For this stone amulet that has been in hand for many years, even now Lin Dong has not explored its mystery. The light and shadow of martial arts in those years have lost most of their functions for him now. After all, the martial arts he got now are no longer the ordinary level. The founders of these martial arts were all famous figures. Even if the martial arts they created were stone amulets, It is also difficult to make further progress. Lin Dong has tried to develop some of the other abilities of the stone amulet, but ultimately ended in failure, because every time he tried, it was like sinking into the sea, the stone amulet simply did not give a little or even the slightest response, which undoubtedly made Lin Dong a little depressed, and over time he had to let nature take its course, anyway, the stone is in his body. If he meets the most critical moment, Shi Fu can at least instinctively make a move, which will more or less reduce some trouble for him. The stone amulet, urged by Lin Dong, was suspended in front of the group of Nirvana magic inflammation, and the gentle white awn stretched and stretched, seemingly weak, but incomparably strong. Xi Hum! After the stone amulet was suspended for a moment, it finally came out with a trace of white light, intertwined with each other, and directly turned into a huge net, enveloping the Nirvana magic inflammation. In the face of these rushing light nets, the Nirvana magic inflammation is naturally unwilling to be captured, and immediately the flames move,polyfoil tube, the power of melting emanates, and wants to melt the light nets away. Sniff! However, this time the melting, obviously did not get any destructive effect, pale white light network seems weak, but it is in that kind of melting power motionless, so like, as if the melting power of Nirvana magic inflammation for it does not have the slightest effect in general. The net of light can be immune to the power of melting, and the means of Nirvana magic inflammation is naturally greatly discounted. When the net of light comes,aluminium laminated tube, the head is to cover the Nirvana magic inflammation in it, and then let it struggle, it will not break through. Calm down! Lin moved the mind to watch this can be called a smooth scene, but also a smile, and then the mind moved, the stone amulet swept out, directly appeared above the light, gentle white awn spread out, in such a light spread, the original crazy struggle of nirvana magic inflammation unexpectedly became eerily quiet down. Shi Fu's ability, once again exceeded Lin Dong's expectations, that previously made him some headache Nirvana magic inflammation, unexpectedly in his hands without the slightest resistance, which made Lin Dong have to sigh again, this Shi Fu is really mysterious. Ning! The stone amulet suppressed the Nirvana magic inflammation, and the light net suddenly compressed crazily. Suddenly, the Nirvana magic inflammation began to shrink rapidly like being suppressed, pump tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, and violent fluctuations continued to spread, but under the pressure of the stone amulet, it did not spread at all. The volume of Nirvana is getting smaller and smaller, but the color is getting deeper and deeper, and there is a faint wave of destruction emerging. The mass of Nirvana began to disappear, replaced by five deep black dots, which swelled a little after a moment, and finally solidified completely around the size of the thumb. Five thumb-sized black beads, quietly suspended in the light net, quietly, but there is a kind of palpitating taste. The previous Nirvana magic inflammation was directly compressed into five flame black beads by Lin Dong! Jiang looked at the five thumb-sized strange black beads, but Lin's heart was filled with a touch of surprise, and then the closed eyes slowly opened, a clip of fingers, a black bead appeared between his fingers. These black beads condensed by Nirvana are not hot, on the contrary, they are eerily cold, but Lin Dong knows that once this little thing is raging, I'm afraid it's enough to make a strong man in Nirvana extremely embarrassed. This thing.. Let's call it Nirvana Fire Magic Bead. Lin Dong played with this black bead body, and after compressing all the Nirvana magic inflammation in his body, he only harvested five of these Nirvana fire and thunder beads, but he believed that this thing would surely achieve some good results in the future. "Most of them are nirvana plunder with a lot of harvest." As soon as Lin moved his fingers, he took the "Nirvana Fire Thunder Bead" into his body, and then stretched himself. Suddenly, his bones sent out a crackling sound. An unprecedented strong feeling spread from his limbs and bones, and finally surged in his body, like the tide, vigorous and strong. Sanyuan Nirvana! Lin moved his face slowly climbed up with a smile of satisfaction. After four months of penance, his strength also changed dramatically. Now, compared with the time when he entered the ancient secret, it was the gap between heaven and earth. Through the three nirvana robbery of the strong, even if it is looking at the entire ancient battlefield, it is also absolutely able to be counted as an excellent existence, although there must be a stronger horizontal character above, but Lin Dong is also happy and fearless, now he has enough cards, three yuan'nirvana is hard to find an opponent 'even if that and step into the four yuan nirvanas of the strong, want to clean him up, I am afraid it is extremely difficult. Lin Dong jumped up from the ancient training platform and slightly sensed all kinds of movements in his body. After seeing that there was no change at all, he looked up and then cast his eyes into the distance. In the Dan River hundreds of feet away, a huge cocoon of light was suspended out of thin air, surrounded by a black and white halo, and the rich atmosphere of life and death filled the air, as if evolving the cycle of life and death. Today's cocoon of light, compared to four months ago, is undoubtedly tens of times the expansion, and the forest is also able to sense one of the original very weak breath, is growing stronger at an alarming rate. Most importantly, Lin Dong began to feel a real breath of flesh and blood in the cocoon of light. The mink is the body of the demon spirit, definitely without flesh and blood, but now there is this kind of breath in the light cocoon, it seems that the effect of the life and death wheel Dan, really began to play out. It should be soon. Feeling that kind of churning blood, Lin moved softly to himself, the mink has been in deep seclusion for four months,custom cosmetic packing, if there is no big accident, I am afraid it should soon be out of the customs. And when the time comes, the mink will be a real demon mink standing at the top of the food chain in the monster world!.