"Could Tomoko have borrowed it from a friend?" "But I've never heard of the name of Noyayama. Will Tomoko have a friend with that name?" With that, Yoshimi looked at Asakawa with a puzzled expression. Really, this should be a very important thing! It's just that the kid has. Liangmei suddenly choked up and could not make a sound. In her current situation, any trivial matter would deepen her pain, so Asakawa hesitated to ask questions. Excuse me Did Tomoko go to this leisure club with her friends during the summer vacation? Yoshimi shook her head. She believes that Tomoko is not the kind of child who lies and deceives her parents in order to sleep out with her friends, and more importantly, she is an examinee! Asakawa can understand the mood of good beauty, now she simply do not want to touch things about Tomoko. However, he deduced that Tomoko must have lied to her parents that she was going to study at a friend's house. Otherwise, a high school girl who is about to take the exam will definitely be rejected by her parents if she asks to stay in a rental villa with a male friend. I'm going to find the owner of this card and return it to him. Liangmei nodded in silence. Then she heard her husband calling her in the living room and left the kitchen. Oishi, who had just lost his only daughter, sat in front of the brand-new Buddhist altar and muttered to Tomoko's posthumous photo. His voice sounded so sad that Asakawa felt so sad. He could only pray to himself that the couple would be able to get back on their feet soon. At present, Asakawa got a clue, if it is really wild mountain Yuki lent the membership card of the leisure club to Tomoko,304 stainless steel wire, after hearing the news of Tomoko's death, he should immediately contact Tomoko's parents and ask for his membership card back. Unfortunately, Tomoko's mother, Yoshimi, knew nothing about it. Asakawa thought intently about all the possibilities. Yuki Nonoyama should not forget the membership card. He and his parents are relatives,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, and he has paid such an expensive membership fee. It is impossible to abandon this membership card for no reason. Could it be that he lent the card to one of the other three, Iwata, Haruko, and Noomi, and by chance it was passed to Tomoko and stayed with her. Suppose that Noyama has contacted the parents of the person he lent the card to, and the parents of the other party have searched all the children's belongings, but they can't find the card, because the card is here with Tomoko. According to this inference, if we get in touch with the families of the other three dead, we may be able to ask for the address of the wild mountain. Well, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, call me right away tonight and ask. If this still fails to find clues, then the possibility of the card linking the four of them in a common time and place is reduced. In any case, I had to meet and talk to Ninoyama, and as a last resort, I had to find out his address from the membership number of the Pacific Leisure Club. As long as I make good use of the resources of the newspaper, I can certainly find out some clues. "Husband, husband!" Jing's voice was mixed with the crying of the child, and it sounded very alarmed. Can you come here? Asakawa suddenly woke up. Yoko's way of crying seemed to be different from usual, and the more Asakawa climbed upstairs, the stronger the feeling became. What's the matter? Asakawa asked with a hint of reproach. The child was a little strange today, as if he had been bewitched, and the way he cried was different from usual. Husband, could you be sick? Asakawa put his hand on Yoko's forehead. (No fever!) Not only were Yoko's little hands trembling all the time, but her body was trembling all the time, and her little face was red and her eyes were closed. When did she start doing this? "Could it be that when you wake up, there are no people like this around?" When a child wakes up, if he finds that his mother is not around, he will probably start crying. But when the mother runs over and hugs her, the child usually stops crying immediately. Babies express their needs by crying, and now it's.. What the hell is this kid trying to say? She didn't look like she was acting like a spoiled child, and her two tiny arms stretched out forcefully to the top. She's scared! Yes, the child was crying out of fear! Yoko turned his face away and slightly loosened his fist and pointed to the front. Asakawa looked in that direction and saw a fist-sized Prajna mask hanging 30 centimeters below the ceiling. Is Yoko afraid of the ghost mask? "Hey, it's that!" Asakawa pointed to the Prajna mask with his chin. The couple looked at the Prajna mask at the same time and then turned to look at each other. You mean.. Is the child afraid of ghosts? So Asakawa stood up and took off the Prajna mask hanging on the pillar, let it face down, and put it on the cabinet. After he did so, Yoko's crying finally stopped. Yoko is good and not afraid of ghosts. Knowing the reason for Yoko's wailing, Ah Jing breathed a sigh of relief and began to soothe her while rubbing her daughter's cheek. But Asakawa could not be relieved, and felt a fear in his heart for no reason, and did not want to stay in the room any longer. Hey, let's hurry back! He urged his wife to go home quickly. After returning from Oishi's home in the evening, Asakawa immediately called the families of Haruko, Nomei Takehiko and Iwata Shuichi in order,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, mainly to ask if they had heard about the "leisure club" from their children's friends. Finally, Iwata's mother told Asakawa everything she knew in one breath. A man who claimed to be my son's senior in high school called and said he wanted to get back the membership card of the leisure club he had lent my son, but I searched every corner of my son's room and still couldn't find any membership card. I didn't know what to do.. Asakawa got the phone number of Yuki Nonoyama and immediately called him. sxthsteel.com