The beauty is too good-looking, and I think the first beauty in the league is just so so. Beauty, if you are short of money at any time, you might as well take part in the alliance beauty contest. The package is the first easy to get, when the time comes there will be a business group to find you to endorse their goods, this endorsement fee is not low ah! Bei Tiantian said with a smile. So growing well is also a kind of capital! Zhou Meijia shook her head with emotion. Shen Yunqin gave a laugh. "Fortune and misfortune depend on each other," he said. If she is not good-looking, Shi Anqi will not be so against her, the appearance of things easy to be envied, and the inner possession will be respected. The beauty still sees through. Bei Tiantian immediately flattered him and made Shen Yunqin smile. This is the end of the topic. The atmosphere in the room was suddenly a little cold. Zhou Meijia's eyes fell on the reader in Li Xu's hand and asked, "Hey, what were you looking at just now?"? I watched it with such relish. "Read a novel. Recently, there is a popular novel about the future and the stars on our dear Star of Origin. Not to mention that it looks interesting, although it is all imaginary.". But the background of some descriptions is quite similar to our present Star Century, of course, after all, they are all conjectures. So there's still a big discrepancy. Said Duoyi. Could this have been guided by the Alliance's remaining agents on Earth? "Should not be,water filling machine, this kind of trivial matter will not be taken care of, only at the turning point of a new round of civilization development will be guided." "The Holy Land hasn't sent anyone to Earth for hundreds of years. Have they given up our primordial star?" "It's also possible that the person sent is not dead yet!"! The life span of people in the Holy Land is always more than the function of the human body. Like a monster, it can live for centuries. Don't people in the Holy Land pay special attention to the cultivation of the soul. The novel "Holy Land" says that people in the Holy Land can also move their souls to a suitable body container for rebirth. Ah, I have read a lot of novels about rebirth recently! But some of them are about rebirth back to the past, which is somewhat unreal. "Yes, until now,CSD filling line, the alliance has made no progress in the study of time. Even in the Holy Land where there are many powerful people, no one has the ability to control time. However, in space, both the Holy Land and our Star Alliance have made great breakthroughs. At least it used to take several years to go from Qichen Star to Shengman, but now we only need half a month." "Well, it would be nice to open up the earth as a tourist attraction. I'm actually quite interested in our place of origin." Bei Tiantian suddenly sighed and said something. Fantastic, not to mention that once a powerful person set up a boundary in the Milky Way star field, even if the earth is not set up, it is impossible to open, once the sixth civilization is opened, it will be destroyed, or let them honestly develop according to the development process of the past civilization, Edible oil filling machine ,PET blow moulding machine, we will not go to harm others. Zhou Meijia hit Bei Tiantian's idea mercilessly. The atmosphere in the room suddenly cooled down again, and several people had been chatting vigorously before, but suddenly they didn't know what to talk about. "There was a knock at the door." Xu You, open the door. Bei Tiantian looked at Xu You, who was closest to the door, and directed. Xu You sighed, got up and went to the door and pressed the button to open the door. The door slid open automatically, revealing the people standing outside. "Why are you?" "How did you know we were here?" The man standing in the doorway grinned, his eyes strolled around the room, and then fell on Shen Yunqin. He did not answer Bei Tiantian's questions directly, but said, "Can I come in and talk?" She glanced at the three people who were suddenly silent, looked at the man at the door, and looked at him. She could probably guess that the other person might be the one who had been punished by Bei Tiantian in the restaurant. Seeing that Bei Tiantian was not going to say anything, she had to say that she wanted a man to come in. After all, it was not good for a man to stand at the door with a bunch of flowers in one hand and a fruit basket in the other. I didn't see anyone passing by outside watching curiously! "I've brought some fruit for you. Taste it!" The man handed the fruit basket to Duocheng, who called him in out of his voice. In his opinion, Duocheng should be the best one to talk to. She looked at Bei Tiantian uncertainly, but when she saw Bei Tiantian winking at her, she was stunned and understood, so she did not refuse to take the fruit basket. The smile on the man's face was so strong that he went to Shen Yunqin's side and handed over the flowers in his hand, saying, "For you, beautiful young lady." "We beauties don't accept things of unknown origin, nor do we accept things from people who don't even know their names." Bei Tiantian said faintly on one side. My dear Link, a member of the Sengleman West family. When I saw the young lady today, I fell in love with her at first sight. I hope she will give me a chance to admire her beauty. The man said with a slight bow and a smile. Shen Yunqin did not take this bunch of red flowers like fire, glanced at the eyes of other people watching the scene of bustle, her eyes finally returned to her book, but her mouth was neither salty nor light to say: "I'm sorry, I like black flowers." Link's hand stiffened as he held the flower, and he could hear the refusal. The West family? Why, the West family, which owns the largest car manufacturing company in the stars? Li Xu suddenly spoke out. Exactly. Link answered proudly, but his face darkened again at the thought that beauty was hard to get close to. He was a little annoyed. In the past, who didn't become easy to hook up after hearing his report out of the house? But this beauty is rare after all, and it's hard to avoid putting on airs. Miss, do you have time now? Why don't we go to the lounge on the top floor? Link put the flowers on the table and turned to other things. Shen Yunqin gently put down the book, looked at Link,water bottle packaging machine, and said calmly, "I already have a fiance, and he is waiting for me in Shengman. I don't want your approach to cause his misunderstanding. So please stop here and don't waste any more time." Fiance? Which family is it? Link asked with a haze in his eyes.