Now Baozhu just wants to use foul language, Luogu continues to say, "When I come back this time, I can smell that Baozhu is ripe, and my estrus is coming." The smile is very happy, like a child who got candy. Baozhu struggled. But it really didn't work at all. Luogu had the last bit of self-control, but when he was gently touched by the orb, it was gone, and he directly pressed on his long-coveted red lips. The soul of the orb floated out directly, looking at the estrus valley and the soulless body below, smiled, and closed his eyes to rest. In this way, I didn't expect the orcs to be in estrus for such a long time, day and night. Baozhu looked at the body below, feeling very tired, this is from the soul, fortunately, the valley is still a little human, finally is to vent, Baozhu went back to a long sleep. During this period, Luogu fed her food and drink. Baozhu closed her eyes and solved the problem. She slept directly for two days. Luogu was a little funny and knew it was her fault. She tried her best to take care of Baozhu these days. Baozhu woke up and got angry when he saw Luogu. The man didn't expect to be so black. He quietly planned how to take him down quickly, but he didn't know anything about it. He just stayed for a few months,interactive digital whiteboard, but he didn't expect his IQ to degenerate so much. Summer, like winter, came quietly, and the orb went out of the house, taking a deep breath and feeling the breath of nature. The matter of the orb and the falling valley was settled. Baozhu also accepted the life in this harsh environment. Generally speaking, she didn't suffer, but she was too bored. When Luogu went out hunting, Baozhu also wanted to go. Luogu was afraid that Baozhu was in danger,interactive flat panel display, but she didn't want to see Baozhu unhappy. Finally said to the patriarch, when hunting, Baozhu followed, Baozhu also saw for the first time, the prototype of the valley, a wolf, a wolf with wings, Baozhu sat on his back. Baozhu clearly saw the envious eyes of those women, as well as exclamations, Baozhu said he did not understand, but to go out to play, Baozhu is really happy, but will not give other people trouble, with a lot of food on his body. The outside world is really cruel, looking at the valley and the camp people, smart board touch screen ,75 inch smart board, so life surrounded one or two wild animals, in the hunting, the whole process is really very dangerous, orb try to hide not to make trouble for them. When it was dark, Luogu took out the fur that Baozhu had prepared for a long time and let Baozhu sleep, while the others rested in shifts. Baozhu knew that the forest was dangerous at night, so she didn't sleep too deeply. Sure enough, Baozhu just fell asleep soon, heard a different sound, something early approaching, the valley quickly walked into Baozhu's side, the whole body tight, looking around, Baozhu against the back of the valley, also looking around. Everything was surprisingly quiet. Falling Valley shouted, "Be careful!" The rain and several orcs fell out, but the orb did not see anything. It quietly picked up the smoke that had been prepared early in the morning and quietly climbed on Falling Valley's ear. "Hold your breath." Light the smoke, the whole person buried in the body of the valley, as to whether the valley heard her words, she did not consider, the smoke spread quickly, in a short while, one after another beast appeared, lying on the ground. When the smoke passed, Baozhu raised her head and looked around so many wild animals startled. Luogu also stood up. Baozhu took out a bottle of medicine and handed it to Luogu. "Give them a smell, and people will wake up, but this effect will not last long." It means to let Luogu do as he sees fit. Falling Valley arranged the orb and went down to save their own people. When they woke up and saw the prey around them, they were also startled. Without the orb, they would not be dead or disabled now. Those who were dissatisfied with Luogu and Baozhu could not say a word now. Luogu and others solved some beasts and left with Baozhu. Baozhu said she did not understand, "Why not solve them all?" Such a great opportunity. Falling Valley is a little funny, as if his partner really doesn't know anything. "Food chain, understand?" (To be continued). ) 207, the world of orcs is so sad. Baozhu thought it was right, so he didn't say anything. The hunt took only two days to return with a full load. Baozhu became the protagonist again. The patriarch's wife was especially enthusiastic. Baozhu was a little confused. Only then did the patriarch's wife explain to the orb, "This is the rule of the forest. A woman who can sit on a male is a female who gives birth to a child and is honored. This shows that the orc regards his partner as more important than himself." "This has always been the rule of Mori. Because of the small number of females, the enmity between males will never extend to each other's partners. As long as you see a woman sitting on a male, all males have no choice but to hurt or harm the female for any reason, otherwise they will be spurned by the God of nature." The patriarch's wife is also envious. But in the past, males felt that their partners were fragile, so they could only stay in the camp and had no chance to go out, let alone sit on the orcs. Baozhu sounds a little mysterious. The patriarch saw that Baozhu didn't believe it, so he stayed at Baozhu and went to the stream behind the mountain to see if he had changed. Let the orb look into the water. The orb looked, really startled, when did his forehead have a leaf mark? Touch it with your hand, don't you feel anything? When did this appear? The patriarch smiled, "now believe it, this mark, can explain everything,touch screen whiteboard, the valley is really good to you." Sent Baozhu back to Luogu's residence, and then left. Baozhu was still a little stunned. There's something wrong when Luogu sees Baozhu back. "What's wrong?"? The orb? He asked worriedly, and then he saw the mark between Baozhu's eyebrows. So the legend is true. It's very beautiful. Luogu kissed and praised. The orb has a little black line. "It's very beautiful. Can you remove it?" She felt that it was very strange to be stared at wherever she went. Luogu smiled and held the orb in his arms. "Why do you want to get rid of it? This is nature's protection for you. Other people don't want it yet. This can't be removed.". It's really nice. This is the only one that can protect the orb from the danger of any creature in the forest.