er knows. Mingxi said slowly. Otherwise, I won't be able to protect you if anything happens again! Ling Yin finished this sentence, then turned away. Leaving Mingzhe alone,Service Sink Faucets, standing in the sun. For a long time, without moving. Yuyang was still sitting beside the queen mother. The Empress Dowager looked at Yuyang and said slowly, "Have you seen your brother's attitude?" 。