"Miss!"! What are you going to do? The little bean sprout cried out with fright. (To be continued) Chapter 209 Piaoxianglou. "Miao Xiaomiao took a fixed look at Jun Moye and suddenly laughed like a spring flower:" Of course I don't want to gamble with you all my life! I'm not going to put all my eggs in one basket with your family! But Childe whether to go to the appointment of this matter seems to have nothing to do with me, why should Childe be controlled by me, with my intention to act in accordance with the rules? "What do you mean?" Jun Moye looked at her, really a little confused. I mean.. You want to go, you go! If you don't want to go, don't go! Whether you decide to go or not, it has nothing to do with me. Miao Xiaomiao's eyes flashed a look of naughtiness. But as the girl said, if I lose, you mentioned before that gambling game, but also to lose to the war Qingfeng! Jun Moye frowned: "Although you did not personally participate, but the result is no different from whether you participate or not!"! Why bother to have? I would rather not gamble than risk what others value most! Jun Moye's face was full of seriousness and seriousness, and he said, "No matter whether you win or lose, I can't afford the consequences!"! For me, your Miao family is still insignificant in my heart, but a young girl's cow, I think I can't afford to gamble! I can't afford this favor, and I can't repay it. What Jun Moye said was from the bottom of his heart. This kind of responsibility, he really can not afford! Defeated,Porcelain Marble Slabs, Miao xiaomiao's life is ruined, although you believe that he will not be defeated, but even if he wins, the result may not be good for Miao xiaomiao, his true identity is always the enemy of the magic house, when the identity is exposed, it is likely to be the day when Miao Xiaomiao,Grey Marble Slab, or even the whole Miao family is implicated! What's more, it is also very likely to implicate a girl's heart! This favor, I'm afraid I can't pay it back all my life! Although in Jun Moye's heart, think that the war big childe who bet with Miao Xiaomiao may not really fulfill the bet, Miao Xiaomiao probably won't get this quota, but he still doesn't want to force. But if you really choose not to go. Then you will be absolutely difficult in Huan Fu in the future! Your future is doomed to be bleak! Miao Xiaomiao looked at him: "Actually." As long as I find a way to cancel the bet between Zhan Qingfeng and me, you don't have to bear any responsibility! "Cancel?" Jun Moxie frowned: "The bet is settled, how to cancel it?" "Mountain people have their own clever plan, as long as Mo Childe cooperates with the little girl and temporarily disappears for an hour, the little girl will naturally be sure to cancel the gambling game." Miao Xiaomiao smiled mysteriously: ', even, I want to let Zhan Qingfeng owe me a big favor! "Ha ha." Jun Moye was so clever that he understood what she meant in an instant. He burst out laughing and shook his head. "It's a clever plan," he said. "The agreement has been made. Let's split up immediately. See you at Piaoxianglou later!" Miao Xiaomiao blinked and smiled mischievously. Jun Moye smiled and said, Marble Granite Price ,pietra gray marble, "The girl's wisdom is really extraordinary. I'm proud of my wit. But the girl found the best of both worlds to solve the problem before me. I'm ashamed of myself!" "Brother Mo was just a fan of the authorities just now. As the saying goes, if you care about something, you will be confused. If you worry too much, you will naturally not be able to do so. That's why you didn't think of it for a while.". I believe that with the wisdom of the childe, as long as you calm down, you can easily understand the overall situation. There was a smile in Miao Xiaomiao's eyes, and a slight sense of shame flashed through his eyes, but then it disappeared. He was obviously very comfortable. He said, "I dare to ask Brother Mo, I can understand what he said just now, 'I can't afford to gamble on a girl's life.' But I can't afford to bear the favor of the latter sentence, let alone repay it.". But what is the purpose? "It's just a momentary feeling, and there's no other intention." Jun Moye smiled awkwardly and said. If you say it, is it not self-sentimental? Miao Xiaomiao did not know what to think of. His face turned red and then pale. He bit his lip and said, "So.." Brother Mo, see you at the Fragrance Tower. "See you at Piaoxianglou." Jun Moye smiled and said, "a word for the girl before she left: The so-called gambling game should generally start when it is absolutely fair.". But too many people will only admit it when the other side is extremely strong. Miss Miao, don't take this gambling game too seriously. "I know.". But with these people's family status, they should not be able to do that kind of thing, right? Miao Xiaomiao's uncertain way. Some people swear a lot, but some people swear like a fart, which is not surprising. Jun Moye laughed and said, "I just said it casually. In the girl's own heart, she should count more than I do." Brother Mo was polite. Anyway, thank you for reminding me. Miao Xiaomiao smiled and went downstairs with small bean sprouts. When he went down the stairs, he paused, but did not look back. Weak figure curl Tingting, skirt fluttering, disappear in an instant, leaving only a wisp of fragrance, for a long time. When Miao Xiaomiao went downstairs and walked on the street, she clearly heard a sound of'bang 'coming from upstairs, which was very clear and loud. It seemed to be a loud slap in someone's face, and her eyes turned red and she left quickly. The noise was that Jun Moye upstairs slapped himself in the face! He stood disappointedly for a while, gnashing his teeth and saying, "So I'm really shameless!" With a long sigh, his eyes flashed with unprecedented guilt, and his body flashed and disappeared in an instant. The most luxurious place in the city of fantasy, Piaoxiang upstairs, is full of people at the moment. The restaurant, which was already extremely luxurious, was carved to make it even more grand. It used to be a room by room hotel, but now it's all open! It extends in all directions,Pietra Gray Marble, forming a huge hall, which can accommodate at least thousands of people. Looking up, I saw black hair fluttering and young faces reflecting each other. forustone.com