He nodded, said nothing, and went in side by side with Zhao Zhao. After that, they sat together, chatted with their elders, ate, and said goodbye. His eyes kept falling on her, not letting her out of his sight. Before leaving, the family came out to send, Zhao Zhao's bag left in the house, Ying Chen to send out, Qiao Yan rushed to take the past before Zhao Zhao reached out, should sentence: "Thank you!" Ying Chen does not often see Qiao Yan, in the impression he is the kind of person who is not good at words, indifferent and silent. People are always relaxed and partial to excellent people, and they don't feel anything about this character, but occasionally when discussing it, they will say that Qiao's children are not easy to get along with. Excellent people always have a little edge, which is not a shortcoming. Now I just feel that it is more difficult to get along with than I imagined, and there is always a hint of strength and hostility. Ying Chen did not know where the hostility came from, so he had to retreat shyly and not talk much. After getting on the bus, Zhao Zhao felt tired after dealing with it for most of the day and said, "I'll sleep for a while. Call me when you get there." "Good" - In the morning, it was still sunny, and in a twinkling of an eye, it was foggy,Time Delay Tap, and the cold air was like flowing frost, wrapping people layer by layer. The sky is getting dark, the leaden clouds are surging down and down, as if they were overhead, the wind is blowing, the wind is slowly sweeping up the ground, rolling up the dead leaves, salad, salad.. Zhao Zhao was awakened by the sound of salad, she was in the car,Self-closing Shower Valve, Qiao Yan was outside the car, leaning against the front of the car, a cigarette had been smoked to the end. Zhao Zhao knocked on the window. He turned his head, pinched his cigarette, opened the door and sat in. He asked her, "Are you awake?" "Why didn't you call me?" Zhao Zhao pulled down the mirror to pull the next hair, do the tide color is fading fast, have to find time to fill a color. Qiao Yan tilted her head and looked at her, her eyes looking stubborn. There was a faint smell of smoke on his body, but he opened the window a little and left it loose for fear that she would feel uncomfortable. Zhao Zhao didn't hear his response for a long time, so she turned to look at him. His lower lip was red, as if it had been bitten. She reached out and touched it. "How did it break?" "I accidentally bit it." Qiao Yan suddenly pulled her hand and put it on his face, his voice sinking at the bottom of his throat, with a hoarse, "Don't disappear without saying a word in the future." Zhao Zhao, "hmm?" I didn't understand what he said for a moment. Qiao Yan untied her seat belt, "go down!" As soon as she got out of the car, Qiao Yan wrapped her scarf around her, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Self-closing Faucet, and Zhao Zhao trotted home. It was terribly cold. When Qiao Yan entered the door, Zhao Zhao had returned to his room, his parents were not at home, and his godfather and godmother had gone out to meet their friends. She changed her home clothes, made a glass of milk and swallowed it, and opened the tablet to watch variety shows. Qiao Yan took off her coat and came in and sat down next to her. Zhao Zhao handed him the milk cup. "Do you want to drink it?" He lowered his head and took a sip. On a talk show, the actors kept throwing jokes, and the audience burst into laughter. Zhaozhao dedicated himself to sending New Year's greetings to his friends while watching the program one by one. By the way, he was bored with him and refused to let him leave. Ying Chen sent a few photos to her. It was a photo of Qiao Yan and her. Ying Chen liked to take pictures. He bought a new SLR and had just been taking pictures everywhere. I picked out some good ones for you as a souvenir. I wish you a happy wedding and a happy marriage. "Thank you!" Zhaozhao looked at the photo, which was very good, with good light, shadow and composition. So he took a look at Qiao Yan, "does it look good?"? It was taken by Ying Chen. Ying Chen. Qiao Yan put her hand against her glasses and took them off again. In the dim line of sight, Zhao sat cross-legged and relaxed. He fished the man out and held him in his arms, holding a pen in one hand. He was writing something, but now he just took off the cap with one hand and snapped it shut. Open, close, open, close.. In the repeated movements, he lowered his head and bit Zhaozhao's ear, holding still, and his chest rose and fell with intense emotions, which fell on the body language, leaving only restraint and calmness. Want to bite her hard, want to vent, want to possess her completely, do not let others touch a cent. And end up nibbling her ear lobe. Zhao Zhao turned his head to see his eyes red, only to realize that his mood was not quite right, holding his face and asking him, "What's wrong?" He shook his head gently. Zhao Zhao carefully recalled, the reason is probably what he just said, do not disappear without saying a word in the future. Then he remembered the figure of him standing alone beside the two pomegranate trees in front of his uncle's door. So she went out with Ying Chen without telling him that he couldn't find her, so he waited there? She was suddenly blessed and asked, "Are you jealous?" Qiao Yan pursed her lips and said nothing. Ying Chen? Zhao Zhao then asked. Qiao Yan did not look away, his expression looked a little painful, he knew that he overreacted, but at a certain moment his heart suddenly surged with strong uneasiness and crazy possessiveness, wishing to circle her around him and not let her leave his half-step mood, he could not control. As he knew it, he looked up and kissed him on the mouth. "Don't you want to be so awkward?" He said with a smile. Qiao Yan "um" sound, some reluctantly smiled, "I will overcome, do not feel unhappy." Zhao Zhao heard his tone of seriousness and fear, he said before, Zhao Zhao also remember, suddenly feel distressed, rushed to hug him, "no unhappy.". It is normal to be jealous, just like when you get close to Zhu Ning, I will also be jealous, very uncomfortable, uncomfortable, and even viciously hope that Zhu Ning will disappear from you as soon as possible. I know you have nothing to do with her, and I believe you, but some emotions can't be controlled rationally. It's nothing. Qiao Yan said "um" and felt much better. But he still knew that his mood was not right. Zhao Zhao played the game of truth or dare with him again. She took great pains to pry open his mouth and let him say a few more words. Zhao Zhao says: "I still owe you, returned first!"! What questions do you want to ask me, or do? Qiao Yan thought for a moment,Concealed Flush Valve, then opened her arms, "hold me again." "So simple?" Zhao Zhao felt that he was really too boring, or too reserved to ask too much. cnkexin.com