Li Lu, female, 20 years old, is Yang Feng's childhood friend, also dropped out of school for many years. Ning Huanxin looked at the background information of several people many times, and finally she chose to start with Li Lu. Because Li Lu and Yang Feng have a good relationship, now Yang Feng has an accident, she is naturally very sad, will also be very afraid, from her mouth may be able to get more information. Moreover, the most important thing is that Ning Huanxin has learned from the information that when Shen Lingyue had an accident, Li Lu had been with Shen Lingyue. The reception room of the vice squad. Ning Huanxin gently pushed open the door of the small reception room. Li Lu, sitting in a chair, was startled. She raised her head trembling all over. There was a moment of fear in her eyes, which flashed by. Li Lu? Ning Huanxin asked,jujube seed powder, and then sat down in front of Li Lu with a stack of materials and a pen. In order not to expose his identity, Ning Huanxin specially borrowed a police uniform from Director Zhan, wearing a hat and a pair of thick glasses. Seeing that Ning Huanxin is a "policewoman," Li Lu is obviously much more relieved. " Officer, Yang Feng, he.. Is he really dead? Li Lu's voice trembled a little,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, as if she didn't believe it. Uh Ning Huanxin nodded and then glanced at Li Lu: "The place where Yang Feng had an accident is the same as the place where Shen Lingyue had an accident, so we suspect that this is not a simple accident, but.." It's a ghost! A ghost did it! Li Lu interrupted Ning Huanxin's words and was very emotional. A ghost? Hearing Li Lu's words, Ning Huanxin smiled: "Li Lu, don't be nervous and don't be afraid. How can there be ghosts in this world?". Although you are doing live channeling, in fact, you know better than anyone. You're just acting and deceiving the audience, aren't you? Chapter 752 752: Initiation of Investigation (2) Ning Huanxin's tone was gentle, as if he were stating a very common thing. But heard rather happy words, Li Lu trance promised: "Yes, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,turmeric extract powder, we are faking." She admitted it, but.. Suddenly, Li Lu raised her head again and looked at Ning Huanxin with frightened eyes. No, no! Incorrect! It's true, it's true that there are ghosts! Li Lu's expression is not like lying, her face is pale at this moment, her eyes are flashing, and even her voice is trembling with horror: "There is a ghost!"! There really are ghosts in this world! It's Shen Lingyue! Shen Lingyue is a bitch! It's her ghost! It must be her! It was her ghost that killed Feng! Li Lu seems to be full of hatred for Shen Lingyue. Hearing her words, Ning Huanxin held the information in her hand slightly. She raised her eyes and took a deep look at Li Lu. As far as I know, Yang Feng and Shen Lingyue should be lovers, right? Even if Shen Lingyue really had a ghost after she died, she wouldn't hurt her boyfriend? "Brother Feng has long wanted to break up with her!" Hearing Ning Huanxin's words, Li Lu couldn't help laughing sarcastically. Had it not been for the fact that she was still useful, would Brother Feng have coaxed her? It's obviously because she's willing to degenerate that she's mixed up with a group of us. Why do you pretend to be a saint? Every time Shen Lingyue is mentioned, Li Lu's tone is very heavy, and her words are fierce and vicious. It seems that there is a deep resentment between the two girls. Ning Huanxin lowered his eyes at this time, looking at Li Lu's personal data in his hands. She came from a single-parent family and lived with her mother since childhood. Her mother was very weak. She was abandoned by her father because she was too soft to say a word. Li Lu has been very tough and rebellious since childhood. She knew Yang Feng when she was in primary school. They played together from childhood to adulthood. Later, she dropped out of school and stayed with Yang Feng all the time. According to the data, Li Lu and Yang Feng had been together, but they often quarreled and even started fighting, and then they broke up. Before long, Yang Feng and Shen Lingyue were together. Shen Lingyue's family background and character can be said to be incompatible with this group of people. So, Li Lu hates her so much, is it excusable? Moreover, Ning Huanxin felt that judging from Li Lu's attitude, she and Yang Feng should still be connected. Maybe Yang Feng is stepping on two boats? "I know you and Yang Feng have a good relationship and have been in love. Now let's put aside the emotional things first. Let's not talk about Shen Lingyue. Let's talk about the lake.". What happened when you came out of the church that day? What Ning Huanxin wants to know more is what happened when Shen Lingyue died. Shen Lingyue's ghost has been invisible, and now Yang Feng is dead again. I can only learn the truth of the day from others. Hearing Ning Huanxin ask about what happened on the day of Shen Lingyue's death, Li Lu's expression was a little strange. She unconsciously scratched her jeans with her finger and then said slowly, "That day, we went to the church to do a live broadcast. There were a lot of bats in the church. It was very spooky and terrible.". But Feng said it was all right. During the day, he and Jia Yunfei had already arrived at the church together. They had stepped on the spot and arranged it. There were no ghosts here at all. The so-called ghost channeling live broadcast has always been just a cover for them to make money. Jia Yunfei has been selling magic props for several years. He is very proficient in camouflage and some magic. In addition, there are so many of them that it is really too easy to fake them during the live broadcast. Speaking of this, Li Lu stopped for a moment and looked up at Ning Huanxin. Chapter 753 753: Transcript (1) Ning Huanxin did not look up and touched the desktop with the tip of his pen. "Go on, what happened later?" "Later?" As soon as Li Lu turned her eyes, she looked at Ning Huanxin hesitantly: "When Shen Lingyue had an accident some days ago,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, we all made a record. I said what I should say. That day, we finished the live broadcast and had a meal in a small restaurant in a nearby village. We drank a lot of wine until midnight. In fact.." I was drunk that day, and I.. "Get to the point!" 。